Zodiac signs of summer: their characteristics

Summer in most people is associated with heat,pleasant pastime and something necessarily good. That's what people are born in this wonderful time. Signs of the zodiac of the summer, their characteristics and features of representatives - this will be discussed later.

signs of the zodiac of summer

List of summer signs

Who rules in the most pleasant and warm season? Zodiac signs of the summer are as follows:

  1. Gemini (from May 22 to June 21). Although the Gemini begins its rule in the spring, it is for the most part considered a summer representative.
  2. Cancer. A full-fledged summer sign. The time of activity is from June 22 to July 22. The most beloved, warm and desirable for all time, a period of rest and vacations.
  3. A lion. This sign is active in late summer, from July 23 to August 22. The hottest time of the year, when summer almost ends its reign.
  4. Virgo. And a little bit of summer time is also affected by Virgo, starting her reign from the end of summer, since August 23. It takes only 8 days of this wonderful time of year.

June Zodiac

Gemini: brief description and features

June: Zodiac here is represented by two signs - Gemini (almost a whole month) and Cancer. What about the representatives of the first zodiacal sector? Twins are dual in nature. Two people coexist in them, which, however, support and constantly direct each other. It is thanks to this dual nature of the emotional component of such people is unstable. They can drastically change themselves and change their environment. Twins always surprise, because to predict their actions or actions is almost impossible. These are very energetic people who are able to do several things at the same time, not particularly tired. The warm season seems to be for Gemini. After all, at this hour they are able to use their energy as efficiently as possible (there is always more work in the summer, especially for those who work on the ground). Well, do not forget that it's important for Gemini to travel. And this is best done in the warm summer season.

July 23 zodiac sign

Cancer: a brief description and features

Considering the signs of the zodiac of summer, it is necessarytell and about Cancers. After all, they rule in the middle of this wonderful time. What are they special and unique? So, these are very emotional people who do not tolerate changes in the usual rhythm of life. Their patron is the Moon. Therefore they are also very mysterious and secretive. But, like other children of this planet, vulnerable and soft. Although they try to create around themselves an impenetrable shell. Because of this kind of external unfriendliness they often seem evil and unpleasant. Although if you get to know Rakov closely, you can conclude that these are very kind and gentle personalities. The most important thing for a representative of this zodiacal sector is the relationship with his second half. With love, Cancer treasures, protects and values ​​her. And failure is very difficult and painful. The middle of summer for such people is their time. After all, it is very stable in weather and does not herald any changes that Cancer does not like.

August 1 zodiac

Leo: a brief description and features

Who takes the reins on July 23? Sign of the zodiac Leo. Its main time is the last month of summer, the final stage of this wonderful warm pore. And this is not surprising. After all, at this hour it's time to harvest, which will require considerable effort. And they are in the stock at Leo's. They are excellent disciplined employees who are ready to work tirelessly. Moreover, the Lions need to see the final result of their activities. And it turns out perfectly well in August.

Considering the date of July 23 (zodiac sign - Leo,first decade), it should be noted that these representatives are more calm. They still have a little left of Cancer, but there is already much from Leo. They are people of the transitional zodiacal period. Therefore, they can be very unstable. They are often threatened by malfunctions in the work of the nervous system. The later Lion (for example, on August 1, the zodiac, ending the first decade) is more calm. He is distinguished by endurance and even a certain melancholy. Such individuals easily endure difficulties and problems without panicking or focusing their attention on this.

The lion of the second and third decades is an indefatigable toiler. They are people capable of much, they reach sometimes unprecedented peaks and are able to tirelessly go to their goal. It is also important to note that praise is important to any Lev. Without this, they can not live and work normally. At the same time, criticism, especially open, towards representatives of this sign can give negative results. The lion does not tolerate this and will not forgive.

August 30 zodiac sign

Virgo: a brief description and features

And a little warm season seizes anotherone zodiacal representative. Who rules the last decade of the month? The very last day of summer, as well as the period from August 23 to August 30 - the sign of the zodiac Virgo. What are special about such people? They are able to completely give themselves for the benefit of others. What, by the way, is often used by detractors. Virgo believes in people even in the most extreme cases, often justifying unworthy personalities. These are the best partners, since they are able to give everything for the benefit of a loved one. If we talk about the first decade of this sector just before the end of the month, then the Virgo is not only hardworking, but also creative. They often approach creativity and unusual. That as a result is positively estimated by management. What is special about people born on August 30 (zodiac sign - Virgo)? So, they do not aspire to leading positions and most often completely give themselves to serving other people. They are excellent teachers, nurses, volunteers.

A small total

Having examined the signs of the zodiac of summer,that all representatives of this period have one feature: they are hardworking. And if Cancer a little out of this quality, then you can argue that representatives of this particular sign are high-level professionals. If they do not work out for the benefit of others, then their work will be carried out on time and in the best possible way.

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