Year of the Sheep: characterization and description of the sign

Each year, the symbols of the eastern horoscope are replacedeach other in a circle in a strict order. It is believed that every animal - the symbol of the year - determines the character of the person whose patron it is, influences his fate. To cajole the symbol of the year, on New Year's Eve you need to follow certain rules. In particular, the festive attire and treats on the table should be to the liking of the animal-patron of the coming year.

New Year on the Eastern horoscope

The eastern horoscope is very popular. It is associated with the ancient beliefs and traditions of Asian countries - China, Japan, Malaysia and others. New Year on the eastern horoscope comes on the first new moon, falling in the period from January 21 to February 21. According to this rule, the Year of the Sheep will come on February 19, 2015 and will last until February 7, 2016.

On New Year's Eve on the eastern horoscope inAsian countries is a bright holiday with colorful processions through the city streets. The main characters of such events are the figures of animal patrons of the coming year.

New calendar year in Asian countriesmeet the same as in the whole world - on January 1. In most other countries, including Russia, the calendar and the Eastern New Year are celebrated on the same day.

Patron of the Year 2015

year of goat or sheep

According to the Japanese and Chinese calendars, 2015 will have different patrons. This will be the year of the Goat or Sheep. In both cultures, this symbol is a favorable sign.

The element of 2015 will be a tree, symbolizingmorning and spring. His main qualities are determination, strength, inflexibility. But at the same time the tree symbolizes chastity, elegance, creativity, fertility. It is the source of life and mind.

The color of 2015 is blue and all shades of green.

Thus, the symbol of the year - Goat, Sheep - will be wooden, blue or green.

Characteristic of the year 2015

According to astrological forecasts, 2015will be calmer compared to the outgoing year of the Horse. The stars promise many positive changes in the year. Sheep. The characteristic of the coming year says that it will become a period of revaluation of values.

Year of sheep Characteristics

It is expected that in 2015 people will become more sympathetic, will pay more attention to their health. The peaceful way will prevail in resolving conflicts. People will make concessions to each other.

Activities related to travel andmovements, will significantly decline in the year Sheep. Characteristic of the year 2015 predicts a trend of increasing love for their homeland, which will affect tourism. Despite this, people will increase their desire to relax, spend time in a romantic atmosphere.

Love and passion will play a big roleper year Sheep. Characteristics of love relationships in the coming year describes them as irrepressible and desperate. Great sacrifices will be made for the sake of love. People who preserve marriage for the sake of children will decide on divorce and the beginning of a new life. The number of marriages for love will increase, the birth rate will increase.

In the Year of Goats or Sheep, doctors advise paying moreattention to health. Because the growth of viral and infectious diseases is likely. In the coming year, exercise and proper nutrition are very important. They help the body stay strong and healthy.

What to meet in 2015?

The question of what to celebrate the New Year, usually more concerned about women. After all, this is an excellent occasion to put on a festive dress, to emphasize the beauty of your figure and to show a sense of style.

In the year of the Sheep, the color of the outfit should be green,blue, beige or yellow, but not bright, and calm tones. The color scheme should evoke pleasant sensations of tranquility and tranquility. It is desirable that things are monophonic. Fabrics should be natural.

The dress style should be free and comfortable. It is not necessary to meet 2015 in a dress. In this New Year's Eve, even trousers and a cardigan or jeans and a sweater will be appropriate.

In the year Sheep, whose characteristic literally screams about naturalness, jewelry should not be artificial. Welcome amber, pearls, emeralds, wood.

Women should meet this year necessarily in heels. This will appeal to the animal-patron of the year.

Year of sheep Characteristics 2015

What to cook on the New Year's table?

On New Year's Eve it is worth paying special attention totable setting. It should not be overloaded. Sheep's motto is simplicity. Welcome a plain white tablecloth. The dishes are also better to use light, without patterns. Decorate the table can be spruce twigs and blue Christmas balls.

Many housewives are worried about the question of what to cook a year for the Sheep, so that the dishes will please the animal-patron.

It will be appropriate to use dairy products -a variety of cheeses and cottage cheese. Salads should be fruit or vegetable. For their refueling this night, sour cream is good. For hot meals, you can serve fish dishes, vegetable cutlets or mushrooms. The garnish is suitable for cabbage or rice.

Must be on the table greens and lettuce leaves. They can be used to decorate dishes or as ingredients for salads.

If you manifest a fantasy, you can even make a classic Olivier special - lay it in the shape of a lamb and decorate with vegetables and greens.

what to cook in a year of sheep

Characteristics of people born in the year Sheep

People born in the Year of the Sheep are elegant andartistic. But they have such drawbacks as pessimism, annoyance, indiscipline. They know how to please others, if it is in their interest. Sheep-people are timid and effeminate. They like to obey. They like to take advice, because they themselves never know in which direction to move.

They are often religious, they are attracted to allfantastic. Occultism, the supernatural, horoscopes are carried away by the Sheep born in the year. The characteristics of such people indicate their propensity for charity. They are ready to share all of their possessions with more unhappy people. And not only because it belongs to them, because people-sheep do not have a sense of ownership.

They can not be leaders. But they are good performers and subordinates. With good influence, Sheep people can become quite successful.

They have good taste and talent. Sheep people can be recognized in art. They can become good specialists in areas where you can combine technical and artistic mastery.

Personal life will be stormy for a man bornper year Sheep. Characteristic of the people of this sign foreshadows a clash with their love problems. Ideal will be the Sheep's union with the Horse, the Boar or the Cat. The most unsuccessful partners are the Bull and the Dog.

year of sheep color

Born in a year Sheep. Characteristic: man

Usually, men born in the year of the Sheep are beautiful and beloved by women. They are characterized by tenderness and sincerity. They are cunning and trusting at the same time. Such men attract strong women.

They easily become the soul of the company, thanks to their easy disposition and sociability. Male Sheep can beautifully care for women.

The negative features of such men areweakness of character, propensity to betrayal and alcoholism. The most important woman in the life of male sheep is their mother. Therefore, wives will have to gain prestige for a long time. The man will choose the one who will be stronger.

Is it lucky to be born in a year Sheep? Characteristics: woman

Women born in the year Sheep, emotional,flirtatious, sensual. They are able to create the appearance of their own helplessness. Many men like these women. After all, next to them they feel like knights. For the sake of this man is ready to forgive women-sheep whims and stubbornness. Such women do not seek to manage their husbands. They like to work at home and children. They marry only for love.

Women of Sheep are very developed intuition. They are attracted by all the supernatural. They can even succeed by performing magical rituals. Such women feel good energy. Therefore, they can get carried away with the teaching of Feng Shui.

Characteristics of 2015 for the signs of the eastern horoscope

The year comes Sheep, Goats. Characteristics of the relationship of this animal symbol with other representatives of the eastern horoscope can predict how the life of people will develop.

Individuals born under the sign of the Rat, in 2015, you need to be very careful. Luck will not always be on their side. This applies to all spheres of life. Especially they should protect their health.

The year will be favorable for people born under the sign of the Bull. But they should not sit idly by. In 2015, it will be necessary to work hard.

For the Tigers, 2015 will be very successful. All affairs will be formed favorably by themselves. Probably, there will be growth in the career, relations with colleagues and relatives will improve.

People born in the year of the Rabbit canthere are stressful situations. Perhaps, there will be quarrels in the family. It is not recommended to make plans for the distant future, it is better to act on the situation. Gradually, all problems will be solved.

The Dragons will have positive changes in their lives, and the troubles will recede. A year will bring many pleasant surprises.

If the Snakes are wise and do not commit stupidities, then in 2015 they will meet their happiness. They must maintain good relations in the family and at work so that luck does not turn away from them.

Horses are waiting for a very good year. After all, these animals are the best friends of the Sheep. The whole year 2015, horses are permeated with joy.

Monkeys may get into trouble. They must be careful with strangers. In addition, Monkeys should monitor their wallet and not make rash waste.

In 2015 the fortune will be next to the Roosters. They can do whatever their heart desires - every action will turn into luck.

People born in the year of the Dog, expect luck and harmony. Their character is similar to the character of the Sheep, they are nice and friendly in dealing with people. A year for them will be favorable.

Boars should be careful and attentive, avoid dubious adventures. Also during this period it is recommended to start eating right and go in for sports.

For people born in the Year of the Sheep, the characteristic of 2015 promises incredible luck. Life will be beautiful. Happiness and joy - companions Sheep for the whole year.

year sheep goats characteristic

Characteristic of the year 2015 for the signs of the zodiac

For Aries the year will be successful. People of this sign will have a chance to succeed in love and finances. To do this, they must, at the beginning of the year, draw up a plan and define goals. This period will be favorable for starting your own business and investing in large purchases. Aries will have a beloved person who will become a true partner and a talisman for him. In a year Aries Sheep will learn to make compromises and concessions for the sake of future benefits. Thanks to this, they will decrease the number of opponents. Aries should monitor their health and immunity. Because frequent illnesses in 2015 can cause large financial losses. Particular attention should be paid to the state of the thyroid gland, nervous system and heart.

In 2015, Teltsov expects serious changes,which can occur in any area of ​​life. This will benefit them and make them more successful. In the year of the Sheep Taurus can fall in love, which will help him become more determined. And vice versa, if representatives of this sign can not solve problems with close people, then luck will turn from them. In work, the Taurus will try to change the approach to the performance of their duties. For people working in large organizations, this can turn into trouble. After all, the authorities are used to the fact that Taurus always takes on a large amount of work. Refusal of it can be perceived as sabotage. Taurus can even be fired. But even Taurus himself may have a desire to change his place of work. In 2015, he can try himself in his own business. Taurus need to be careful with financial spending. There is a risk of wasting a lot of money. It will be profitable to invest in buying a property or repairing your home. In 2015 there will be no serious health problems for Taurus. It is recommended to monitor the state of the gastrointestinal tract and behind the bone system.

Gemini has many plans thatthey will decide to implement in 2015. But the stars promise this sign of the zodiac crazy love, which can break into their lives as early as the beginning of the year. She is able to turn all the plans of Gemini. Love will influence everything that happens around people born under this sign. Because of love, Gemini can lose their heads, which will affect their work and career. Therefore, you need to learn to separate the relationship from work. Then in the second half of the year Gemini is waiting for a rapid career growth. The financial position of this zodiac sign will be heavy in the year of the Wooden Sheep. You need to spend money consciously, and make major purchases, consulting with knowledgeable people. Health of Gemini will not be the strongest in 2015. They will feel overwrought. The body needs vitamin supplements.

For representatives of the Cancer sign, the year will not be easy. The arising problems will have to be solved quickly, otherwise they can turn into big trouble. In 2015, Cancers should show strength of character and perseverance so they can achieve justice. The year is favorable for new acquaintances and establishing useful contacts. But in love, Cancers will feel lonely. At work there can be a tough competition for the position, Cancers will be difficult to be winners. Perhaps you will have to look for a new place and go to work for another company. In the financial sphere, the Rakov will have an unsettled situation. In the second half of the year they will need a large amount of money. There will be a need to take out a loan, but you need to do this deliberately, appreciating your opportunities, so as not to be in a debt hole. Health Cancers can undermine nervous breakdowns and depression. Regular rest and having a hobby will help to get distracted from problems.

For Lviv 2015 will be the choice of the newdirections in life and creating a strong foundation for the future. In comparison with previous years, there will be more time for rest and travel, which will give a lot of useful acquaintances. In love, Lviv will not have constancy in 2015. They will give preference to short, but passionate meetings. In the career of Lviv, the growth and recognition of their merits by the leadership is expected. But there will be ill-wishers who will try to harm Lion. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac will be able to cope with enemies by supporting strong defenders. In the financial sector, the Lions must draw up a clear plan. In 2015, contrived spending is contraindicated. The health of the Lions is not threatened. It is recommended only to beware of trivial colds.

In 2015, the Virgins will find it difficult to achieve their goals. To succeed, they must change their attitude to life and learn how to act without fear. At work Virgo will be the best employees. They will be able to cope with the most difficult assignments. But the lack of initiative and insecurity in himself will force the authorities to doubt their ability to occupy managerial positions. In the second half of the year, people born under this sign will become more contact, a good period will begin in their careers. In the financial sphere, Dev, as usual, will be all right. They will correctly allocate money and provide themselves. At the beginning of the year, it is likely that Virgo will catch a viral infection, which may be followed by complications. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully monitor your health.

born in the year of sheep characteristic

For Libra, 2015 will be interesting and usefulperiod. They will be able to solve serious problems playfully. Libra will be the most successful people in the year. Sheep. At the beginning of the year, this sign of the zodiac has a great likelihood of falling in love. This will reveal their creativity in them and give lightness. In the work of Libra, success awaits, and it will manifest itself in any profession. But the stars are advised not to abandon the help of colleagues and friends, if Libra decide to do business. Otherwise, there is a high probability of bankruptcy. In the first months of the year Sheep with Libra can be an accident, so they must be extremely careful.

For the Scorpions, 2015 will be a watershedmoment. They will want to change their lives. Probably representatives of this sign, having a family, will want to abandon it. Also, there may be a desire to change jobs or leave the country. Such actions can cause conflicts among relatives and close people. But by the end of the year the relationship will improve. Scorpio wants to get the most out of his career. The best way to do this is if he joins with a person who has money. But the driving force must be Scorpio, because he does not like to obey. Stars do not recommend Scorpions to engage in self-medication in 2015, then to not get into the hospital for a long time. There may be problems with the immune system. The correct regime of the day and healthy diet will help restore health.

Sagittarius will enter in 2015 with a large chargeenergy, which will allow to establish a personal life. This year is very suitable for creating a family. Also in the Year of the Sheep, Sagittarius will want to travel a lot. In work, people of this sign of the zodiac will not strive for heights. Probably the emergence of conflicts in the team. Sagittarians will even want to quit, but it's better just to sit out this period. Soon everything will be fine. Sagittarians will want to supplement their education with advanced training courses. This will help Sagittarians get a good place in the future. In the financial sector, people of this sign of the zodiac will lack the means. In this situation, relatives and friends will help them. In 2015, Sagittarians should monitor their diet. A disregard for food can cause health problems.

For Capricorns, 2015 will be a difficult period. They will work hard on themselves, which will make their life better. They will understand that it is not limited to work and career growth. A person born under this sign of the zodiac will meet love. At the end of the year, marriage is very likely. In the financial sector, Capricorns will have no problems. In the second half of the year, they will think about investing money in a major project. Capricorns should take care of the cardiovascular system. It is also likely an accident that will lead to injury to the limbs.

For Aquarius, the Year of the Sheep is perfect. They can easily realize their plans and find happiness. Most of the year will be spent in love and harmony. The successes in the career for representatives of this sign of the zodiac are very vague. Usually they work on unloved jobs, caring only about getting a salary. It is possible that at the end of the year Aquarius will decide to change it, quit their jobs. The direction to which they should strive is creativity. In terms of finance, there should not be any difficulties. Aquarius will generously spend money on a loved one. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac do not like to visit doctors. This character trait in 2015 is able to bring them to the hospital. Aquarians should be extremely attentive to their health.

For Pisces, the Year of Sheep provides an opportunity to achieve muchmore than in the last decade. But for this they must be assertive. In the life of Pisces there will be a man for whose sake they will want to change their life, to show their strength. They will act so aggressively that they will attract public attention and become famous. In the middle of the year Pisces will conquer a loved one. In the work of the representatives of this sign, the zodiac is expected to increase, they will make responsible decisions. Perhaps they will be invited to lead the team. With money from people born under the sign of Pisces, the year the sheep will be a problem. They will make a lot of spending on a loved one, which threatens them with the prospect of being bankrupt. Stars are advised to count on their opportunities. Fishes should monitor their health in 2015, which can deteriorate due to severe fatigue. It is recommended to rest more and not overwork.

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