Writer Arthur Makarov: biography, creativity, and interesting facts.

Arthur Makarov is a well-known Soviet writer, whose debut was made in 1966, when his story called “Houses” was published in the popular magazine “New World”. Readers were delighted with this work, since ordinary working people in the characters invented by Makarov recognized themselves and the life around them. But the Secretariat of the Joint Venture of the USSR did not divide this delight and for many years "awarded" Artur Sergeevich with the infamous "wolf ticket".Arthur Makarov

Arthur Makarov (biography, his personal life will be discussed in this article) was an insanely creative person and, like many talented people, had a difficult character. Despite good connections in the capital, he lived in the village for almost 30 years, communicating with ordinary people, which allowed the writer in his many works to describe their images very well and accurately. Few people know that it was with his direct participation that the script was written for such a popular Soviet film as The Elusive Avengers.Arthur Makarov wrote scripts for other films, but his name almost never appeared in the credits. The personal life of the writer was also very unusual. He had two spouses: one official, the other civil - while the first he never asked for a divorce.

Arthur Makarov, biography: family, childhood

The future writer was born in June 1931 in the city of Leningrad. His mother was Lyudmila Tsivilko - the sister of the famous Soviet actress Tamara Makarova. Arthur's father was Adolf Civilco - an accountant. But the boy’s own family has broken up for reasons that are not completely clear to this day. Some sources say that Adolf decided to go to his homeland, to Germany, and Lyudmila refused to follow him. According to another version, Arthur's parents were repressed, and the boy was threatened with distribution to an orphanage.

His aunt (mother’s sister), Tamara Makarova, was a famous actress in the Soviet Union. She was married to recognized director Sergei Gerasimov. And since the couple did not have their children, they decided to adopt Arthur.arthur makarov personal lifeThe boy took his mother's maiden name and patronymic after his adoptive father.

In 1949, Artur Makarov graduated from school.The guy was going to connect the further destiny with the literature. For higher education, he enrolled at the Leningrad Literary Institute and graduated with honors.

Moscow life and capital friends

After completing his studies, Makarov Arthur moved to Moscow. There he makes real friends among famous and talented people. He gets close friendship with Vasily Shukshin.Makarov ArthurRemoving his famous painting “Kalina Krasnaya”, Shukshin even invited Makarov to play in one of the roles. Arthur agreed, and viewers could see him on television, embodying the image of a thief in law.

Makarov Artur Sergeevich was close friends with the Soviet writer Alexander Tvardovsky, who sincerely admired such a story by Makarov as “On the Eve of Farewell”. Some time in the Moscow apartment of Artur Sergeevich there lived only the artist Ilya Glazunov who had arrived in the capital and was known at that time only in narrow circles.Makarov Arthur Sergeevich

Makarov Artur Sergeevich in Moscow was also known as a really close friend of the legendary Vysotsky. The artist himself spoke very warmly about Makarov while he was still alive.After the death of Vysotsky, Artur Sergeevich maintained relations with his friend's widow, Marina Vlady. They say even that Makarov Arthur after the death of Vysotsky was one of the few who helped pay his debts.

Writing debut

A wide readership was only able to get acquainted with the work of Makarov in August 1966. It was then that his story “At Home” was published in the Soviet collection “New Time”. In October, another work by the prose writer entitled “On the Eve of Farewell” was published.

Makarov's stories had some success, but not everyone liked them. In 1967, an extraordinary meeting of the Secretariat of the USSR Joint Venture was held. Consideration of the ideological flaws of the New World magazine was on the agenda. Along with such authors as Solzhenitsyn and Mozhaev, Arthur Makarov was also criticized. The Secretariat of the USSR Writers' Union considered that the writer in his works diminishes the image of the Soviet man and impoverishes him. The result was a “wolf ticket”, and his next work, the book Many Days Without Rain, was published only in 1982.

The most famous work of Makarov

For a very long time, Makarov could not freely publish his stories and stories.He called himself a writer, while earning money by writing scripts for films. Thanks to his imagination and writing talent, scenarios have appeared for many films, including:

  • "The Last Hunt."
  • "New Adventures Elusive".

Arthur Makarov biography

  • "Password -" Hotel Regina "".
  • Red Sands.
  • "Charlotte's Necklace."

Published books

After the "thaw" of the top Soviet leadership, several of his books were published in the direction of the author, including:

  • "Golden mine".
  • "Many days without rain."
  • "Stories and Stories."

But these publications came out only after 1980. And after a secret sentence issued by the Secretariat of the USSR JV, Arthur Makarov decided to leave Moscow and settle down in the Upper Volga for many years.

Simple life in the village and Makarov hobbies

For almost 30 years, the writer has preferred to live with simple men, to share simple life with them and to very realistically and truly describe them in their stories and stories. Artur Sergeevich loved fishing, and even more - hunting. Hunter, he was really notable. Only one brown bears, they were killed 11 pieces. According to his legal wife, Lyudmila Alexandrovna Makarova, he once saw something human in a bear and has since stopped the hunt for this beast.

Another passion of the writer was collecting unique weapons. Makarov owned a really valuable and rare collection, copies of which were even listed in world catalogs. Unfortunately, ironically, in 1995, Artur Sergeevich was killed by a hunting knife from his own collection - he was thrust into a man right in the heart.

Legitimate screenwriter wife

Arthur Makarov, whose personal life was a bit unusual, simultaneously had two spouses. The first, legitimate wife of a writer and screenwriter was Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. Young people met in 1960 near the monument to Dolgoruky. Lyudmila at that time was only 18 years old, and Arthur was already 29. The girl immediately liked the writer very much, they began a tumultuous affair, then they signed. But the idyll ended in the 1980s, when Arthur met Actress Zhanna Prokhorenko and lost her head.

Relationship with actress Zhanna Prokhorenko

Makarov really fell in love with Prokhorenko and began to live with her, not hiding, in a civil marriage. At the same time, he was in no hurry to divorce his first wife. Many called this relationship strange. Close acquaintances of this couple suggestthat Lyudmila lived all the time at the expense of her spouse, therefore, when he had a new lover, she did not make loud clarifications of the relationship. In a certain sense, this state of affairs suited her, and Makarov did not want to hurt her. So they lived for many years.

Prokhorenko also did not insist on a divorce, because in fact she lived with her beloved man.arthur makarov biography personal lifeArtur Sergeevich left his life in the apartment of Zhanna, and his killer was not officially found. Makarov was found dead with his hands tied, a hunting knife was sticking out of his chest. A rare collection of weapons Makarova also disappeared without a trace.

After the death of the screenwriter, some reference books and encyclopedias indicated Prokhorenko as his spouse. But all the legacy of Artur Sergeevich and the right to copyright was inherited by the legal wife - Lyudmila Makarova.

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