Why dream of a dog?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
August 3, 2012
Why dream of a dog?

People have been pondering over the meaning of dreams since time immemorial. And they always believed that seeing a dog in a dream was not bad at all. After all, this animal at all times personified friendship, devotion and loyalty. For example, if you dream that a dog has come to your house, wait for a friend to visit. If in a dream you play with a dog, then great joy awaits you. But there are warning dreams, where the dog is the forerunner of unkind events. What dreams of a dog, if it shows aggression to you, for example? Let's see what they say about this different dream books.

What dreams a dog bite

  • If a dog bites in a dream, it may mean that a loved one will be hostile to you. Such a dream should serve as a warning about impending grievances, quarrels. So be alert.
  • There are other versions of what the dog dreams about. Does she bite you to blood in a dream? If so, it indicates a blood relative who is torn to you. Perhaps he really wants, but can not contact you, you may be in a quarrel and he wants to reconcile.
  • Sometimes the bite of a dog before the blood is interpreted for the girl as a precursor of a quick marriage.
  • If the dog in the dream bit you unexpectedly, it can mean hidden hostility to you.
  • If you see dogs fighting and biting each other in a dream, you can witness a quarrel.
  • But to hear a dog barking in a dream is to gossip, slander, empty news.

Why dream of a black dog

The black dog, according to famous astrologer Tamara Globa, is a friend. She says the same thing about a white dog, although some dream books say that a white dog dreams of financial well-being. Another thing - a redhead dog. According to Tamara Globa, the red dog symbolizes the treacherous friend. But a big dog is either a big friend or a friend in a high position.

Another famous astrologer, Pavel Globa, argues that for people of different elements, black and white are interpreted differently. White is good for those born under the signs of Fire and Air, and black - under the signs of Water and Earth. To see a white dog for the people of Fire and Air means to connect with a faithful friend. Black dog - connection with unreliable friend. The black dog may be a symbol of the enemy.For representatives of earth and water signs, on the contrary, the white dog is a symbol of the enemy.

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