Where to keep money in an apartment to get more

19-11-2017, 12:30
Money is an integral part of a prosperous and happy life. To financial flows purposefully flocked to your house, you should pay attention to the storage of funds.
Sometimes even high wages do not provide enough comfort for living, and the money literally evaporates. In order for your savings to multiply, you need to think about how and where you store them. Exclude the storage of savings in places with negative energy, so that the negative does not interfere with the flow of financial energy.
Favorable storage space
According to Feng Shui, the house is divided into certain zones. Some people attract love in their homes, others - comfort and luck, and others - wealth. It is on such places worth paying attention.
The southeast sector is responsible for material well-being.There it is worthwhile to arrange the piggy bank and constantly replenish it, thereby increasing financial flows. It is worth leaving a part of the money that you received for your services and achievements at work. The correct device of this sector is tied to the colors - this zone should contain green, purple, purple and gold shades. Also there should be put live plants (for example, a pot with a money tree) and wooden pieces of furniture. The auxiliary element of Water will increase the effect of the wealth zone. Place a water tank, a small aquarium or a decorative fountain in the sector. You can use photos with images of waterfalls, deep rivers, seas and oceans.
The use of talismans of wealth also reveals financial potential. These are considered to be goldfish, a money frog, coins strung on a red thread, or other items that can attract material well-being. For example, you can create a special vase of wealth, which is considered to be the strongest monetary talisman in Feng Shui. Many lucky people go to the trick and have in this sector a branch or a sprout of a plant “stolen” in a rich house.
Places of power in the apartment
You can store money so that it multiplies, in places of power.There are such points in each apartment, and you can find them with your own feelings. These are the most comfortable places where you receive a charge of cheerfulness, relax after a working day. A place of power can be created independently by choosing an appropriate room for energy or part of it. In these places it is good to keep finances, but to increase profits, take care of the capacity. The best suited items of red or green shades: wooden caskets, leather wallets, beautiful boxes, made with their own hands.
Our ancestors appealed for help to otherworldly forces and called for a brownie to help. Enlisting his support, you can not worry about their welfare. Business essence is in favor of the happiness of the owners and will certainly help find a way to increase your finances. The housekeeper must be given a penny for storage and asked to hide it so that no enemy can find it. With proper handling of themselves, these housekeeping keepers often agree with other otherworldly entities about finding treasures, wealth, or suggest places where the likelihood of earning appears.
Keeping money in places with positive energy
Arrange a place to store money in a private house can be in the attic. The most favorable place will be a secluded corner under a bird's nest or hive with wild bees or wasps. The diligence of the animal world gives positive energy to your finances, and they begin to attract flows of financial energy to you.
Any place in your house where life is in full swing, you hear frequent laughter and a positive prevails, it can become a depository for money.

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