Where lived Carlson: a description of the residence of a popular man with a motor

Probably everyone in childhood, adolescence, read an incomparable book about a strange man with a motor. Perhaps, after the popular story about the flirtatious girl Peppy, the philosophy of life to the best of plump Carlson, who was also in his prime, came out on top in the ranking of Swedish stories.

A clever and handsome lover of sweets and jams, a champion in eating festive cakes, the best friend of a man and a dog, a charming companion of a formidable nurse, a frightening ghost - it's all about the dwarf little man who lives on the roof.

To all the questions about why Carlson was described in this way, the author answered simply and concisely: "He became such himself, I did not invent anything."

Who is Carlson?

Who is this amazing man with a motor on his back? Carlson is one of the most popular characters in children's literature.Although some of his antics can not be called very very childish. In fact, he is an incorrigible egoist. His narcissism can be divided into parts and distributed to others.

Astrid describes him as a fat man. This image shows us the realities in which most modern men live, self-confident in themselves and not at all concerned about their physical form.

Actually, Carlson is not a first name, but a Swedish last name. And in Sweden, it is quite common and ranks third in popularity. The author in one line of his books about the adventures of a man with a motor does not mention his name. Is there any?

where did carlson live

Motor Carlson is a separate book "character": it turns on with the help of a button on the stomach, it works just as impressively as Carlson leads his conversations. It seems that the motor and the protagonist in collusion, they understand each other perfectly, while a moderately plump man is waiting for the full set of power of the motor. He takes it up, swaying from one side to the other.

Carlson has no special means of taxiing, such as Baba Yaga with her stupa. And despite his weight, the man maneuvers easily, flying through the window to his best friend, Tiny.Some Swedish journalists at one time called Carlson flying barrel, comparing it with a jet fighter, who was part of the Swedish Air Force.

Why does Carlson live on the roof?

Where did the heroes of Carlson and Baby really live? The book describes the Stockholm apartment building. Perhaps, in other countries of the world, a house on the roof is a common phenomenon, but not in Stockholm. The Swedish public was very surprised to read about the nondescript building in which the main character ate the jam that the Kid brought to him.

Why does he live there? It may be that the Swedish people are not afraid of a strange flying man in the full bloom of their strength, or maybe because it is easier to fly out of there to their "thieves" affairs for sweets.

The place where Carlson lived was distinguished by its charm. In the evenings, he smoked his pipe and looked at the stars, romance and only. He was very surprised that people do not live on the roofs, because the stars are so beautiful, where else can you admire them if not at the top of the house?

where did the baby and carlson live

Carlson thought that people simply could not imagine a "roof" life, because his dwelling was hidden from everyone behind a large chimney. And the maximum who could contemplate it, is a chimney sweep."He was surprised to say to himself how strange it was, but as soon as he got into the pipe, he immediately forgot about what he had seen."

The city where Carlson lives

Since the author of the work resided in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, her descriptions of Carlson’s life come from here. Stockholm is not just a city where the Kid lived and Carlson, it is the largest settlement of the country. The state is located on fourteen islands and is washed by the Baltic Sea.

Now in Stockholm there is a museum dedicated to the stories of Astrid Lindgren. He is on the island of Junibacken, in her apartment, where she lived sixty years until her very last day.

In this museum you can find not only the house where Carlson lived, but also interesting excursions to the other places of residence of her heroes. A wonderful train, with comments about each passing location, tells the story in many languages ​​of the world.

In the house of Carlson, you can observe a complete mess, well, it will not be surprising, because our fat man was an avid bachelor, until he met the very Freken Bock. Although in the original book the housekeeper never got along with the main character.

Astrid Lindgren and her flying friend

Based on the stories of the author himself, the house where the Kid lived, stood on the most ordinary street, and the building itself was completely unremarkable. However, after reading all the books about a restless little man with a propeller, it will be difficult to guess right away where Carlson lived. Astrid opened the veil of secrets in one of her interviews in which she described a personal meeting with this strange man.

the city where carlson lives

She heard him once at midnight. She could not sleep, and Astrid reduced her insomnia to the fact that behind the window something was constantly making buzzing sounds. The author opened the window, and a little man immediately flew into her room, with questions about how to find some Kid.

Lindgren, on the other hand, asked in reply: “Who are you and what are you doing in the middle of my room?” Carlson did not hesitate to answer with all his self-confidence and pomposity, telling about himself: he is the best man in the world with a motor, and you can simply magnify Carlson.

Then he told her his story, about how he lives on the roof and chases pigeons, and flew into this room because Astrid wrote a book about Peppi, about that very girl with a long stocking. The roof described in the book was the one under which she lived with her husband the first years of their life together.

The real home of Carlson

Despite the fact that the writer did not give the address, the newsmen immediately began to publish articles with the headings "Reward to those who will find the roof of Carlson first." But the author understood that the majority of her fans are ordinary children, who immediately rushed to roam across the rooftops, just to find the man’s house in full bloom.

where did the heroes baby and carlson live

Then she officially announced that the roof with his dwelling is located at Vulkanusgatan, house 12. She revealed the secret of finding her first family apartment. Moreover, Astrid let slip that he still flies to her now, because she moved only a couple of blocks further from this place.

About the book

Many parents sometimes wonder why their children like the character of Carlson so much. After all, he is described as a naughty man, always hungry and nasty in communication, he humiliates women and dogs, and attention should be paid exclusively to his person.

But for Toddler, Carlson is not at all an inveterate cheater and bully. After all, the child in the book represents the majority of real children who lack the love and affection from their parents, perhaps because of their constant employment at work, and maybe for other reasons.

Where did the baby and Carlson live?

This book is a kind of tool for tolerance lessons, because the Kid forgives Carlson all the antics, he does not take offense at him. He just wants to have at least one true friend.

The book talks about unconditional love and Carlson for the Kid, despite the fact that he always demands food and attention from him. Yet the main character empathizes with the boy in his inner grief of "disliking".

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