A foreign passport may be issued only by specially authorized state bodies. People are often intimidated by paperwork, so they are willing to pay the company, which will do everything for them. But travel agencies are only allowed to prepare documents, but not to submit all these papers to the FMS. If you stock up on two hours of free time, then you can cope with everything yourself.

What documents are required for passport?

In advance, any bank pays a fee (3500 rubles), a single copy is filled in (you can take it on the website of any representative office), a general passport (and photocopy), a workbook or a copy of it (for non-working and working citizens, respectively), previous international passports (if were) and for men up to 27 years old is added a military ID. 3 photos of the established sample (can be done in any photo studio, there is data on the photo for any documents).

Conditions for obtaining a passport

Passport can get all citizens of the Russian Federation. The reason for the refusal may be the lack of a permanent job or the absence of a military ID (for boys). Also, citizens who worked with secret information fall into a special category.
The conditions for getting are simple and the same for everyone.The conditions for getting are simple and the same for everyone.
Conditions for obtaining a passport for all are the same, all the processing time of documents is fixed. A foreign passport for non-residents is issued under the same conditions as for residents of the region, only the time of document production changes - visitors can wait for their passport for up to 4 months. This is due to the request for documents at the place of registration. For an additional fee, this period can be completely legally reduced to one month.

Where can I get a passport?

A foreign passport is issued by the Office of the Federal Migration Service. Usually in large cities there are several offices of the Federal Migration Service, so you need to find the one that belongs to your area of ​​residence. Refuse to apply for the issuance of a passport in the absence of registration in the subject of the Russian Federation, in which you do not have registration, but you applied at the place of your stay, you are not eligible.
The most difficult in the manufacture of passport - to defend the queue when serving. But once in 10 years it will not be a big problem. For those who are even afraid of such a prospect, you can apply for a passport through the website of public services. After registering and filling in the questionnaire, you will be called for a certain time to the nearest branch and will take all documents without a queue.
The editors advise not to apply to questionable intermediary organizations, since the Migration Service does not issue a license to issue passports to private firms.

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