When will the "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission?

As a rule, any SUV is equipped with a manual transmission. After all, only the mechanics allow you to rock the car when stuck, and also always allow you to tow and be towed, unlike the automatic transmission.UAZ patriot with automatic transmission

On the other hand, the automatic transmission allows you to make driving more comfortable. In addition, in various operating conditions, "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission may simply be necessary. However, each driver decides for himself whether he needs an automatic transmission or not.

Advantages of automatic transmission

"UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission has the following advantages of use:

  • No need to manually shift gears. This advantage is noticeable in urban traffic conditions or in poor quality roads, when it is assumed that the speed rarely changes.
  • Very fast and smooth acceleration. This property allows you to realize all the features of the engine. Helps to make overtaking.
  • The optimal mode of traction drive wheels. In off-road conditions, drifts and blurry roads, the ride should not allow a situation when the drive wheels are towed. Automatic transmission realizes the movement “in”.Installation of automatic transmission on the UAZ patriot

Disadvantages of using automatic transmission

In addition to its merits, the "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission has a number of disadvantages:

  • The automatic transmission does not allow the car to swing when stuck, as the box does not allow to maximize the implementation of a quick change of directions back and forth. However, the driver can usually pull out the car on his own. For example, with the help of a winch.
  • The inability to start the car in tow, as such a launch can cause a breakdown of the automatic transmission. However, you can use the assistants quick start or ordinary lighting.
  • Towing is possible only at low speed and for short distances.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • The high cost of maintenance due to the constant need to change the oil. In addition, automatic repair can usually be done only by experts.
  • In addition, many drivers notice the stressful condition of the right foot at times when it is necessary to frequently start and brake.
  • And yet, automatic transmission slowly shifts gears with a sharp change of speed, as well as external driving conditions.

Modernization "UAZ-Patriot"

All the improvements of the car "UAZ-Patriot" bring its design to the design of the car with all-wheel drive.remake UAZ patriot on automatic transmission

In 2013, Dymos installed the automatic transmission on the "UAZ-Patriot" not with the lever control of the transmission, but with the switching of modes using the selector handle. There were several modes: rear, full, and also full with a reduction gear drive.

The company also announced that the new transfer case will be able to work with a diesel engine, on the basis of which many motorists thought that an UAZ with an automatic transmission would be released.

In addition, a turbocharger will be installed in the car, which will reduce the volume and increase the power and torque of the new gasoline engine.

Features of the updated transmission

Dymos company produces a new transfer case, which instead of using a lockable axle and wheel differential itself is a center differential, sometimes reducing the number and connect the front wheels.UAZ patriot with automatic transmission release date

The entire drive mechanism is constantly in a closed state, which helps to avoid excessive load on its elements, and as a result of their rapid wear.

In addition, the installation location of the transfer case was changed, and calipers were added, which provided improved braking.

In addition, the company Dymos has increased the number of gear ratios for the reduction series, thus improving the traction characteristics of the car.

Also in the future, manufacturers are going to use a diesel engine and a new gasoline engine. All these changes contribute to an excess of thrust, which means a positive description of the work of "UAZ-Patriot".

What to expect in the future?

In the future, it is planned to offer for docking automatic transmission. Most likely, the company mentioned above will be engaged in it. This will avoid the high costs of fitting the nodes to each other.UAZ Patriot 2018 with automatic transmission release date

Released "UAZ-Patriot" (2018) with automatic transmission is still unknown. Therefore, motorists will have to be patient and follow the news. It is known that in 2017 the release date of the "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission will not be named.

The next model of the car "UAZ-Patriot" is planned to deliver a new body and install a security system that will protect the car from drifts, and will also distribute the braking distance.

All the above changes will help bring the car closer to the all-wheel drive system. But will the UAZ-Patriot remain a harsh off-road standard that will be available for maintenance?

No answer.All changes originated from the attempt to install the automatic transmission. The changes gave a lot of advantages and disadvantages in driving. These changes can make driving more convenient, on the one hand, but also to become an instigator of frequent breakdowns, on the other.

Features and characteristics of "UAZ-Patriot"

The car is a modern crossover, which has an all-metal body. This model is very roomy and comfortable. It is equipped with a large trunk in which, if desired, you can install four seats. This model is produced with petrol or diesel engines with a manual transmission.

The changes made on the UAZ-Patriot over several years include: installing a high-quality stator with a generator, changing the upholstery, improving the convenience of the pedal.

Two years later, Ulyanovsk engineers changed the stove and installed a new ventilation system in the car. In 2012, the first major restyling was carried out.

There are three basic configurations "UAZ-Patriot": "Classic", "Comfort", "Limited".

Suspension, suspension, safety

This model has a simple and reliable dependent spring suspension.Semi-elliptical springs are applied to the rear axle.

UAZ patriot 2017 with automatic transmission release date

The car, despite its all-wheel drive, does not have permanent all-wheel drive for each wheel. Two-stage razdatka lowering, while connecting the front axle.

From the security system, you can select belts, airbags, as well as ABS, EBD and the steering shaft, which breaks upon impact.

All new changes improve the design of the car. However, based on its cost, the car will not be equipped with too expensive components.
At the moment, experts are counting changes in the price of "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission when installing automatic transmission. Basic equipment costs about 550 thousand rubles. When installing the automatic transmission, excluding other changes, the price will increase by 100-150 thousand rubles.

Manufacturers need to make efforts for decent competition model in 2018 with such cars as the Duster or "Chevrolet Niva", beloved by the people. These comparisons are perfectly suitable for the secondary market. For example, a Chevrolet Niva car produced in 2010 in good condition costs about 260-270 thousand rubles, while a new car costs about 500 thousand rubles.In this case, the comfort of the cabin is not on the side of the UAZ. Therefore, it is better to compare the "UAZ-Patriot" with the Lada 4x4 car.

Do I need the automatic transmission "UAZ-Patriot"?

The question of whether a UAZ-Patriot automatic transmission is needed is asked by many fans of this model. Such a step can be effective in restoring the target audience at the Ulyanovsk plant. But will the car be effective? For several years, motorists are waiting for the appearance of the automatic transmission. During this time, the model appeared rivals firm Great Geely. Their cars, although they have a big goal, but bypass the UAZ in the comfort of the cabin in many aspects.

The target audience of the car "UAZ-Patriot" will be fans of TagAZ and the previously mentioned Chinese manufacturers. These will be the people who are able to pay for a jeep from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles. Naturally, for the money paid, people will want to see as many opportunities as possible.when will uaz patriot with automatic transmission

On the Internet, you can find videos of how skilled motorists were able to remake the "UAZ-Patriot" on the automatic transmission. However, she started up and went no worse than the cars of the same model with a manual transmission. Therefore, we can expect the official release of the car "UAZ-Patriot" with an automatic transmission, which is expected from 2015.During this time, fans of this model are wondering about when will the "UAZ-Patriot" come out with automatic transmission?


Most likely, the new automatic transmission will have 5 or 6 gears. The Ulyanovsk plant still does not reveal the secret of who will be its manufacturer. It would be good if all the internal components of the UAZ-Patriot were produced by domestic factories. This will reduce the cost of producing a new automatic transmission, as well as make its maintenance cheap. At the moment, the exact release date of the "UAZ-Patriot" with automatic transmission is unknown.

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