What to catch carp?

Nikolay Golovatyuk
Nikolay Golovatyuk
December 25, 2012
What to catch carp?

Carp - a bright representative of the carp family. Strong, cunning and solid in size, for fishermen it is a real trophy. The carp loves quiet, calm water, often living among the snags, or in deep holes. Does not tolerate noise, so catching it is quite difficult.

We catch carp in the summer

The carp is a heat-loving fish, begins to feed actively after spawning, when the water temperature reaches 20-25 degrees. Very unpretentious to eat fish. But, nevertheless, he has his own preferences. This determines what to catch the carp in the summer:

  • Muckworm. There is always a pile of rotten straw, other plant waste; manure;
  • Earthworm. It lives in gardens, on the banks of rivers in the ground, and under piles of various rotten rubbish;
  • Earthworm. It is easiest to collect after heavy rain. Water floods the worm's mink, and makes it go outside;
  • Maggots - the larva of a large green or blue fly. The easiest way is to purchase at a fishing store. If you wish, you can grow yourself.It is enough to leave milk cheese (country) in a place accessible for the fly, and in three or four days to harvest the "harvest";
  • The larvae of wasps and bees are effectively used to catch carp. You can ask a friend for a beekeeper or destroy a wasp's nest;
  • Potatoes cut into cubes. Aged dense potatoes to boil until ready (you can poke a fork) in a little salted water, and allow to cool;
  • Millet porridge. Melt the cooked millet to a state of homogeneous mass, and put in the oven to bake to a thick mass (can be cut with a knife);
  • Corn. If these are grains of young cobs, then they can be used raw. Mature corn is boiled, but, better, get canned in the store;
  • Peas. Only whole grains are suitable. First, you need to soak for a day, then boil for 20-60 minutes. Peas should remain whole, and easy to sit on the hook.

It is not necessary, from fishing to fishing, to change the place. Do it once, approaching the choice thoroughly. Feed him constantly. Carp will get used to the place of feeding.

What to catch carp in the fall?

In the fall, the carp keeps close to the river bed, and, near the brooks of the pits, is the future wintering place for fish. Particularly popular are areas of water near the cliffs, especially if they are filled up with old trees.To catch a big carp in such a place is unlikely. Choosing a place nearby, you need to actively feed him. In contrast to the summer period, in the fall, food of animal origin should be added to the bait. Carp before the arrival of cold weather can completely abandon the plant food in order to better feed off for the winter period. The same should be guided by determining what to catch the carp. Maggoin, worm, larvae will work well. In the autumn, the carp can feed on small fish, then there is a chance to hook it to the spoon.

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