What teachers think about parents

Recently, I spent the evening in a good company, where I met a teacher. Glorious woman, we talked. She complained ... not to children, no, children, she said, like children. Sassy in adolescence, but so were we, it always has been. It happens different in school, but the parents ... They got her. Russian is one of the most difficult rules, exceptions, and it explains and demands that children remember the topic, but not everyone succeeds. Rarely due to dullness, mostly from laziness. And then not. And then the parents come. Having listened to their boobies, their obdok and vrak.
But God forbid to show the parent what she really thinks about their children! Of course, if she herself is not an enemy, (and she is not an enemy to herself, beloved). If my interlocutor said, if the parents could control my brain, they would drive the desire to put a good idea to each child there as soon as I see him! They do not want to know that the treasure of the house is a balbe in school.
I often publish letters from enraged parents, well, when they seem listenable to me, others come.And I thought, what did the teachers say? Who would be in their position? Here is a story, I suggest reading, if you have not yet met, there are many letters, but it is cheerful and a little shocking. This is probably the general point of view of teachers of all times and peoples on their parents.
This is the text of the answering machine of one of the schools in Australia.
The majority of school teachers voted anonymously for this version of the text.
This text is actually recorded and sounds on the answering machine of this school.
The need for this text has arisen in connection with the introduction of a new policy, which provides for the responsibility of students and their parents for the lack of students in the classroom and unmet homework.
The school and the teachers were literally persecuted by parents who demanded that their children increase their grades and transfer them to the next class, despite the fact that their children missed 15-30 school days per semester and did not do enough homework.
Voice Mail Text:
Hello! You phoned your school's answering machine. To help you and connect with the employee that you need, we ask you to listen to all the options before making a choice.
- To lie about why your child was absent from lessons - CLICK 1.
- To find excuses for not doing your homework - CLICK 2.
- To express your complaints about our work - CLICK 3.
- To curse someone from our staff - CLICK 4.
–To ask why you didn’t receive the information that was actually included in your newspaper and several flyers mailed to you - CLICK 5.
- If you want us to raise your child for you - CLICK 6.
- If you want to get to someone and slap him slap or just hit - CLICK 7.
- To request a replacement for a third time this year - CLICK 8.
- To make complaints about the work of the school bus - CLICK 9.
-To complain about school lunches - CLICK 0.
If you suddenly realize that this is the real world, your child should take seriously and responsibly his behavior, work in the classroom and homework, and the fact that your child does not try and make no effort is not the teacher’s fault - please Hang up and WISH A GOOD DAY!
If you want to listen to this message in any other language, move to the country where it is spoken.

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