The business card today is an integral part of running a successful business. Her competent external performance, high-quality paper, bright and clear presentation of the information depicted on it: all this will make people pay attention to your business card. A properly crafted business card will be a superfluous confirmation of the success and prestige of the company.

How to make a business card?

There are a number of simple but important rules in the manufacture of business cards. First, do not need to make it too colorful. Motley business cards are not suitable for all types of business, it will not facilitate business communication at all.
If your company has a logo, it is desirable to put it on a business card, otherwise you will not be associated with your organization. The standard size of a business card is usually 90 to 50 mm. This is convenient because the business card will easily fit in your pocket and will not fall out of it.

What should be the card?

Material for business cards is best to use a classic, namely paper. It is desirable to write your surname, position and name on the business card in bold, but it would be nice to display the coordinates and phone number in color text. Avoid writing your data on a business card in capital letters with monograms. Not every reader is able to easily perceive such a text.
Not all professions suitable creative business cardNot all professions suitable creative business card
It is also undesirable to place on the back of the business card information about what your company does. It is not necessary to copy information in English on one business card. For your foreign partners, it will be easier for you to make separate business cards. The easiest way to find the perfect business card is to view examples and do something similar.

What should be business card paper?

Paper options for business cards today, there is a huge amount. The simplest option is still a business card made from special thick paper. This is standard coated paper and "linen" paper. It can be completely white and tinted, with shades of almost any color.
You can use and colored cardboard, which is a thick paper of different colors and shades. Also for business cards using textured paper. This paper is embossed on it.
Metallic paper is coated with a metallized surface, and has a beautiful shimmering effect. A business card made of such paper will look very elegant.
The choice of paper for business cards is quite large and diverse. The final choice of design and material is yours.

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