What people invented paper?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
April 2, 2013
What people invented paper?

Before you consider the history of the appearance of the paper and the question: what people invented the paper, it is necessary to understand when they began to print. The press takes its origin from the development of universal writing in ancient Egypt, the famous Babylon, and of course in China.

Where the paper was first invented

According to many legends in 152 BC, the Chinese tried to invent the paper. The raw material for its creation was mulberry wood and bamboo, all of these components were first boiled, then crushed, and from the total composition obtained they formed sheets, which in China were called "Shi." , where they found the paper, which belonged to the 2nd year BC. Scientists conducted many examinations and managed to establish that such paper was made using defective cocoons of hemp and silkworms.

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