What is the salary in the "McDonalds" and working conditions?

McDonald's is a company that over its existence has acquired such a large number of myths that you cannot find a person who does not believe in a couple. And these myths concern not only the food that is served there, but also employment. To debunk these myths, you need to turn to the people who worked there. Let's start to deal with the conditions of work in the company, as well as the salary at McDonalds in Moscow.

A little about the company

Salary in mcdonalds

McDonalds is an American company that specializes in the creation and management of fast food restaurants. Simply put - fast food. And the first myth is that this company is the most popular at the moment. Nothing like this. However, the first place or the second - what's the difference. Yes, McDonald's is in close proximity to the first place.

This company works on the franchise system. This is a kind of relationship between market actors, in which a company gives the right to open its own business under its trademark and for big money.It uses the business plan of the company that provides these services. This is a very popular form of licensing for the reason that business does not start from scratch. However, it is not so profitable, because you have to pay money. However, if there is a turnover (as in the case of McDonald's), then why not pay?

The company "McDonald" was founded in 1940. This was done by the McDonald brothers, who know everything. In 1948, it was known to us "McDuck" the first in the world formulated the concept of fast food, after which it began to be sold not only in stationary establishments, but simply on the street. As for the management of this company, almost all the shares are now in free circulation just because of the fact that the services in this company are provided in franchise positions.

Little about work

Salary at McDonalds in Moscow

Working at McDonalds is prestigious and profitable. So say the staff. Is it really so? In principle, there is no definitive answer to this question. At the same time, it is important to take into account that a large number of McDonald's fast food restaurants have just a huge staff turnover. Only through such a PR job placement services are provided there. This objective indicator tells us that the conditions there are not very good.

However, it still depends on the person who got a job there. One can like everything, and he is able to hit everyone with his incredible stamina. And the other will be dissatisfied with the fact that he works as a manager, not a director. In this aspect, everything is relative. Differ and reviews with regards to the restaurant itself.

Some people, for example, praise the work in this institution, and not least, the salary at McDonalds, they say, is also at a fairly high level. Others call the work there terrible. After all, working conditions are very different from institution to institution. Let's take a closer look at employee reviews, and you can make a conclusion yourself.

Positive feedback from employees

What is the salary in McDonalds

Some people say that for a student at a university there is no better job. This is the most convenient opportunity to combine work with study and at the same time earn quite good money for a student. People who give positive reviews, often work at McDonalds all the years of study at a higher educational institution. And while not a second regret. For this category of people, this is an excellent school of life, where you need to work even in those moments when there are no visitors.

Be sure to say that you need to clean something, wash and so on.And by the way, it’s a myth that McDonald’s has bad food. Workers consider it quite normal and tasty. Thus, this is a great job, albeit a rather hard one - that’s how those who liked to work here think.

Negative feedback from employees

The second category says something completely different about working in this company. However, we already and from what was said earlier, we see that it is impossible to call the sweet work in this institution. Therefore, you can only work hardworking. So what kind of feedback have other people given?

Such people once thought that working at McDonalds was something elite. And all my life I dreamed of working there. But it turned out that getting to this place is easy. However, they do not recommend anyone to be there, as they consider this place a real hell. At McDonalds, the workers are universal. Today you will need to fry meatballs, and tomorrow - toilets wash. Or maybe such a rotation for a whole day. There is no time to relax. Therefore, former employees are just glad that they quit this institution. Yes, and there nobody is recommended to eat.

Salary at McDonalds

McDonalds salary per hour

It's time to answer the main question.So what is the salary at McDonalds? It all depends on the region. The salary in McDonalds in Moscow is about 45 thousand rubles, and a lot for students, but some would like more. But it should not be forgotten that it is not the amount of money that creates wealth, but the ability to dispose of them. Salary in “McDonalds” per hour is about 150 rubles. It all depends on the city.

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What is the salary in McDonalds and working conditions 30

What is the salary in McDonalds and working conditions 6

What is the salary in McDonalds and working conditions 3

What is the salary in McDonalds and working conditions 75

What is the salary in McDonalds and working conditions 6

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