What is the name of the animal with big eyes? Cute little animal with big eyes (photo)

The fauna of our planet is incredibly diverse. Some representatives of the fauna are so unusual that it is difficult to even imagine! We offer to get acquainted with funny big-eyed babies and see their photos.

Cute animal with big eyes

Galago - a mammal baby, belonging to the order of primates. However, it is not very similar to monkeys and lemurs: the tail resembles squirrel, the hind legs are more powerful than the front ones, the muzzle is sharp, and the ears are spoon-like. But the most remarkable are the eyes of the galago: they are simply huge!

Dwells Galago in Africa, he likes the dry climate.

Animal with big eyes and ears

Varieties of Galago

There are 25 varieties of Galago. But the most common are:

  • South.
  • Fattailed.
  • Somali
  • Senegalese.

The animals differ in small size: the length of the body of the largest - thick-tailed galago - does not exceed 35 centimeters. The Southern Galago is half the size - only 16 cm.He has a lighter color.

Behavior features

The animal is nocturnal. He cleverly and silently crawls through the trees, turning his delicate ears into a tube, so as not to injure them.

Galago loves to sleep in absolute silence, so he presses his ears to his head so that nothing distracts him from rest. Waking up in the late afternoon, the galago raises ears in turn, listening for any danger in the vicinity. His ears are able to catch sounds at a very long distance.

Galago prefers to live alone, but sometimes they live in small groups, no more than 10 individuals. They multiply 1 or 2 times a year. Cubs born to the world (usually they are born two) live with their mother up to 3 months.

Galagos feed on small vertebrates, bird eggs, insects and plant food.

Crying Galago

During a night hunt with a flock of animals, it makes shrill sounds, resembling a baby crying. For this he was nicknamed “the bush child”.

Animal with big eyes lemur


A small harmless animal in the wild lurks a lot of dangers. The main one is chimpanzees. Primates attack the galago during their sleep, piercing them with pointed sticks.

Hunting for small animals and people, most often for the purpose of sale, because a small animal with big eyes today is very popular in the market of exotic animals. Unfortunately, during transportation, many babies die.

Ai-ai from Madagascar

Madagascar mitt - an animal with large eyes and ears - also belongs to the order of primates and is the only species of the rusonozhkov family.

Madagascar mitt has a small size (36-44 cm), a long bushy tail that is 15–20 cm larger than the body, and a dark brown coat. Head ah-ah is large enough, it has large bald ears.

Huge, constantly surprised eyes, large front teeth, mobile ears of huge size and stretched fingers on the paws and brought her the nickname Ah-ah.

Ah-ay is found only on the island of Madagascar, in the thickets of bamboo or dense forests.What animal has big eyes

Madagascar Knife Lifestyle

Ah-ah leads a nocturnal lifestyle, and during the day he sleeps in a nest that he builds of palm leaves on the top of a tree or in a hollow.

Due to the secrecy of this animal with big eyes, photos with its images are considered rare.

The pencake loves to feast on the heart of bamboo or sugarcane, it will not refuse fruit and coconuts, it can eat some kinds of insects. Ah-ay - a lonely animal. Rarely can live in a pair (the female with the male during the mating season or the mother with the baby).

Interesting facts about Madagascar

Madagascar Knife - one of the most amazing animals of the planet, here are some facts that confirm this:

  • The number of these individuals is extremely small, so ah-ai are listed in the Red Book.
  • The front teeth of the cone grow throughout life.
  • The animals walk very slowly, as there are very long nails on the fingers of the limbs.
  • The middle finger on the front paws is long and thin, its end is not covered with wool. Ai-ai gets them bugs and insects from the cracks of trees and pushes them down the throat.

Animal with big eyes photo

  • The female brings offspring every 2-3 years.
  • Pregnancy lasts about 170 days, babies feed on mother's milk up to 7-8 months and up to a year or two are around the mother.
  • The life span of a cone is about 30 years (at the zoo).

An animal with unusually large eyes

It would seem, to the question: “What animal has big eyes?” - the answer is unequivocal - “At the biggest one”. But everything is not so simple: the world's largest animal - the blue whale - is by no means a champion in terms of the size of the eyes.

The colossal squid has the largest eyes in the world. The weight of one of his eyes is 3 kg, and the diameter is 30 cm.

However, in the Guinness Book of Records recorded an animal that has the largest eyes (in relation to the size of the body). Such proportions could be achieved if, for example, a person had eyes the size of a large apple!

What is the name of the big-eyed animal that is so famous? His name is Philippine tarsier.

Small animal with big eyes

This animal is like a cartoon hero, inspiring horror and awe. Its size does not exceed 10 centimeters (without a tail), while it weighs only 120-160 g, and the eyes can reach 1.5 cm.

Pointed ears adorn the big round head, the limbs are thin and elegant, the coat is red-brown.

The animal lives on the Philippine Islands, and more specifically, on some of the south-eastern islands of the Philippine archipelago:

  • Leite;
  • Bohol;
  • Mindanao;
  • Samara.

Long-eared can live in a variety of places:

  • in bamboo thickets;
  • on treetops;
  • in abandoned front gardens;
  • in the gardens and plantations.

He prefers to settle in forests where access to a person is limited.


These cute bug-eyed babies are actually predators. A hungry tarsier sits motionless in anticipation of prey. As soon as he sees his potential prey (lizard, insect or frog) - he makes one long jump and captures prey with amazing paws. And then proceeds to dinner, crushing the victim with sharp fangs.

Also tarsiers are not averse to taste fish, crabs or crayfish.

The animals move quickly and silently through the trees, and they rarely descend to the ground.

In captivity tarsiers do not live. They are too freedom-loving, and even in the zoo can not find a place, trying to break free, even at the cost of their lives.

Unusual abilities

The amazing animal with big eyes still has a number of extraordinary abilities:

  • They are able to turn their heads 180 degrees due to the special structure of the spine.
  • The tips of the fingers have pads-suckers, allowing to stay on the trunks of trees and branches for a long time.
  • The tarsiers' eyes are arranged in such a way that the animal sees perfectly both at dusk and in bright light.
  • During the flight when jumping (and it can have a range of up to two meters), the tarsier can “steer” the tail, ensuring the accuracy of landing.

Lemur Lory - a leisurely animal

Fat Lory is another animal with big eyes. Lemur Lory, sitting on a branch, looks like a fluffy ball with big eyes. The tail of this animal is not, more precisely, it is, but very short, only a few centimeters, and under the fur it is completely invisible. The length of the body of a bug-eyed fluff can be from 20 to 40 cm, and its weight can be no more than 1.5 kg.

Cute animal with big eyes


Thick lories sleep during the day, and prefer to stay awake at night. They see well in the dark, so they hunt small rodents, birds and insects at night. They also eat nectar and fruit.

Laurie lead a single life, joining together in pairs or groups only for a short time. In the area where one male lives, several females live. The female, ready for gestation, attracts the male with her own urine, which at that time contains special pheromones.

The female carries offspring for about 3 months, after which it gives birth to one baby. The newborn clings to mom's fur and spends about 14 days in this position.

The male does not accept any participation in the “raising” of the cub, even if in conditions of bondage fat Lori - the father trusts the baby mother only for the time of feeding.

Interesting is the fact that all animals with big eyes perfectly see in the dark.

Big-eyed animal

Dangerous pet with big eyes

Thick lories feel great in the wild and in captivity. However, before you get this charming animal with big kind eyes, you should ask the seller what kind of type your potential family member belongs to.

There are five types of fat lory, and one of them - small fat lory - is poisonous. On the elbow bend of the baby are glands that secrete a substance that becomes poisonous when interacting with saliva.

Small fat lory uses this poison to protect cubs from dangerous predators. He simply licks the fur of the baby, and she becomes poisonous.

Other types of thick lory do not pose a danger to humans.

Taking care of your neighbor

Thick lory - unusually peaceful animals. They never conflict with their kindred, and when they meet they take interesting "welcome" poses or brush their hair with each other.Especially for this process, thick Lori carries with it a special tool - a long claw that grows on the index finger. All other claws in this species are short.

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