What is the color of hair 2011?

Many women sometimes want to change their image. To begin it is necessary with a hairdress, color of hair, various cosmetic procedures and only after that to pass to clothes, a gait and other. Hair coloring is the ideal way to change the appearance quickly. Changing their color, a woman wants to become more vivid, noticeable and attractive.

Hair coloring 2011 can be of several kinds. The most famous -toning, during which dyes are used,changing hair color for a relatively short time. Compared with the paint penetrating deep inside the hair, this method of dyeing is considered to be gentle and excellent for checking the selected color. If the result is not pleasant, then after a while you can use another dye. If there is a desire to fix the received tone for a longer period, then professionals recommend using special shampoos and funds marked "color protection". In addition, toning means nourish the hair, making it more healthy and strong.

Highlighting- another way to change. Hair coloring 2011 in this way is done by applying a clarifier to individual strands. The effect is most noticeable on light blond hair, because the clarified strands only emphasize the natural color of the hair, causing it to play and shine in the sun.

Coloring- hair coloring in 2011, during which, likein the previous case, change the color of individual strands. However, the color is selected in such a way that the strands looked very bright and effectively emphasized the hairstyle. Such a bright touch is especially relevant in the presence of an original modern haircut. More often visitors of salons choose red and brightly red colors as they look more expressively in comparison with the others. This does not mean that coloring can not be used for classical hairstyles, just in this case use more moderate shades.

Coloring includes such technology ashair coloring 3d. It allows you to make your hair more voluminous,bright and alive. The procedure is suitable for any hair color, but is especially common for blondes. The dyeing of the hair 3d is carried out by isolating individual strands and deep dyeing them into one of the shades of the same color. The number of shades used will depend on the professionalism of the master, usually 2 or 3. As a result, the hair looks natural, only slightly different from the shade of the natural blonde hair.

Persistent Hair Coloring 2011is implemented through the use ofstrong dyes penetrating deep into the structure of the hair. Such paints are better for applying with exact confidence in the desired color, as changing something will be difficult and not unhealthy. The main advantage of persistent staining - the color will be preserved for a long time and will not fade, as in the case with the tonic. However, the growth process does not stop the staining, so the roots will have to be periodically tinted.

In the latter case, very often the question arises, "How to restore hair after staining?". First of all, you need to consider the type of hair:
-greasy hairwashed with a decoction of nettles, calendula and oak cortex (after rinsing, rinse with clean water is not necessary),
-dry hairrestore with a mask from a mixture of olive oil, honey, yolk and cognac (keep the mask for several hours, then wash off),
-normal hairwashed with a decoction of chamomile, linden and nettle, with liquid vitamins and rye bread added to the mixture.
Knowing how to restore hair after staining does not mean giving you the opportunity to change your hair color often, because gradually the procedure can lead to hair loss.

When choosing the coloring method, consult a professional. The procedure is also best done in the salon, where special coloring agents are used.

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