What is smog?

Urban residents are well aware thatsuch a smog and how it looks. But few people realize that the word could originated from the English words "smoke" and "fog", which in translation means "smoke" and "fog". England has always been famous for its fogs, and when peat bogs are still burning, it seems like a continuous blanket, hence the concept could.

The concept of smog

Now the concept itself was different from the ancient andrepresents smoke, which consists of a mixture of nitrogen oxide with different impurities. In megacities and big cities could - it's a huge amount of car exhausts. This is especially noticeable in the morning at a short distance from the city and in low-wind weather. Then, it seems that the city is covered with a gray cloud, like a hat - this is the smog.

The Danger of Smog

Everyone knows that he was very harmful to human health, but not everyone knows what dangerous could.

Under the influence of ultraviolet particles of smog enterin chemical reactions, as a result of which new substances appear. Urban residents inhale them, and they in turn lead up to various lung diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and even cancer. The lungs of a person who lives in a huge metropolis are not less covered with soot than with a heavy smoker with experience.

Strangely enough, most of all smog sufferathletes and children. Easy morning jogging or training in the open air, will bring much more harm than good. And children, who play often on the street, suffer more respiratory diseases and the reason for this - could.

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