What is mor?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
February 4, 2015
What is mor?

Life is a very controversial phenomenon, where, along with some pleasant moments, there is such a terrible phenomenon as the sea. What is mor? In short, pestilence is the mass death of people or animals.

Examples of mora in history

The most mass plague of people in the history of Europe occurred in the middle of the XIX century due to the plague epidemic ("black death"). The epidemic raged from 1346 to 1353 and claimed the lives of 30 million Europeans. And if you count with the victims from Asia and North Africa, then the total death toll will be approximately 60 million people. In some regions, one third to half of the population died. In Florence, for example, 55 thousand died out of 95 thousand inhabitants.

Mass mortality of people can be caused not only by epidemics with which they did not know how to fight in the Middle Ages. The death of the population can be caused by hunger, including artificially organized. For example, the mass famine in the USSR in 1932-33, as a result of which between 2 and 8 million people died (in Ukraine it is called the Holodomor), was caused by the forced collectivization of the peasants and forced grain procurements.

More animals

Nowadays, people constantly face the pestilence of animals. Often there are messages, for example, about the sea of ​​fish. The reason for the mass of the fish can be both natural factors (a decrease in the oxygen content of the water) and man-made (discharge of water and chemicals into the water).

And in Russian there is a word consonant with the word “mor” “sea”. This is a much brighter concept.

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