What do girls think?

To understand what girls think, many guys in the world dream. However, the psychology of a woman is so complex and so fundamentally different from the male one that it is far from always possible to achieve an understanding of the nature of the beautiful half of humanity. We will lift the veil of secrecy and tell you from what position the ladies look at the world, love relationships and sex, friendship.

Features of female thinking

  • Attentiveness Girls manage for a second to notice the mass of the smallest subtleties in the behavior of people, in their clothes, relationships, character, appearance. Moreover, the final conclusion will be obtained not only on the basis of objective indicators, but also from personal experience, personal attitude, intuition, and guesswork.
  • Job. A woman is able to simultaneously control several completely different processes.
  • Stress. The fair sex is much more susceptible to panic conditions, depression, mood swings, than men. Moreover, in order for the lady's psycho-emotional state to change dramatically, it is not necessary to have objective reasons.A woman may misinterpret some phrase, deed, situation and greatly exaggerate it in her eyes. After a conflict, a woman needs more time than a man to calm down.
  • Achievements of goals. Ladies do not just strive to achieve some goal, but analyze what awaits them on the way to their cherished dream, how difficult the road will be, what decisions they will have to make and what actions they will take. Girls think about what awaits them after they reach their desired goals.
  • Attitude to yourself. It is extremely important for a woman to be on top. Moreover, an important role is played by its “self-awareness”. It is extremely necessary for her to feel (!) Herself gorgeous, attractive, slim, smart, etc. Female psychology, prone to the strictest self-criticism, can bring to the extreme degree of rejection even the most talented, intellectually developed beauty.
  • Attitude towards others. A woman may be wrong in the assessment of others. But not because it is illogical, as stereotypes assert, but because it analyzes at once a huge range of qualities, adding to this its experience and the same intuition. As a result, the multiple indicators by which a person is assessed may at first not give a very correct conclusion.However, after two or three meetings, a wise girl is able to make a very detailed and quite accurate picture of a person.

What girls think about guys

A woman, as a rule, plunges into a pool of love, analyzing in detail the words, deeds, and gestures of her partner. Oh, what girls often think about is personal life. The most important role in this issue is played by sociability, openness and honesty of a man. Not ready to discuss relationships, talk about her feelings, he encourages the girl to look for answers to her questions herself. And this, as a rule, rarely leads to good, since a rich female fantasy is capable of absolutely everything.

On the other hand, a woman in love will do anything to bring joy to her man, to become his second half, his support and support, the performer of her cherished desires.

It is extremely important for a girl to have a positive assessment of her appearance from a partner. It is also important for her to regularly hear compliments in her address, to know that she is the most beautiful, the most necessary, the best, the most beloved. And, of course, the only one.

As for sex, the woman in the basis of intimate relationships usually lays love.Having sex with a person who is interesting only from the physiological side is not typical of most women. Ladies are expecting a similar attitude towards themselves from their partner.

What girls think about friendship

Friends for the fair sex - a continuation of her own. It is an outlet that allows you to escape from household chores. This is support, protection in difficult times in situations where the woman does not want to share the details with her family, her beloved mother. Almost every woman dreams of a strong, lifelong female friendship, but not everyone can build such relationships. The reason for this is a very difficult female character - ladies take a lot of things very difficult, seriously, and therefore the smallest quarrels can break off even very strong and long-lasting friendships forever.

Of course, one cannot argue that what has been said applies to absolutely all women, because all people are different. However, these statements are still applicable to a large number of the fair sex.

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