At what gas stations high-quality gasoline?

I have noticed more than once that pouring gasoline of the same brand into the car, but at different gas stations, the car behaves differently on the road. Tell me, which gas stations have really high-quality gasoline?
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Answered on June 11 01:29
High-quality gasoline is real gasoline, and we just lack it. After all, through ignorance, you can get into an expensive car repair. Ask the motorists of your city, because this is where you will refuel more often.
Answered on June 11 01:38
First of all, you need to fill exactly the brand of gasoline, which is listed in the instructions to your car. If it is not there, then look also at the fuel tank flap; they usually indicate the brand of fuel for this car.
Answered on June 11 01:43
You definitely need to find one or two gas stations in your city, where you can pour high-quality gasoline into the car. Look for reviews on the forums of your city, ask friends or acquaintances where they fill their cars.I found an article describing which gas stations have high-quality gasoline. Read, you may find useful information for yourself.

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