What dreams of glass?

March 25, 2015
What dreams of glass?

The image of glass in a dream is very symbolic. Many dream books give him importance, comparing with some kind of gate, protecting a person from the outside world, or a prism through which he looks at this world.

Based on the interpretations of these dream books, we consider in detail what the glass dreams about.

The value of glass in a dream

The symbolism of glass in a dream is quite dangerous. After you have dreamed of such a dream, you need to be attentive to everything that happens around. Basically, this sign entails not very good events.

If you dreamed that you were looking at the world through glass - expect any troubles and difficulties. However, if we take into account the fact that glass is a symbol of your views on life and your perception of reality, then we can note the following: if the glass through which you looked was clear and transparent, then your life is simple and clear. You can not be afraid of any hidden dangers, lies and betrayal.

But if the glass was dull, dull, misted and badly transmitting light,- it is worth guarding: you are in a strange situation, your reality is complicated, confused, uncertain.

If you looked through the glass at a person you know - your relationship is insincere, fragile, alienation is waiting for you.

Broken glass has even more dangerous meaning - this means that you will not cope with a serious threat, all your dreams will fall apart. You can learn more about the interpretation of such a dream in the article Why break glass.

But if the glass in your dream was whole, you will find out what they are trying to hide from you.

Many glass things in a dream give a prediction that some kind of frustration awaits you. If they crashed - it is in danger.

There are also favorable interpretations:

  • To cut yourself with glass is a sign that you need to show your abilities, you will surely win the admiration of others.
  • Clean windows - you get a prestigious place.
  • Colored glass - expect a variety in life.

In any case, this is just a dream, and whether these predictions will come true - depends on you and your attitude to life.

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