What dreams acne? Crush acne in a dream. Interpretation of dreams

Almost a third of their lives, people spend in a dream, beyond reality. Sometimes dreams come to us - these are pictures and events that we memorize, in order to try to comprehend them in the morning and perhaps. Even interpret. Dreams may be the most unexpected. Here, for example, how to understandwhat dreams acne?

Interpretation of Miller's Dream Book

Although in real life, acne, and especially on the face, is an unpleasant and sometimes painful phenomenon, in a dream, acne can even dream about pleasant events. Consider some options for such dreams:

  • if in a dream the person sleeping is covered with a rash, then soon he may well expect an acquaintance, which will later grow into a serious relationship;
  • if you dream of a purulent pimple, then the author considers this a harbinger of good luck, which is very important not to miss;
  • Trying to cure acne with ointments and lotions in a dream suggests that your discretion will help you solve any problems through compromise.

But there are also such dreams, the interpretation of which is not the most favorable for the dreamer:

  • ifin a dream a lot of acnelocated throughout the body, it may portend an unpleasant meeting (try to be ready for such a turn of events, do not succumb to provocations, do not get involved in adventures);
  • a dream in which a person is asleep because of sprinkled acne is afraid to leave the house, reminds him that in real life he has a problem that cannot be solved without outside help (no need to close yourself from others).

what dreams acne

Interpretation of the dream of the Yellow Emperor

According to this dream book, such dreams can lead to health problems:

  • If acne in a dream is located on the forehead, the dreamer needs to pay attention to suchsleep. Pimple on the foreheadmay indicate heart problems, you may have to consult a doctor.
  • Acne, having a dream on the chin and around the lips, warns that it is necessary to check the kidneys and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • A rash on the cheeks can be a signal for diseases of the lungs, gall bladder and liver, and so on.

In this edition there are deeper interpretations of the factwhat dreams acne. In the morning it is very important to remember what the dreamer was doing in a dream with rashes that appeared.For example, a vision likecrush acne in a dreamIt is very important to remember in detail. After all, because of how clean the pimple hole remains after squeezing the purulent mass out of it, can mean how much a cure for a serious illness will be.Sleep, purulent pimplein which it is completely cleansed, promises a faster recovery. If the pus remains in the wound, recovery may be delayed.

dream pimple

Interpretation of the dream book of Catherine the Great

Dreams and dreams always disturbed people regardless of their social status. The powerful of this world was also interested in knowing what night vision meant for them. Therefore, the answer to the questionwhat dreams acne, we can get in the dream book of Catherine the Great, again, in its particular interpretation:

  • Acne in a dream suggests that conscientious work does not bring satisfaction to the dreamer. Perhaps he needs to take care of the rest. Also, sleep can be an occasion to think about changing jobs.
  • If you dream of someone from close people, covered with acne, then you need to worry about such a person, perhaps something threatens him. It is only important to remember who you saw in a dream.Try more often to inquire about the health of this person, as well as learn more about his surroundings.
  • Interpretation of sleep, acnein which she ghosted the girl, according to this dream book means that native people can condemn her behavior. And it can be completely unreasonable. And for a man, such a dream can be a warning against impulsive actions that can lead to unpleasant consequences.

crush acne in a dream

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Explainedwhat dreams acne, we can find in the interpretations of the dream book of Dmitry and Hope of Winter. According to their publication, acne in a dream is a symbol of hidden dislike:

  • if acne is on the body of another person, this may mean that the dreamer has an enemy that he doesn’t realize, and from which you can expect trouble (most likely, he belongs to your close environment);
  • but to see your body covered with rashes can be interpreted in such a way that a person who has had such a dream has an unfriendly attitude towards someone from his environment (perhaps you are too arrogant and arrogant towards others);
  • Acne in a dream may indicate dissatisfaction with oneself, then you just need to try to be more tolerant of yourself and others (do not forget about self-improvement);
  • A pimple in a dream promises to the dreamer the emergence of interesting ideas that will allow him to consolidate his position.

sleep purulent pimple

Interpretation of Freud's dream book

The beginning of a systematic study of sleep and dreams is connected with the name of the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. One of his fundamental works was the monograph “The Interpretation of Dreams”, published in 1900. She marked the beginning of the study of dreams with the help of psychoanalysis. In his interpretations, Freud also paid attention to such phenomena as acne in a dream:

  • The girl had acne on her face - this is a signal to take care of her reputation. Perhaps she does things for which she can be ashamed. Do not forget that there are generally accepted standards of behavior.
  • Red acne in a dream on the body of a young girl is a sign of her easy behavior. In this case, it can lead to the conviction of others.
  • A lot of acne on the body in a dream of a young man suggests that he can be expected to pay for his frivolous intimate adventures. And it can concern not only reputation, but also health. You need to think about your future, what effect it will have endless intrigues.

sleep interpretation pimple

Interpretation of the dream Vanga

The Bulgarian seer Vanga is known not only for her prophecies, but also for her dream solving skills:

  • According to her dream book,crush acne in a dreamand especially if pus comes out of it, it can mean that the dreamer is in for great wealth. And he will get it absolutely unexpectedly. Usually, this is due to inheritance.
  • A dream in which you had a stranger in a pimple, is interpreted as an envy to your success. It is advisable, if possible, to advertise your achievements less, because black envy can turn into hatred.

Interpretation of the newest dream book

The newest gives his interpretation of dreams, in which the sleeper sees acne,dream book. Acne, who jumped up, makes it clear that someone’s career is seriously hindering the dreamer's career. But if you squeeze a pimple in a dream, then in reality you can get rid of some serious problem.

in a dream a lot of acne

Interpretation of the Life Dream

How does the everyday lifedream pimplein a dream can mean changes in your life soon:

  • acne in a dream means that you are dissatisfied with your situation and seek to correct them;
  • if in a dream you see yourself covered with acne, you can expect trouble, the number of which can bring you to a nervous breakdown, so this dream should not be underestimated;
  • if in a dream you see other people who have acne on their body, then you may have to deal with the disease;
  • if in a dream you removed all acne, then all your troubles will end soon.

Interpretation of the female dream book

If women see acne in a dream, the interpretation of such dreams can be very different:

  • a big pimple on the face can attract you luck, lead to wealth;
  • Acne on the body suggests that you are not doing your job, and you should think about changing jobs;
  • if the face has a lot of acne, then such a dream can be interpreted as a possible deterioration of relations with others.

sleep pimple on the forehead


It is very important to choose the correct interpretation of your dream, but you should not forget that dreams come true or do not come true depending on the location of the planets, the phase of the moon, the time of day. In addition, it is advisable to listen to the advice of Olga Smurova on the interpretation of dreams, set out in her "Family Dream Book", namely:

  • no need to pay attention to vague dreams, without a clear storyline;
  • focus your attention on dreams, in which you especially clearly feel your presence, your ability to influence what is happening;
  • one should not neglect the creative approach to the interpretation of dreams, since many dreams can be understood intuitively;
  • no need to interpret dreams that are not completely filled, because a wrong interpretation of a person can be misleading.

And yet, drawing attention to the fact that many dreams, in which the dreamer sees acne on different parts of the body, are interpreted as impairment of health, it is possible that such a dream can be accepted as a signal to see a doctor.

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