What does the name Alexander mean?

One of the most popular male names is Alexander. But despite its fame, it continues to be beautiful. What does the name Alexander mean?

The name comes from glorious Greece, consists of two ancient roots: “alex” - to protect and “andros” - a man. This is a male defender. Alexander is an active, strong-willed, purposeful person. He has good intuition and memory.

In childhood, Sasha is prone to frequent illnesses, but if he takes care of himself and goes in for sports, he will grow into a strong and strong man. The weak point is the stomach, so Alexander needs to carefully monitor digestion.

By his nature, Alexander is artistic and stubborn. When he is interested in something, he can get carried away seriously. Alexander is a good organizer and leader. He is more inclined to the humanitarian and artistic, does not like science, and if he is interested in something from this area, he studies for himself. He can tolerate coercion, desiring to act and choose freely. Alexander's activity is uneven.He can sit all night long for some interesting thing, but in the morning he wakes up with difficulty and dreams of rest all day. The type of thinking is synthetic. Possess a good memory and vivid imagination.

In her psyche, Alexandra has more introverts than extroverts. That is, they are immersed in themselves. Nevertheless, Alexander appreciates friendship, sometimes making love relationships friendly, which many women do not like. Often, many Alexander need a strong support in life. Such can be a close person (mother or wife).

As for the love relationship, Alexander appears here as a real gentleman. He is gallant, brought up and amiable. Cleverly caring for women, not missing a single detail. Alexander is very fond of beautiful women, often unfaithful to his beloved. Accustomed to be all the best, in sex, he also wants to be on top. Alexander was not used to spending a lot of energy on conquering a woman, he prefers to conquer him. But he will not allow any woman to rule over himself. His wife is the queen who rules but does not decide fate. Alexander's energy is aimed at the realization of his ideas, the woman is not in the first place.

In marriage, Alexander is cautious and circumspect.He marries a beautiful, intelligent and calm woman who will give him reliable support in life. A wife can be a wise advisor to him. Alexander loves children, but does not always show his feelings. The most emotional in relations with children are the "summer" Alexandra.

But there is also a female version of this name. What does the female name of Alexander mean? Translated from the Greek name "Alexander" means "help, hope." Sasha is a self-confident, active, violent, ambitious woman. He cannot sit in one place for a long time, therefore he chooses an active one for himself. He achieves great professional success, but more thanks to his intelligence and hard work than luck and talent. Alexandra is a business woman. He likes to constantly compete with someone. Often at first he does, and then he thinks. Getting into a tight binding, with great difficulty finds a way out, but it does not lose its optimism. Alexandra needs broad communication, while trying to subjugate everyone and everything. This is one of the worst features of Alexandra. Sasha does not like to wait long, always in a hurry somewhere. Alexandra's husband does not always have to be sweet: he has to endure her antics and keep up with her.

Alexandra likes to be independent. It's hard with her, but it's boring without her. Sasha is constantly looking for adventure. Alexandra's intuition is developed on an average level.

In a love relationship, Sasha is passionate and sensual. It may plunge into the pool of love with the first comer, and then completely forget about it. If you remember, you can renew the relationship.

Alexandra is a woman who always strives to get what she wants. It has an unstable psyche and changeable character. Nevertheless, despite all his flaws, Sasha makes the lives of those around him more interesting and brighter.

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