What does the expression "apple of discord"

Scientists – historians speak of this expression as one of the most ancient phraseological units. This phrase can be found both in the myths of Hellas (Ancient Greece) and in Roman mythological texts. The current day the phrase "apple of discord" is a popular expression. Versions of its origin are somehow connected with the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans, namely with the story of the dispute between the three goddesses. “The Apple of Discord” is a phraseological unit that served as the prototype for many works of classical and modern art.

apple of discord

The myth of the dispute of the three goddesses

The ancient Roman goddess of contention Eridu was not invited to the celebration of the marriage of Peleus and Thetis. This circumstance caused her anger and, having appeared on a holiday without an invitation, Eris threw that golden “apple of discord” decorated with the inscription “The Most Beautiful” into the middle of the wedding table. The struggle for the right to possess the cherished fruit broke out between three goddesses: Venus, Minerva and Juno.None of those present at the celebration did not dare to express an opinion about the real owner of the apple, fearing to arouse the anger of the other arguers. After consulting, the hosts of the holiday decided that it would be best to determine the winner of the dispute in Paris, the son of Priam and Hecuba. Even in infancy, he was left to die in the mountains because of the prediction of the oracle, testifying that Paris in the future will cause many troubles for his hometown - Troy. The boy survived thanks to the kindness of a simple shepherd, who saved him and trained his craft. At the time of the incident, the young man met with one of the beautiful nymphs - Enona. Laski lovers were interrupted by the request of citizens to resolve the dispute goddesses.

Who won the argument?

apple of contention idiom

Minerva, who appeared before Paris first, promised that for an apple she would give the young man wisdom. He could also give Juno a symbol of beauty — the apple of discord; however, he saw the beautiful Venus, whose camp was surrounded by a magic belt, and heard that the goddess was ready to give him an bride equal to her own beauty without any hesitation gave victory to her. Mineru and Juno were seized with terrible anger.Furious with envy, they vowed to take revenge on Paris for his decision. Venus, fulfilling the word given to the boy, advised Paris to go to Troy to see her parents. Fully relying on the admonitions of the beautiful goddess, who received the apple of discord, Paris threw his former love to Anon. Accompanied by a group of shepherds, he went to Troy, where at that time there was a big celebration. Taking part in the festive competitions, the young man aroused interest from Cassandra, who turned out to be his sister, who possesses the gift of prophecy since childhood. She pointed out to members of her family at Paris, and then spoke about the story of his birth, recalling the misfortunes that he was destined to bring to his relatives.

How come prediction

apple of discord myth

So begins the story of the main consequences that brought the apple of discord. The myth of an apple that has plagued the goddesses has touched the lives of his parents. His parents refused to believe his daughter's concerns and, seeking to atone for the old guilt in front of his son, gave him protection in everything. Paris, without ceasing to follow the advice of Venus, made a fatal step, going with the Trojan fleet to the shores of Greece.There the goddess helped him in the abduction of the wife of the Spartan king, Helena. This was the impetus for the beginning of the famous Trojan War, which destroyed one of the most ancient states of Asia Minor and violated the well-being of the Paris family.

When is it appropriate to talk about the “apple of discord”?

Nowadays, the phrase “apple of discord” is in some way a euphemism, denoting any insignificant thing or event that could in the future cause the most unpredictable large-scale, and sometimes even destructive consequences. The apple of contention is the key cause of scandals, quarrels and enmity.

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