What are payroll taxes and why do they exist?

Why do people work?

Without undue constraint and with certainty, it can be said that absolutely every working person has become accustomed to receiving appropriate wages for his work. 80% of people for this reason and work - to make money. The remaining 20% ​​themselves are ranked among those who work for pleasure, self-expression, charity, or for any other reasons relating only to them. But let's talk today about those who work and get paid for it. And, to be more precise, it’s not even about them, but about the money they earn - about wages. And also we will talk about what taxes on a salary are charged.

Components of wages

payroll taxesFor a start it is worth asking the question - do we even know what our earnings are made of? Here are its components:

  • wage system, which is used in the enterprise;
  • Actual information on current tariffs, piece rates and salaries;
  • information about how much time was actually spent by the staff actually and how much work was done.


payroll taxesThe accrual and payment (according to the labor legislation) must be made at least twice a month. All accrued amounts must necessarily be recorded in the settlement or billing statements.

Salary accruals

It is also necessary to say a few words about the wage charges in general. This will help avoid confusion. These are contributions to various funds (pension, social insurance, employment), as well as medical insurance for employees. These payments are made by legal entities (in rare cases, by individuals). The size of these payments depends on the amount of employees' salaries and is set by the relevant regulatory acts.

How is tax calculated?

While working, as they say, “for an uncle”, many do not attach much importance to what payroll taxes the employer pays. After all, in fact, everything that concerns such concerns is entirely entrusted to him. And not a single one of the employees of any company or enterprise has transferred the necessary amounts to the tax authorities. At the moment, the payroll tax officially held by the employer is 13%. Those.if, for example, your official salary is equal to 30 thousand rubles, then 3,900 rubles of income tax will be deducted from it, and you will receive 26,100 rubles in your hands. In addition, the employer makes payments in the amount of 30% of the employee’s salary to the Pension Fund and other Social Security Funds. In our case, this amounts to another 9 thousand rubles.

Nuances of legislation

payroll taxOf course, there are nuances in the tax legislation. So, for example, if your salary exceeds a certain threshold, then the remaining salary taxes will be 10%. This threshold is about half a million rubles a year. But since the average salary in the Russian Federation is now 250-300 thousand rubles a year (at hand), then this moment does not concern most people. This is not the only nuance, there are others. Interested persons can study them in more detail by referring to official documents.


There is information that in the near future payroll taxes may increase, and the size of insurance premiums per employee will increase from 30% to 34%. But still it is necessary to hope for more bright prospects. And in order to stand up stronger in terms of finance and be more confident in the future, you need to educate and cultivate financial literacy,and also try to diversify their sources of income so that there are several of them. Unfortunately, the economic situation in our country at the moment does not allow us to lead a decent lifestyle, relying on only one salary.

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What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 68

What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 28

What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 9

What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 64

What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 88

What are payroll taxes and why do they exist? 51

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