What are DIC syndromes?

DIC-syndromes are considered quite seriousa disease characterized by a violation of hemostasis, in which scattered blood clotting is observed. It is as a result of this disorder that so-called cell aggregates and minute blood clots form, which in turn block the existing microcirculation, and subsequently cause dystrophic changes. In this article, we will describe in more detail how different DIC syndromes are.

dvs syndromesCauses

According to experts, more often than notThe disease occurs due to the destruction of the lungs or some infectious diseases (for example, smallpox, herpes, and rubella). On the other hand, DIC syndromes often develop on the background of surgical intervention to remove the spleen or typhoid fever. In addition, the disease can be caused by extensive tissue damage, hemolytic anemia. Very rarely, DIC syndromes are diagnosed due to diabetes mellitus or epilepsy.


This ailment usually goes through several phases. So, initially in patients there is an increased coagulability of blood and the subsequent formation of microthrombi. Then the number of available platelets decreases sharply. In the third stage, doctors usually notice a sharp dysfunction of blood coagulability. At the final stage, this index is normalized, but there is a very high probability of complications. As for the symptoms themselves, they mainly depend on the initial disease, which caused the development of DIC syndrome. Note that the duration of each of the above-described stages depends solely on the rate of development of the disease itself. Due to the fact that the disease is characterized by general bleeding, the symptomatology is certainly determined by the appearance of subcutaneous hematomas, bruising. In some cases, even intestinal and pulmonary hemorrhages are observed in patients.

laboratory diagnosis of dvs syndromeLaboratory Diagnosis of DIC Syndrome

Diagnosis of this disease is carried outbased on the identification of causative ailments. In those diseases, when this syndrome is a natural manifestation, as a rule, the diagnosis passes quickly. Otherwise, for example, in newborn babies it can be very difficult to make such a diagnosis. The main method of laboratory studies is a complete blood count and its clotting system. It is very important to determine the level of so-called antithrombin III.


prevention of dvs syndrome

Therapy is often very long. First and foremost, doctors are compulsorily eliminating the underlying ailment, which provoked the appearance of this syndrome. In the case of infectious and inflammatory processes, antibacterial drugs are prescribed. In case of shock conditions, infusion solutions that improve blood circulation are predominantly administered.

Prevention of DIC syndrome

As the main preventive methods, experts strongly recommend timely treatment of causative diseases.

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