What does a man love a woman? Is it true that men love with their eyes?

At all times, women tormented by the question, and what not to do these tricky smiles with a hint. We are not at all about this. In the carnal sense, this does not constitute any secret, but in the spiritual ... On which body of a man should a woman first of all pay attention to conquer her chosen one? About this below.

"The main thing in a man is his eyes, if anyone opposes, then I personally am for"

what does a man like

This paraphrase of one of the songs of the group "Leningrad" will allow us to dispel a certain myth regarding the entire stronger sex. Some women sometimes ask their friends and specialists: “Is it true that men love with their eyes?” This is actually a tough question.

If a man loves only with his eyes, then such a relationship is doomed to be short-lived. Why? Well, because almost every girl can cheat. The question is whether to put only on the visual image when choosing a partner.

The appearance of a woman forms a first impression for a man.

But we can not say that the exterior of the ladies does not mean anything to the ordinary ordinary male. On the contrary, if a girl is ugly, then she is “rejected” at the first stage of interaction with the object (excuse me, women). Figuratively speaking, if the door is expensive and beautiful, then there is a temptation to look, and what is there in the apartment (or in the house). When the door is shabby and izrazovannaya chalk, do not want to knock.

what do men like

However, sometimes there are cases of the great deception: behind a poor door there are innumerable treasures, like Scrooge McDuck, and behind a luxurious castle there is an old furniture and a cramped room.

But the absolute majority of men really rely on their eyes when they first meet. If a girl or a woman did not like her appearance, then there is usually no desire to go on, be she at least three times a needlewoman, an excellent cook, and at night an original philosopher published in the West under a male pseudonym - all this by. Disappointing answer to the question, do men really love with their eyes and only? Ladies, keep calm and move on.

"Ugly, but there is one moment ..."

Do not think bad, but beautiful people, like frankly ugly, are very few.Mostly people look completely ordinary. Male predilection for appearance would be terrible, if the question of what a man loves was a clear answer - with his eyes.

Then most of the beautiful half of humanity should have flown to Mars. But in reality it happens in different ways. Sympathy is generally a very complex process. It involves the values ​​and priorities of the person. Someone looks important, and someone - the mind and character. Someone chooses his mistress, and someone - his wife, respectively, the preferred options are different each time. Everything is very difficult in the question, and what a man loves, as we see.

men love eyes

If someone else thinks that love is a mystery, then he is deeply mistaken. The man (and man and woman) is looking for the best option for himself. Another thing is that people are often held captive by some illusions.

For example, a woman believes that her man - a drug addict and an alcoholic - will change, and they will heal like in a fairy tale. Time passes, nothing changes. A woman slowly dies, languishes in an atmosphere of narcotic fumes. Surrounding will say: "He loves, and therefore does not quit." Stupidity. Does not leave, because it hopes. And according to Nietzsche's witty remark: “Hope is the greatest evil, because it prolongs our suffering.” Therefore, it is not necessary to reflect on what men love.Each of us is trying to choose his ally to fight the life of an ideal partner.

Dr. House and Hank Moody about gender relations

what does man love woman

Again we turn to the famous cynics of our time. And let's start with the rebel writer. Hank said that the girl in the first five seconds, when she sees a guy, decides what exactly she wants from him: marriage, sex or kill on the spot. It seems to us that this, of course, deep thought can be extended to men. And the first impression is difficult then to interrupt with something else.

In short, a man scans a woman, seeking charm in the depths of her being. Depending on the detection or non-detection thereof, he decides whether to get to know the girl or not. We do not know, probably, it is a bit banal, but after all, beauty without charm is vile. Fewer and fewer remains unclear in the question than men love, right?

Doctor's philosophical remarks

what do guys like

Another question that worries all men when they see a woman is “Do I fit her?” Or in other words: “Can I get her teeth?” It will not be a crime to appeal to the greatest diagnostician of all times and peoples (House).He said, using card terminology, that "deuces meet with deuces, jacks - with jacks, aces - with aces". This thought is also quite sensible.

A woman can deceive a man and impersonate a “higher card”, but life will still put everything in its place. Someone will say that the rationalistic model of love is revealed to us. Yes, nothing can be done, it is. But in love there are fewer secrets than is commonly thought. In any case, one of the answers to the question, what a man loves a woman, is ready for.

True love has a heart and a soul, not just a body.

Of course, despite our rationalistic model of love, we do not want to convince the reader that this wonderful feeling is being programmed. Love as an emotion is the consciousness of pure spontaneity, but it has certain limits and parameters controlled by the subconscious. Their main task is to protect a person from unnecessary pain.

For example, adolescents and not very mature people may experience a feeling of love or love in relation to the stars of the screen or the movie, not realizing that they cannot be reached by hand.

What guys love, everyone knows, but sometimes you want them to think at least a little head.For example, such a young man will come to Hollywood and confess his love to the sexual icon of the new generation - Emma Watson. The maximum that he will get from her as a response is that she will write him an autograph and hand him over with a sweet smile. Remember the "card theory" gloomy diagnostician? That's the same thing.

Girls sin with this too. They love, for example, Captain America (Chris Evans), but completely unanswered. The famous actor does not know that the girl from the Russian hinterland sighs about him, and, frankly, he doesn’t care. He is the "Trump Ace" and he doesn’t care about regular cards.

And now a little more serious. The question, what a man loves, does not cause, we hope, more difficulties for the reader. It became clear that the answer was multifaceted as reality. It all depends on the values ​​of the man and what he is looking for in the woman at the moment: rest, support, love, pleasure. And all this will affect what kind of relationship will develop in the end between the two people and how long they will last.

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