Wedding banner: photo options, the most interesting design ideas

Wedding for newlyweds is an important and memorable event. Every married couple wants this event to remain in the hearts of the guests. But the question is: how? Will people remember the celebration only delicious snacks and entertainment? Or will they with trepidation remember romantic photos taken in a unique photozone? Self-made wedding banners are an interesting and profitable option to make memorable photos. The main thing is to have an idea and free time for its realization, and the motivation is already there!

Wedding press wall as an idea.

Why is a banner a great idea?

The press wall for a photozone has several advantages over ordinary photos:

  1. Multifunctional. Wedding banners are an excellent option for creating a background in a photo. You can place any idea on it.
  2. Masking territory. With the help of a banner, you can hide unsightly areas of the environment, the restaurant.
  3. Creating a mood.Thanks to the use of the press wall, it is easy to bring certain emotions to the celebration. For this you need to place on the banner comic or memorable dates, photographs, inscriptions. You can add decorative elements.
  4. Creation. The banner gives the newlyweds the opportunity to express their imagination, to highlight the celebration.
  5. Attracting friends. It is possible to attract close people to create both a photo zone and specifically press walls. Thereby you will check the fortress of your friendship, spend your time with benefit.
  6. Unusual entertainment. At the moment, wedding banners have become the main distribution in Europe. Therefore, in Russia this is an interesting and fascinating idea, which guests may not even suspect.

Choosing a place for a banner

First you need to find a cozy or bright place in which the photo zone for the wedding with banners will be located. There are several interesting ways:

  • Nature, landscape. A banner with flowers at a wedding is a great idea for a spring or autumn celebration. Fresh landscape, green grass and technology "Tantamareska" (which will be listed below) - this is a great combination.
Banner with photos.
  • Memorable place.This may be the usual shop of the first acquaintance or a cafe in which the main words were spoken. If, however, there is no possibility to visit the “road of memories”, then make it in the chosen restaurant on your own.
  • Photozone. Oddly enough, but banners can also be arranged in a separate photo frame, create a collage.

Once the place is selected, it's time to start searching for ideas.

Wedding Banners: Choosing an Idea

The next step you need to form an idea. If it is available in the arsenal, then, after reading about other options, you can add something to your own, add or finish the image. Well, if there are no thoughts as such, then choose the one you like among those offered:

  • Wedding wall or press wall. This method allows you to fit on a single banner a large amount of information, including a joke. Many photographers offer to try it, as it is almost not expensive financially and looks very compact.
  • Banner for the wedding with a photo. Another simple option is the plot. Photos of dating, meetings and the final scene - this is a great idea that holds the relationship together and causes a stream of pleasant emotions from both guests and heroes of the occasion.All details can be placed on one banner.
  • Themed banners for the wedding. Here, too, can not do without the plot. Did your acquaintance start with a phone number? Let there be memorable figures on it! Are you dating thanks to the romantic candy “Love is ...”? Then place her two wonderful characters on the banner. Subject depends entirely on you.
Technique "Cartoon".
  • Press Wall. The popularity of this genre originates in Europe. The big booth shows the date of the wedding and small versions of the names of the newlyweds. Simplicity, ease and cozy atmosphere, able to keep the intrigue - these are the main advantages of this genre.
  • Photo track. Another interesting option is to make a great photo track with the newlyweds. Each photo can tell about any memorable event or the collage will be thematic. It is made in the form of a bulk banner.

In addition to these ideas, there are also more recent, new. They came to Russia in the European countries and are gradually flooding the world. You can learn about them in the next section.

Original and unusual wedding photo ideas for a photo session

Want to make a memorable wedding with bright, fun photos? See the following list of ideas:

  • Banner stretching. Instead of a large, wide stand, you can hang a short garland. Its main advantage - stretching can be placed anywhere. It is necessary to attach cards with the names of the newlyweds or any thematic phrases. For example: “Wedding”, “Love”. You can also place the wedding date, add photos.
  • Cartoon, comedy. At this stage, the plot is not as important as the ways to beat it. Every year this option becomes more popular. You can use the funny sketches of the newlyweds as the main picture. With her help it will be possible to create a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.
  • Tantamaresk. To portray important friends in the form of wall paintings, revived in time - is it not interesting? And in the middle place the heroes of the occasion! To create the arch, you can attract friends and have a good time!
Photo collage, banner.

How to create your own unique banner?

In order to realize your idea, you will need:

  • Opinion of a specialist designer. For a start, consult with a photographer and designer.Learn about the right combination of colors, backgrounds and basic elements. Also, do not forget to ask about the optimal choice of location for the total photo zone.
  • Ability to work in the photo editor. You will need to create your idea in a graphic editor. Remove watermarks, fuzziness. Replace the background, add details. You can contact the wedding workshop and get the basis for the banner. The cost is formed taking into account the time to perform and the complexity of the work (additional details, watermarks, color, etc.).
  • Canvas for banner and frame. These will be the 2 main components of the banner. It is necessary to fasten a canvas with decorations on the frame. A solid frame not only withstands a three-dimensional pattern, but also gives vent to imagination.

The background must be placed on the canvas and fixed on the base.

Ideas for a wedding banner.


The use of banners at a wedding for a photo shoot allows you to make the celebration unique, special and memorable. It is necessary to make a little physical and moral effort, as well as money, in order to get an interesting element for your photo zone!

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