We utter u

It is possible to start sound production only after the child has mastered the sounds — w, w, h — well. This is a complex sound combination consisting of the fusion of soft sounds [w '). In Russian, the sound - u is always soft.

I. Fostering the correct pronunciation of sound - Y.

1. According to imitation. An adult slowly, and then, two words [sh’ch ’], all more rapidly, are pronounced. The child repeats this combination.

2. Speak for a long time the sound - Ø and simultaneously move the tip of the tongue to the upper teeth. The sound is formed - Sh.

3. Suck the entire tongue to the sky so that the tip of the tongue lies behind the upper teeth. After taking in the air, exhale with force, pronouncing the sound [w]. There will be a sound - [y].

Ii. Sound binding - u in closed syllables.

1. Asch - Box
still looking
ysch - searching
touch - cut
box - still

2.The words:

Bream cloak vegetable acne
Mite cartilage borscht comrade
Thing elegant horsetail predator
Ivy powerful help assistant

3.learn chatter sayings:

I wear a raincoat
pal - pal - pal - mother cooks borsch
still - still still - very large bream
yusch - yusch - yusch - ivy on the balcony.

4.With the help of adults to make sentences with words learned.

III.Securing sound - Щ in open syllables.

1. schA - schA - schE
shcha - shchi
shchu shchi
now - soup
schA - schuchi
shcha - shcha

2.The words:

Sorrel soup pike cheek
Spare shield feel sliver
Bristle rubble puny twitter
Generous pinch goldfinch puppy
Brushes food squeak looking for
Brush grove treat dragging
The crack thick pop I will treat
Click area forgive by bream
Pischit box
Cracked dragging
Protection racer
Snoop boiling

3.Form new words:

Bream - bream raincoat - raincoat
The thing is ... cartilage - ...
Vegetable - ... borsch -
Comrade - ... ivy - ...

4.Repeat sentences:

The little puppy squeaks.
Pike is a predatory fish.
Wolves roam, looking for food.
Comrade came to the rescue.
The puppy was given cartilage.

5.Learn the rhymes.

Eating out for lunch,
Flippers trembling,
Pike is walking around the bream.

You do not look for us, mother
We are looking for sorrel in cabbage soup.

SchA - schA - schA - I caught a bream
SCH - SCH - SCH - I look for sorrel
Soup - soup - soup - mother cooks soup
Shche - shche - shche - it's still raining.

6.Securing sound - Щ in texts.

Listen to the text and answer the questions of an adult:

Brave puppies
There lived two puppies. They went out into the yard. We looked puppies on the sky. See puppies yellow shiny semicircle.Do not know what the puppies are. A semicircle became a circle.
“Let's bark,” says one puppy.
Barked puppies. And the circle rises even higher.
- Runs away! Says another puppy. Puppies bark happily.

Fleece flew into the grove. They have a goldfinch in the nest. Vitya climbed up the tree to look at the nod. Shcheglov - there were no parents. Squirt on the branches scattered from Viti. One Goldfinch fell. Vitya caught the schefflenka. Squirrel squirrel, pinching Vite hand. Vitya planted a shivering frog on a branch.

IV. Differentiation of sounds - W - Y.

1.Repeat closed syllables, words, make up sentences.

Ash - Ash your - cartilage midge - powerful
Osh our - cloak bear - predator
Wush cane - pimple helper
Ish give - comrade shirt - elegant

2.Open syllables, words.

Shashina sha - sha - sha
Sho - schie sho - sho - sho
Shi-shi shi - shchi - shi
Shu - shchu shu - shu - shu
Silk - click ruffs - bream
Whisper - cheeks it's up to you
Coat - pike I will bite - I will treat
Neck - Sliver please - I will forgive
Writes - searches Write - food
Prevent - put The solution is rotation

3.Differentiation - W - Sh in sentences.

Pasha and Misha are good comrades.
Grisha has a puppy Bishka.
Shchi yes porridge - our food.
We caught bream and ruff.
Cloaks hang in the closet.
Aunt Dasha treated Masha to borshch.

4.Work with texts.

In the grove
Misha and Pasha - comrades. They went to the grove. There was a little puppy with them. The Goldsters sing in the grove. Misha and Pasha played with a puppy. Then forty flew into the grove. She rattled. The puppy squeaked. Misha and Pasha pet a puppy.

Ice drift
Shura and Masha went to the river. There was ice drift, the ice cracked loudly. Powerful waves broke the ice. The little puppy ran to the river. Shura pulled the puppy from the water. The puppy squeaked, Shura took him in his arms. Shura and Masha dragged the puppy home.

V. The development of phonemic perception.

1. Clap your hands when you hear a syllable with sound - U:
sha, shcha, shcha, sho, shu, shche, shi, shhe, ash, touch, dzh, yes ...

2. Postpone the chip, after hearing the word with the sound - Щ:
porridge, Koschey, tire, pinches, puny, joke, kid, box, grove, decide, bream, ivy, puff, target, whips ...

3. From a series of words, memorize a word with a sound — u:
- Misha, food, writes.
- Pimple, baby, cane.
- Hat, washer, sorrel.

4. Independently invent words with a given sound (- W or - W), make sentences.

5. Adults watch the correct pronunciation of the child.

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