We understand how to pull the tick correctly

Summer is a favorite time of many people. Warm, sunny, river or sea - all this causes pleasant emotions and unforgettable memories. But this time of year also harbors some dangers that can be dealt with, if prepared in advance. Many useful tips will be how to pull the tick yourself at home.

how to pull tickWho is it?

A tick is a parasite that is found in tall grass. It feeds on the blood of a donor - a person or an animal, to the skin of which it sucks. The myth is that ticks fall solely on the head from tree branches. The bulk of ticks live in the grass, they get to the neck or head of a person, migrating through the body of the donor.

Precautionary measures

how to pull a tickIn order not to scour in search of information on how to pull out a tick, it is possible to prevent close acquaintance with this insect. But for this it is not necessary to forever close for yourself hiking in the forest. You just need to properly prepare for a walk.First of all, you should know that the mite sucks to the softest areas of human skin. He loves the armpits, the inguinal cavities, the lower abdomen and the place behind the ears. These parts of the body must be well protected by clothing. Also, before going to the forest, it is better to wear pants and a blouse, so the tick will not be able to find a free area of ​​skin. In parallel, you can use various creams and sprays that protect the body from insects. Modern medical preparations are very effective in this direction. After the walk, upon arrival home, all family members need to carefully examine each other and make sure that the body is not touched by anyone.

how to remove tickExtract

But what if the insect is still stuck to the skin? How to pull the tick out so that it can be completely removed and made right? First of all, you need to strictly understand that you can not panic and try to pry the insect out of the skin with your hands. So you can tear off only part of the body, leaving the head of the parasite in the affected place. And getting it will be somewhat more difficult. Wanting to figure out how to remove the tick, also do not grasp at sharp objects, such as, for example, a needle or pointed scissors, and try to pick out a beetle. It can be removed in this way, but the wound received from your actions will heal for a very long time.Therefore, it is worth taking the usual thin thread, gently twist it around the parasite's neck - find a place between the head and the body, and gently pull. There is no need to make sharp or rough movements, as the procedure may fail. If the actions are correct, then everything should turn out, and the parasite will be extracted. Having figured out how to pull the tick, you also need to know that the wound should be treated after the procedure. The place where there was a parasite, you need to properly grease with green paint. If the contact with the insect occurred in a potentially dangerous area of ​​infection with encephalitis, then the extracted insect can be attributed to the laboratory and find out if the tick was a peddler of the infection. Alternatively, you can consult with your local physician and find out which drugs are recommended to be taken in order to prevent encephalitis after an insect bite. Now you know how to pull a tick.

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