We catch the fallen January immunity

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In the cold season, the immunity of many decreases. But, absorbed in the pre-holiday troubles, before the New Year, we don’t pay much attention to this.
But already in January, when the joy-guests-gifts are behind, and you can breathe out, suddenly we notice that something amiss is going on with the body.
Reduced immunity is not only a vulnerability to colds and viral diseases. Even if they can be avoided, many people feel tired, irritable, lethargic, exhaustion and mood.
Can I handle this? Of course.
In the autumn-winter period, the immune system weakens, primarily due to lack of sunlight. It is still dark in the morning, evening comes early, and in the afternoon we rarely go outside. Due to the lack of light in the body, the production of melatonin is reduced - a hormone that affects not only the functioning of our “biological clock”, but also the state of immunity. Therefore, in the winter it is very important to try to find time for walks outside in the afternoon.
The lack of sunlight also leads to a decrease in the body's synthesis of vitamin D3, which strengthens the immune system. You must take it extra or pay increased attention to the rich food (egg yolks, fish oil and, in fact, the fish itself, butter and hard cheeses).
In winter, the body suffers from a shortage of other vitamins - A, E, C and group B. You can get them from special pharmacy vitamin complexes or, again, from food.
Vitamin A is found in eggs, carrots, butter, cottage cheese, liver (both animals and fish), E - in vegetable oils (especially wheat germ oil), fish and its liver, nuts, wheat, C - in citrus fruits, cranberries , kiwi, pineapples, different types of cabbage, vitamins of group B - in pork, potatoes, buckwheat, beef liver, chicken and turkey.
It is very important to get enough sleep. Yes, this is a "captain-obvious" truth, but in the winter it is really necessary to listen to it, if, of course, you want to withdraw your immunity from fainting. It should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, and it is recommended to go to bed at about the same time.
And finally, the work of the immune system is greatly improved if every day is given time for physical activity. And the activity can be any (of course, without fanaticism) - from simple charging or walking in the fresh air to practicing any sports.

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