Wagner ("Wagner") - electric spray gun (Germany): user manual

Air spraying technology is not the first yearare mastered by companies that focus on the household segment. If earlier such equipment was considered difficult for home use, now the tool manufacturers actively introduce their fans to products of this kind. A special place in this segment is occupied by the company "Wagner". The spray gun of this company is presented in different versions, but the special interest from the consumer is caused by apparatuses with electric drive.

Wagner Spray Gun

Assembly Instructions

The pistol consists of a whole group of compositeparts that can be disassembled. The main elements include the union nut, the pneumatic cylinder, the volume regulator, the suction pipe, the membrane, etc. First of all, the Wagner spray gun is equipped with a one-piece membrane so that its cotter points upward. The valve cover is then installed, after which it must be reliably tightened. The ventilation hose is attached to the lid itself and is also tightly fixed.

After this, it is necessary to advance the omentum in such a wayway, so that its slot is protruded into the nozzle, forward. Then the nozzle is put on the body of the device by twisting. Using the union nut, it is necessary to install the air cylinder cover onto the nozzle of the Wagner gun. The spray gun is also equipped with an oil seal of the container with the working material, to which the suction tube is supplied.

Turning the gun on

paint gun

Before starting the device, make sure thatit is connected to a network with sufficient voltage. Also before switching on, you must disconnect the container and align the suction tube. Paint material is poured into the container placed on a flat surface, after which the device is screwed to the gun. The mechanism is started directly, provided that the device has a stable position. It is necessary to pull the fuse of the fuse, which is part of the "Wagner" launcher system. The spray gun of this brand in some versions is provided with a two-stage bracket, so the launch is realized in two stages. First, the turbine is activated, and then the material is ejected. Spray intensity depends on the force of pressing, which can also be adjusted to the needs of a specific task.

Spray technique

Wagner Spray Gun

The quality of the result after application of the paint by anyThe spray gun depends on how clean and smooth the working surface was. Therefore, every effort should be made to prepare the target site. It is important to take care of the surrounding area, if it is not to be treated. Such places must be covered with film material. Before you start, you should test the machine by performing several spraying operations on a piece of cardboard, newspaper or other unnecessary material. It is important to keep distance in the process of work. The distance of the order of 10-15 cm from the working surface is optimal for household pistols of the "Wagner" brand. The spray gun moves with slow and smooth movements, which will make it possible to achieve a uniform laying of the material. If in the process of work on the nozzle the paint-and-lacquer flow began to form, it is necessary to take a break and perform the cleaning of this zone.

Ending the work session

After painting is complete, disconnectgun from the network and remove the container. If the repetition of working arrangements is not expected in the near future, then the capacity must be purged. This is done by quickly opening and closing the lid or by discharging the consumable material to the original paint storage site. Further, the Wagner spray gun is also disassembled, so that its individual components can be cleaned. The rear and front parts of the device must be turned so that they are facing each other. Further all the contaminated areas are washed with a special mixture for removing the paint.

Spray guns Wagner reviews

Particular attention is paid to further processingcontainer. Clean it with a solvent with water. It should be filled with its active cleaning medium and used as a working material. This operation must be repeated until the paint spray gun gets rid of the traces of paint in the part of the spraying infrastructure. Evidence that the inner surfaces of the gun are clean will release clear water from the nozzles with the solvent. Then the device is again disposed of the auxiliary functional parts and left for storage in a dry room with room temperature.

Safety measures when working with the machine

To prevent the risk of firethe manufacturer recommends the use of varnishes, paints, enamels and polishes, in which the fire point is at least 21 ° C. It is also not recommended to use a spray gun in rooms where there is an open fire, sparks, smoldering wires and other sources of ignition.

Working with the spray gun will be safe for theoperator only when using personal protective equipment. In the basic set of a pistol such accessories are not provided, therefore it is necessary to take care of this initially. Glasses, gloves and apron - the minimum set of overalls recommended for workers who use Wagner spray guns. The reviews are also advised to use respiratory devices, as long-term spraying fills the room with a fog of fine paint particles that is hazardous to the respiratory system.


Wagner Wall Perfect

Wagner offerscharacteristics of nebulizers that are suitable for domestic and professional tasks. In the domestic market, the devices of this company are relatively inexpensive. For example, the model Wagner Wall Perfect with a capacity of 230 ml / min. can be purchased for 6-7 thousand rubles. According to the calculations of specialists, this potential is enough to serve a strip of 15 m in 10 minutes. What is even more important: almost all models of this manufacturer support the possibility of spraying heavy viscous mixtures.

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