Vodka Smirnov (Smirnoff): brand history, review and types of drink

Many consumers think that Smirnov vodka is a Russian product. Their logic is simple and true in its own way. The last name that gave the brand name is Russian! How could it be otherwise? There is some truth in the statement that the Smirnov brand is somehow connected with Russia. But not everything is so simple. We do not forget that in the country of the victorious proletarian revolution every family business, be it in the hands of even the Petrovs, though Ivanovs or Sidorovs, was at first simply unthinkable. And why is it surprising now that the Smirnov brand has turned into Smirnoff? However, in Russian alcohol shops you can find bottles of vodka, on the label of which there is an inscription in Cyrillic, with the letter "ъ" at the end. Who makes this product? And can it be equal in quality with the famous Smirnoff - the brand, which is the world leader in sales of vodka and spirits of the elite class? This you will learn if you read this article.Vodka smirnov

Brand history

Yes, vodka "Smirnov" really appeared in Russia. They began to produce it at the end of the eighteenth century.And in one thousand eight hundred and eighteenth year breeder Ivan Smirnov moved to Moscow. He founded a trading house, which he passed on to his son in old age. He clearly did not have a soul for the production of vodka, and therefore he sold the business to his cousin, the ambitious and enterprising Peter Arsenyevich Smirnov. He immediately refitted the plant, improved distillate filtration and distillation quality. Moreover, the entrepreneur produced several types of vodka. Cheap, for forty kopecks a bottle, "Smirnovka" was beloved by the people. Elite varieties were delivered to the imperial court of Alexander III and Nicholas II, as well as the royal palaces of Spain and Sweden. At the very end of the nineteenth century, the plant was inherited by three sons, Peter Arsenyevich. Vladimir and Nikolai subsequently retired. The plant was ruled by Petr Petrovich. He died suddenly in 1909, and his son, Vladimir P. Smirnov, stood at the helm of the enterprise.Vodka smirnov price

"Brand in Exile"

The case gave a good profit, and the plant annually produced four million boxes of distillate. But then came the October Revolution. The plant was nationalized, and Vladimir Petrovich Smirnov himself emigrated with his family to Turkey.In Istanbul, he founded a new venture in the twentieth year. But in a Muslim country, which also has its traditional vodka, crayfish, the business did not bring profit. In nineteen twenty-fourth, the breeder moved to Lviv. Then this Ukrainian city was part of Poland (until 1939). It was there that the entrepreneur settled, having built a new plant. The labels in Cyrillic were irrelevant in Poland, and therefore Smirnov vodka was transformed into Smirnoff. The breeder deliberately applied the French spelling of his surname. After a year, in 1925, he opened an additional manufacturing plant in the Paris suburb of Korbevoie.Vodka Smirnov 3 liters

Vodka "Smirnov": the modern owner of the brand

Even before the revolution, the Cunnet family supplied grain for a popular distillery in Russia. She also emigrated from Russia after the revolution. In the thirty-third year, Vladimir Smirnov met Rudolf Kunnett who settled in the States and gave him a license to produce Smirnoff in the New World. At that time, cocktails with vodka became popular. But the "dry law" in the United States of America undermined the hopes of Kunnet to receive profits.In the thirty-eighth year, he sold all rights to the manufacture of Smirnov to John Martin, President of Heublein (Hubline). Later, the company changed owners several times until it found itself in the assets of the British concern Diageo. In 1992, the grandson of Vladimir Petrovich Smirnov, Boris Alekseevich, decided to revive the family business. Thus, Russian vodka “Smirnov” appeared in the CIS. Reviews claim that it does not go to any comparison with the drink of British production. After a long legal process, the Russian product became a subsidiary of Smirnoff. And in two thousand and eight, the Diadzheo brand bought out all the shares of Smirnova and became the sole owner of the brand.Vodka Smirnov with a pump

What brand is the most popular

This is, without a doubt, Smirnoff Red. The bottle has a red label and cap, which gave birth to such a name. But if you carefully read the inscription, you can see the icon "№ 21". This is clear evidence that the sample for the drink was the recipe for "classic table wine", which was produced in Moscow in the sixties of the last century. The brand was registered at number 21, which was transferred to the label. In fact, this is no wine at all, but the classic Smirnov vodka, reviews of which are still very commendable. Consumers like its pleasant taste.It is surprisingly smooth, soft. The aroma of the drink is a classic vodka, without impurities. Reviews also mention the effect of Smirnoff Red on the body. After it, the head does not get sick; everything is normal with the stomach too. Alcohol is simply uplifting and pleasantly warming.Vodka Smirnov with a pump 3 liters

Red vodka "Smirnov": price, volume

The cost of this distillate is very dependent on the manufacturer. However, as the quality. Despite the fact that the Russian company works under a license from “Diadzheo”, the taste characteristics of the beverage produced by it differ from the original Smirnoff Red. If on the red and white label there is “Smirnov №21”, then this is certainly a domestic product. Its price for 700 ml is five hundred seventeen rubles. Almost the same volume (750 ml), but the original British vodka Smirnoff Red costs seven hundred and three rubles. The product from "Diadzheo" is bottled in 350, 500, 750 ml, as well as one and three liters. The latest sample is suitable for large campaigns and feasts. This vodka "Smirnov" - with a pump. 3 liters is quite a large volume, and there is a risk of dropping and smashing a bottle if poured "by weight". The pump is very easy task.

"Table wine number 1"

And where is that little white woman who, in the times of Nicholas II, was forty kopecks a bottle? The old recipe of the national favorite is not forgotten.But release this brand only in Russia. This vodka "Smirnov", the price of which has already risen to one hundred and thirty rubles, is being cleaned with silver and coal filters. Because of this, the drink has such a mild flavor. Consumers say that notes of cereal, from which alcohol is made, are heard in vodka. The drink is brought to the classical fortress with the purest spring water. “Table wine No. 1” is presented on the market in one volume (half-liter), but in two forms: a classic bottle and a glass “flask”.Vodka smirnov reviews

The range of domestic products

What other brands go under the brand "Smirnov"? “Standard” - vodka, which before the revolution was served to the imperial court. The old recipe is embodied in modern production to the smallest detail. Cleaning passes through the sand, and is diluted with alcohol with water from Lake Ilmen. “Gold” and “Imperial” are a kind of jewelry perfection, to which Russian production Smirnov has risen. The last product uses rectified ethyl alcohol of luxury class and Baikal water. But the volumes of bottles in which domestic products are produced are small.If you need vodka "Smirnov" with a pump, you should purchase the products of the British concern.

The range of imported products

Smirnoff drinks are available under the numbers. In the world the classic Smirnov vodka is also the most popular (3 liters, 1, 0.75, 0.5, 0.35). And what other numbers exist? Twenty-seven comes with a silver label, and fifty-seven - with blue. In addition to classic vodkas without flavoring fillers, the company also produces original drinks. This is Smirnoff with pomegranate, raspberries, grapes, Norwegian berries, etc. The manufacturer is experimenting not only with additional flavors, but also with grain and various filters to clean the drink.

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