Vision falls: what to do? Folk remedies

How much a person can, thanks to such a gift of nature, as sight! It's so wonderful to see the nature and the change of seasons, interesting films and funny pictures! And how much can be read in books and newspapers. And it is so nice to see a dear person, to observe his outlines of the face, smile, eyes. But, unfortunately, not everyone has such joy. Indeed, over time, some eyesight begins to fall. What should be done in such cases? Ask for help from doctors and modern medical technologies, or is the old kind traditional medicine still not inferior to modern analogues of treatment?

vision drops what to do

This question is extremely difficult to answer - how many people, so many opinions. Everyone has something to say on this issue. Someone adds his opinion on the basis of subjective experience, based on the stories and read information. And someone familiar with the treatment in his own experience and knows firsthand how this or that method works in practice.

Causes of falling vision

The reasons for the loss of view can be many, and therefore each case requires consideration. A common cause of deterioration is general impairment of the body, and a drop in vision is usually only a consequence. Under the general disorders can be implied malaise, fatigue, various stresses, lack of nutrients in the body, and so on. If a person has experienced symptoms of vision deterioration, be it redness in the eyes, headache, or eyelids filled with heaviness, then it is necessary to consult specialists as soon as possible in order to diagnose the eyeball.

What to do?

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and add a lot of insignificant but vital habits. First you need to reduce the time spent at the monitor of a computer or laptop. If this is not possible, and the work is connected with being at the computer, then it is sometimes advisable to distract from the monitor and do warm-up exercises so that there are no precedents, because of which the eyesight drops sharply. What to do? Gymnastics.More on this later. Also, the time spent behind the screen can cause headaches. We should not forget about good nutrition and sleep. Because the lack of substances and fatigue often lead to the fact that vision drops. What to do? It is better to consult about this not only with an optometrist, but also with a therapist and a nutritionist.

How to work with a computer?

So how to properly work with a computer, so as not to lose sight? What to do so that the user can properly perform their work and at the same time not cause harm to the eyes? According to international standards, it is considered that it is necessary to spend no more than 6 hours a day behind the monitor screen. For children, this figure drops to four.

sight drops sharply what to do

And you should always take breaks for rest. During the rest, you can stretch the body by doing physical exercises, and exercise exercises for the eyes. Also, do not forget about ergonomics. Proper arrangement of the workplace, although it takes a certain amount of time, but everyone can work in comfort and safety. It is necessary, respectively, to use the monitor according to the safety regulations, that is, at the right angle and at the correct distance.An important factor affecting vision in the workplace is indoor lighting. Monitor brightness is also an important factor in the health of the user.

Gymnastics for the eyes. What to do and how?

Gymnastics for the eyes - this is a great way to prevent in order not to start falling vision. What should be done to those who are just faced with a similar problem, and only heard about gymnastics of the eye, and even then only remotely? In fact, everything is very simple. Just a few minutes of warm-up will help relieve fatigue. To begin, close your eyes and warm them, putting your palms on your eyelids. You can also do some light pressure. Then it is recommended (with closed eyelids) to turn the eyes in different directions, then to one, then to another. Do not hurt and small zazhmurivaniya. Some experts claim that tapping with the fingers on the head from the back of the head to the frontal part also contributes to the relaxation of eye tissues. Then you need to open your eyes and go to the second phase of warm-up exercises.

45 years old vision drops what to do

At this point, you can do a lot of different manipulations with your eyesight, whatever you like - turn your eyes in different directions, look at the tip of the nose, focus on objects at different distances, and everything like that.Experts also point out the benefits of games with small balls, such as table tennis. Such gymnastics should be performed regularly, approximately every hour.

If eyesight falls, what should you eat? Healthy foods

The text mentioned that visual impairment can also be caused by a lack of nutrients in the body. And what is necessary to use when vision drops? What to do in order not to feel a deficiency in healthy products? It is necessary to know, first of all, that the quality of vision directly depends on vitamins A and B6. Without them, the body begins a whole series of changes and ailments, among which are vision problems, such as: increased sensitivity to a harsh light, "chicken" blindness, when a person sees absolutely nothing in the dark. Replenish the stock of these substances is quite simple.

eyesight falls, what to do

Enough to always in the diet such products as carrots, cod liver, currants, cabbage, citrus. We should not forget about the regular ingestion of eggs, dairy products, various types of cereals. If for some reason it is impossible to include all the listed products in the diet, then you can take vitamins purchased at a pharmacy as food additives.Also, some experts recommend periodically using moisturizing eye drops, such as Vizina or Optiva.

Problems with blood vessels can also affect vision. Therefore, in the diet it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet, which will help to preserve the health of blood vessels. First of all, you should limit yourself to taking sweet and flour and, if possible, completely abandon the salt. Although some people who are accustomed to eat tasty food, it will be difficult to refuse such goodies, but you should still look at the situation from the other side and realize that health is on the opposite side of the scale, which is much more important. Moderate exercise is also recommended. And, of course, do not forget about the water balance in the body and take a sufficient amount of water. And most importantly - you need to make it a rule for you to regularly visit an oculist for the purpose of checking the vision.

At age 45, vision drops. How to act in this case?

According to statistics, most often vision drops at 45 years old. What to do when health is no longer the same as at twenty, but you still don't want to get sick? At any age, treatment and prevention methods are the same. All the above exercises and products will help when the vision drops after 45 years.What to do if you still can not do without glasses? Everything is simple - they should be worn with pride. Because to all, and especially in such a mature age, they give solidity and charisma. Or at least they can always be replaced with contact lenses.

Folk remedies. Are they effective?

Modern medicine is not yet fully mastered from a scientific point of view. There are more and more new treatments. And what can we say about the latest models of medical equipment that you cannot master without special courses! But there is an alternative in situations where the vision drops. What to do? Folk remedies are not outdated yet, but it seems that they are gaining more and more popularity. What is the secret of such methods? Probably in the fact that they are time tested, because people have been using them for centuries.

vision begins to fall what to do

Recipes for the treatment of traditional means countless. And every nation can draw something original and useful. First, traditional medicine implies proper nutrition, which was already mentioned in this article. And we are talking about natural products, grown without any chemicals and genetically modified organisms, on natural, clean land, preferably somewhere in rural areas.So if there is an opportunity to eat products from home gardens and gardens, then you should not neglect them. And then it will be possible to forget that vision falls. What to do if it nevertheless already gives the first signs of this problem, and to use the services of an oculist there is no possibility or desire for some personal reasons? Here comes to the aid of many tips.

Folk methods: decoctions

Traditional medicine has provided a lot of decoctions and compresses, which will be able to compete in efficiency and with modern means. These are such as, for example, a decoction of calendula.

vision drops what folk remedies do

Nettle, for example, is a powerful remedy against a number of sores. Eating it with food along with soups or just steamed in boiling water can avoid many diseases.


If your eyesight drops dramatically, what should be done for a quick effect? Consume honey. Honey compresses are very effective in treating the eyes, and if it causes a burning sensation, you can simply eat it every day with a few spoons.

Useful plants and berries

Scarlet and motherwort are not inferior in usefulness to any pills and medicines.They will be very effective in the struggle for a clear vision of the world. Do not forget about the recommendations on the regular consumption of products such as cabbage, parsley, lingonberries. Blueberry has especially useful properties.

vision drops after 45 years what to do

There are many cases when vision was restored, when this miracle berry was included in the daily diet. And how many different compresses of dandelions, mint, eyebright and other herbs have been preserved! Wheat grains are also useful - all this is a real well of vitamins that are so necessary for normal life.

Small conclusion

So, the 21st century is in the courtyard, and the whole body, including our eyes, is under tremendous pressure, and as a result, our eyesight is falling. What if this does happen? First of all, contact an oculist who will prompt a competent treatment and effective gymnastics for the eyes. But if there is no confidence in the doctors, you can always refer to the old, proven methods.

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