Understand what you can talk to a girl

what you can talk to a girlThe guys are conquerors, and in our society it is so accepted that they should make acquaintances, begin to communicate with the ladies and invite the girls to meet. But often these seemingly simple actions become a heavy burden for young people, causing a huge amount of fear and apprehension. Therefore, for most guys will be useful tips, as you can talk with the girl on the phone, during an acquaintance or on the first date.


Acquaintance is a rather short stage of relations with a girl, since in time he is the least expensive. In order for the first conversation to be successful, you should not try to talk a lot, but this does not mean that you need to be too shy and remain silent. After the duty phrases, you can try to start a simple short conversation, raising the most interesting questions from the life of the ladies, and in the process talking about yourself. If acquaintance happened, for example, in transport, and you still need to take some time, then you should start talking about interesting topics for both parties: about films, hobbies, work or study.

talk to a girlPhone conversation

After the first meeting, young people often exchange phone numbers to continue to phone and set up the next meeting. Many guys do not know about what you can talk to the girl on the phone, because representatives of the stronger sex are the first to call for etiquette. The first telephone conversation should not be long, just 5-7 minutes is enough. Here it is worth asking where it is better to go, ask about her favorite places, find out where she likes to relax, walk, spend evenings. When you first talk on the phone, you can talk to the girl about how her day went and tell you what interesting things happened in your life over the past 24 hours.

topics that you can talk to a girlFirst date

The first meeting, that is, a date is an important event in the life of the couple, because no one knows how relations will develop further. What if this is a fateful acquaintance? Therefore, it is better to prepare for such a meeting in order to make a pleasant impression on the lady. In addition to the choice of clothes and places for communication, you need to think about the right topics on which you can talk to the girl on the first date. It is worth saying that so there is a huge amount, so you can talk easily about almost anything. But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to conduct a dialogue, i.e.tell and listen, so that communication is two-way. It is bad if a man clogs up the whole, so to speak, air. But it is not better if the guy just keeps silent. This may give the impression that he is not interested and bored. So, what can you talk about with a girl on your first date: work, school, about your family, about your hobbies and how you spend your leisure time, about what you don’t like and like so much, about pets or about childhood. Well dilute the conversation with funny stories, decent jokes and stories from life.


Having understood what you can talk about with a girl, it is worth saying about what is best to avoid. First, you should not talk about their former relationship, the lady is definitely not like it. The issue of money is also delicate. Whether a guy has a lot or a little, you shouldn’t advertise your financial condition. Also categorically you can not tell the lady on the first date about her appearance nothing but compliments. It is not worth discussing whether a girl is wearing one lipstick or the color of the dress in which she came. This is done a little later, when a couple has been dating for some time.

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