Typical job description of a safety engineer

The place of work of a person in any organization should be safe. A specially trained employee is obliged to check for compliance with the norms and rules of safe labor workplaces, premises, equipment and the technological process. Responsibilities, duties and rights of such an employee are described in a document called “Job description of an occupational safety engineer” (CI). He hires him and only the director of the enterprise dismisses him. Questions of direct management, replacement for the period of illness, or employee leave may be assigned to the company's chief engineer or leading engineer on health and safety.job description of a safety engineer


In such a document as the job description of an occupational safety engineer, it is stated that the employee of the said service is obliged to prevent any incidents of injury. He is responsible for minimizing the number of accidents with employees.Its main goal is to build an impeccable system for the prevention of injuries and deaths. This specialist must control the risk of occupational diseases and, if possible, prevent them.

Number of specialists

When is a company obliged to invite a person for a job “labor protection engineer”? The job description of the RF of the said employee prescribes the inclusion of one rate in the staff list if the company employs more than 50 employees. Otherwise, the functions of an engineer for health and safety and part-time impose on someone working. If the average number of employees in the enterprise exceeds 700 or more people, then they create a structural division for labor protection (service, bureau, department) under the control of the head.job description of a leading labor protection engineer

What is guided by a specialist?

The model document titled "Job description of the chief engineer for labor protection" stipulates that in daily work it is based on the following documents:

- TK RF;

- legislation and regulations on safe working conditions;

- Federal Law No. 181/17.07.99 “On the basis of labor protection in the Russian Federation";

- requirements and standards within which they conduct activities on health and safety in this sector of the economy;

- deadlines for elimination of violations and regulations on labor protection, which, after inspections, are issued by regulatory authorities.job description of an occupational safety engineer

Knowledge requirements

The health and safety officer must know:

- the procedure for training employees in safe labor rules;

- How to organize medical examinations (periodic and preliminary);

- The timing of the appointment and testing of knowledge of TB when working with units, machinery and equipment, including electrical;

- the existing procedures and local regulatory acts of the OT service in the organization;

- norms for issuing workwear and footwear and similar personal protective equipment;

- local regulations, collective agreement, PTP;

- a list of positions and professions that fall under the category of “harmful” in terms of working conditions;

- algorithm, documentation and terms of action in case of an accident in the company;

- rules and requirements for certification of the working conditions of workers' places (physical and chemical parameters);

- methods of conducting propaganda and campaigning of safe activities;

- a list of compensations for work in difficult and hazardous conditions (free meals, additional days of rest).

If there is a staff member above the usual level, then the job description is described by the job description of the lead labor protection engineer. The expert solves more complex tasks on labor safety and health, and therefore should be better prepared. He is hired only after 3 years of work experience in his specialty. In addition to the above, he should know:

- Russian and foreign experience in the organization of similar services;

- fundamentals of economics, production management;

- a system of state standards and requirements for ensuring safe labor;

- list of reporting documents on health and safety, rules for filling out forms and regulatory deadlines for submission;

- an algorithm for participation in the reconstruction of production in order to improve working conditions.sample job description of a safety engineer

Who can occupy the position of engineer of health and safety?

The safety of workplaces in enterprises has the right to deal with a person without work experience, while it is important that he receive a technical specialty in a higher or secondary educational institution.If he graduated from college or college, the director of the company has the right to accept an employee with experience of at least one year. In any case, a sample of the job description of an occupational safety engineer is used to prepare the list of tasks. It is convenient to use a template, you can reduce the time required to prepare a DI for a specialist on HSE and TB, especially if there was no such vacancy in the organization before. The document for 80–90% consists of information that describes the specifics of the duties of this specialist, it remains only to supplement it with the nuances inherent in this enterprise.


To describe what the employee needs to do in the field of safety of working conditions in a particular organization, a typical job description of an occupational safety engineer is adapted.

  1. The service specialist is responsible for training and testing the knowledge of workers on health and safety in time.
  2. Introduces new people to work with local regulations (norms, standards, instructions and rules) relating to his area of ​​responsibility.
  3. Provides the company with visual aids on safe labor, campaigning and explanatory materials, fills information boards on the rules for working with mechanisms in all divisions of the company
  4. Responsible for analyzing accidents and accidents in accordance with the standards of labor laws.
  5. Organizes the issuance of personal protective equipment, free food.
  6. Keeps records (magazines, books) on cases of employee trauma. Analyzes and eliminates the causes of occupational diseases.
  7. Develops programs for safe work with the mechanisms and equipment for training employees.
  8. Prepares documentation for the assessment of working conditions of workplaces.
  9. Organizes external third-party training management of the enterprise.
  10. Controls the responsible storage of materials:
  • conducted evaluation of equipment according to the criterion of injury safety;
  • on the analysis of accidents at work;
  • labor protection certification protocols;
  • measurement of parameters of dangerous and harmful factors.

job description of a leading labor protection engineer

A responsibility

The specialist of the service of labor safety and health is responsible for the poor performance of their work duties. The cost of the error of such employees ranges from serious financial damage to the enterprise to human lives. He is also obliged to be responsible for the failure to comply with the orders and instructions of the direct leadership and the failure to meet deadlines.Along with all employees of the company is responsible in cases of violation of local regulations, internal regulations, collective agreement.

Rights Inspector of Labor and Health

What is allowed to require this employee and from whom explains the document, which is required to be in each enterprise, namely the job description of an engineer in labor protection. He has the right to represent the interests of the organization in the area entrusted to him. He should be given the opportunity of free access to all production facilities of the organization. The service engineer can verify and coordinate the documentation of engineers and technicians in terms of safe working conditions. He is allowed to make proposals and amendments to the said regulations. He has the right to submit to the management for consideration applications for bonuses or the imposition of disciplinary actions on employees of organizations.job description of an occupational safety engineer


Job description of an occupational safety engineer prescribes communication with almost all employees. The engineer for safety and health provides instructing, training of newly hired workers. He explains the current rules and regulations in terms of safety management by middle managers (engineers), advises on the conditions of non-working places,informs about changes in legislation, collects commissions from the number of workers for the analysis of accidents. In addition, he controls the timely passage of medical examinations, training director and deputies.job description engineer for labor protection Ukraine

Examples in companies

Depending on the specifics of the activity, the organization may add unique items to the standard DI. For example, the job description of an engineer for labor protection of Russian Railways implies duties similar to the average, but still having differences. For example, Russian railways refer to working engineers for safety and health as “flight engineers”. Work regulations are developed for them, taking into account the type of service, the terrain features, the nature of labor. Persons accepted to this position, among other things, are required to know the algorithm of steps in an accident, to be able to provide emergency assistance, to act during emergency and emergency situations. Flight engineer RZD refers to electrical personnel. He is obliged to have confirmation of training and assignment of IV (not lower) electrical safety group. He is charged with responsibility in the performance of having the specified certificate, occupational and preventive health and safety pass with him during the shift.An engineer works on a railway track in a signal vest with reflective stripes.

How in other countries?

Experience in organizing and carrying out labor protection measures is not a fashionable fad, but a real necessity. Not only the Russian Federation actively controls compliance with its laws on human security during work, but also other states. For this, the country’s qualification standards are developed and the CIs are based on them. For example, such a document as the job description of an occupational safety engineer, Ukraine, is formed on the basis of the directory of qualification characteristics of workers' professions. The employee who is responsible for the safety of working conditions and working with mechanisms at the enterprises of this country is also guided by other resolutions and decisions of the state, for example, the basic law “On Labor Protection”.

Specialists in HSE and TB can rightly be called "fighters of the invisible front," who make sure that the mechanisms, equipment — everything that accompanies a person in his work, does not harm him. Thanks to such a document as the job description of an occupational safety engineer, we ourselves and our loved ones come home from the service unharmed.

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