TV shows that make you smarter

18-05-2017, 12:30
Soaps are associated by many of us with soap operas.

But there is such a species that stands apart, as scientific cycles. Their viewing will be useful, and the plot simply will not allow us to break away from the screen.

Want to know the secrets of the human psyche, and maybe you are interested in psychological experiments, their history? Answers can be found in the series.“Secrets of the soul: Archetype. Neurosis. Libido".

The human brain, its secrets, our behavior in a given situation, the secrets of consciousness and much more offers us a scientific cycle"Brain. Secrets of consciousness.

This series is dedicated to the works of eight brilliant artists. We will go to different epochs. We learn the most interesting facts about artists and their paintings that have survived centuries.

"The Power of Art"- an exciting, scientific series.

The universe, its secrets, theories and teachings, examples, interviews ... Everything that has been disturbing the minds of humanity for more than one century. Lead Morgan Freeman. You will not be bored, that's for sure. So,"Through space and time with Morgan Freeman."Enjoy watching.

Another project dedicated to the universe -"Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking". Here we will find out if time can be fooled, if aliens exist and much more.

Now back from heaven to earth. TV series"Lost Worlds"lead us dear stories from the ancient world to the present. In this journey we are waiting for amazing discoveries. Be sure to take a look.

And we are very, very firmly standing on the ground, and we also try dishes from ancient times.

"Desperate tasters go ..."- fun and informative series. The presenters in each series prepare and taste dishes of a particular era. After that, they are tested by a doctor. In general, see for yourself.

"Food Factory"- this is a very tasty TV series. Here we will be told and shown where, from what and with which secret ingredients they prepare our favorite dishes. Before you look, it is better to eat.

Which of us did not disturb the stories about the flying Dutchman, the Bermuda Triangle and many other soul-chilling stories.

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