TsPSiR on Sevastopol: reviews

TsPSiR stands for Center for Family Planning and Reproduction. This medical center, widely known in the capital and the region, provides an extensive range of inpatient medical care and outpatient services such as:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases.
  2. Planning and management of pregnancy.
  3. Observation of the course of pregnancy and the provision of assistance in case of the threat of its termination.
  4. Help with infertility.
  5. X-ray diagnostics.
  6. Providing obstetric care for Rh incompatibility of the blood group of the future mother and child.
  7. Assisting patients with preterm labor and many more.

cpsir in Sevastopol

Medical Center

Multidisciplinary clinic TsPSR on Sevastopol Avenue is considered one of the best in the equipment and use of modern medical technology, and therefore a very large number of patients would like to get here. The medical center was built in 1994 on the special assignment of the Moscow Department of Health.The building of the clinic was built by the Turkish company Enka.

Cases and offices of the multi-center CPSR in Sevastopol

The building of CPSR has a unique architectural solution. This medical facility consists of six large buildings connected to each other. In general, this association is the country's largest single obstetric-gynecological medical complex. By the way, it is very simply explained why this large-scale multi-profile center is often briefly called TsPSiR on Sevastopol. The address of the institution in Moscow: Sevastopolsky Avenue, 24 A, and after the name of the avenue, the clinic received its abbreviated name among the people. The structure of this large medical association includes:

  1. Consultative and diagnostic department.
  2. Gynecological Department.
  3. Obstetric hospital.
  4. Department of IVF.
  5. Perinatal diagnosis.
  6. Department of blood transfusion.
  7. Division of the clinical diagnostic laboratory.

cpsir in sevastopol reviews

Clinic management and staff

The head of this largest multidisciplinary Center is the doctor of the highest category, as well as the candidate of medical sciences - Latyshkevich Oleg Alexandrovich.His deputy and right hand is Karaganova Elena Yaroslavovna, who also has the title of doctor of the highest category and is a candidate of medical sciences. Both of them are in the specialty of obstetricians-gynecologists and excellent masters of their work.

Many more remarkable obstetricians and gynecologists work at the Central Pediatric Clinic in Sevastopol, these are: Mironova Tatyana Semenovna, Konoplyannikov Alexander Georgievich, Panina O. B., head doctor for physicians at. j. Lukashina Maria Vladimirovna, doctor Sichinava L. G., doctor Klimenko P. A., doctor Shalina R. I., doctor Ustinova V. A., as well as doctors Mikhalev S. A., Zolotova Irina Yuryevna and many others specialists.

Higher education plus experience

All doctors of the Central Pediatric Dentistry Center in Sevastopol are exceptionally experienced graduates. The team includes many doctors of medical sciences practicing also as professors at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University RNMU, as well as professors of medical faculty of the Moscow State University, also teaching at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, candidates of medical sciences, honored doctors of the Russian Federation, and higher doctors categories.

The average, and, of course, junior medical staff also strive to ensure maximum comfort for their wards in each of the departments.Practically all the doctors in the departments, as well as the vast majority of midwives and junior staff, have worked at the Central Pedagogical Service on Sevastopol since its opening and are distinguished by great experience and high level of professionalism.cpsir on Sevastopol address

Observing pregnancy in this largest single obstetric-gynecological complex, you can be sure that if you are hospitalized for any medical reasons, for example, in the gynecology department if you detect pregnancy pathology in the early stages, you will be in the same medical institutions and your communication with the doctor watching your pregnancy will not be interrupted.

Generic block

One of the main departments of CPSR is, of course, the maternity ward. The maternity hospital was built with all modern requirements. Individual maternity boxes are equipped with the best modern equipment. There is everything necessary for delivery to proceed as gently and safely as possible. What you need to take to give birth? TsPSiR on Sevastopolsky makes on this issue specifically written requirements for itemsso that patients can prepare in advance and bring nothing that is not useful. It is necessary to have with you from documents:

  1. Passport and photocopy of the passport.
  2. Birth contract.
  3. Insurance policy and its copy.
  4. Exchange card.
  5. Fluorography of the husband, if he will attend childbirth.

From things:

  1. Elastic bandages or stockings for legs.
  2. Washable slippers for the woman in labor.
  3. Washable slippers for husband.
  4. A bottle of water (non-carbonated).
  5. Cell phone and s / y.

CPSIR 1 in Sevastopol

In the postpartum department

The Center has as many as three postpartum wards. All of them are located on different floors of the building. There are 130 beds in the total number of postnatal single and double wards. Young moms lie with the kids, unless the medical condition does not prevent this. Each room has a separate shower and toilet.

Here are some reviews about the puerperal wards at the CPSR in Sevastopol that can be heard from the newly-made mothers: it is very comfortable here, there is a bed, a table with chairs, a trolley on castors, a changing table, a sink with a mirror and a TV. Bed linen is always clean, fresh and changes 2 times a week. Very good sanitary conditions, wet cleaning is carried out several times a day, besides after each visit of relatives the ward is quartz.The feeding regime is not established here, so each mommy can feed her baby as much as she and her baby consider necessary.cpsir on Sevastopol phones


Admission of patients to the consultative and diagnostic department is carried out by appointment. You can register by phone, which is listed on the official website of the institution or directly through the registry. In addition, there is an automatic help information service.

Phone numbers for inquiries on non-budget services are also provided at TsPSR on Sevastopol.

Reviews from former patients

Patients who gave preference to the CPSR at Sevastopol, the feedback is left mostly positive. They noted the good attitude of doctors to their wards, quick response to complaints and requests. Everyone knows that caring, sensitivity and professionalism are the most important things that patients expect from doctors. And judging by the words of gratitude left in the reviews, this is the norm in this institution. cpsir in Sevastopol how to get there

If someone is unhappy or finds that he has not received enough attention, it is because of the large number of people entering treatment, in any case, the doctors are trying and doing everything possible to devote all their time to quality care and treatment.And, it is worth noting that the scheme of work for such a large-scale establishment has been developed and adjusted very well. I am glad that the majority of patients treat with understanding that doctors are people too and also periodically undergo fatigue, especially with such responsible, difficult and continuous work, and therefore positive feedback is simply incomparably greater than with a minus sign.

What routes to get to CPSR

Many future mothers, on the advice of friends and acquaintances, decide to give birth in the Central Pedagogical Service of Russia in Sevastopol. Address of the institution: 1172099 (index for written requests), Moscow, Sevastopolsky Avenue, 24 A. The license of this largest multidisciplinary center for the right of medical activity LO-77-01-010962, renewed on September 17, 2015, as it should be, by the Moscow Department health care.

The next question that interests the residents of the capital and the region about the CPSR in Sevastopol is how to get to this medical facility. To get to the clinic from the metro station "Profsoyuznaya" you can take a taxi with the numbers: 168m, 85m, 87m, 57m, 457m, 414m, 149m, 698m, 751m, 85t, 168, 44.

To whom it is more convenient on the trolley bus, write down the numbers: 49, 52, 85. And who prefers to go by bus, we inform you of the numbers: 44, 57, 168, 219, 67k.

From the metro station "Nakhimovskiy Prospekt" to TsPSiR can be reached by shuttle bus numbers 87m and 751m, and also the 52nd trolley bus.CPSIR Sevastopol Avenue

Partner childbirth

For those families in which love prevails and there is mutual understanding, where a man, by virtue of his natural care, wishes to support his beloved woman morally, and to share with her the process, personally presenting at the birth of their dear heir or heiress, in CPSR 1 at Sevastopol, so called, "partner childbirth."

For the presence of a young father at birth it is required:

  1. Statement signed by the chief physician O. A. Latyshkevich.
  2. The result of fluorography, not more than a year ago.
  3. Washable slippers.

According to the rules of TsPSiR 1 (Moscow, Sevastopolsky Avenue, 24 A), a husband can enter to attend childbirth only after 31 entrances, and it should be mentioned that partner deliveries are possible only if the patient is in a separate box.

Strength and support of the head of the family

Scientists have proved that in the presence of a loved one near a woman, she feels much calmer and more confident. Of course, this is an individual matter and depends on the relationship in a young family.But for a loving man, it is unlikely that the opinion of friends or work colleagues who are discouraged from this step is more important than the calmness of the people most dear to him - the wife and the baby ready to be born. The presence of childbirth is voluntary, and if the man is nervous, it is better to let him wait for his spouse at home so that it does not happen that doctors will have to revive both parents at once.

Contract labor

On the basis of the maternity hospital and gynecological department of the clinic, it is possible to conclude a contract for the management of pregnancy with an individually selected doctor. In the 36-week period of pregnancy, the patient may contract for delivery with the same doctor. The document includes the doctor’s personal phone number, and if necessary, you can call him at any time for consultation. The program of management of pregnancy includes the volume of medical examinations and all visits to specialists for a routine examination of the future mom.

Before concluding a contract, the patient is required to arrange a one-time appointment with a doctor, after which she should go to the contract department to draw up a contractual document.The contract is paid immediately, the cards are not accepted at the CPSR at Sevastopol, payment is in cash only. The amount of honey / surveys that are included in the program of pregnancy, will allow time to identify any possible problems during the course of pregnancy and immediately take appropriate measures. Exchange card issued from the 30th week of pregnancy.doctors cpsir in Sevastopol

Multidisciplinary Clinic TsPSiR

The unique medical institution TsPSiR (Sevastopolsky Avenue) and its medical staff have successfully helped tens of thousands of women in labor become mothers, and its doors are always open to receive new patients. The gynecology department of the center conducts examinations and treatment of patients with difficult pregnancies and the threat of miscarriage, as well as the need to correct isthmic-cervical insufficiency. The priority direction of the gynecological hospital is an operational activity. The degree of preparation and the presence of many years of experience allows surgeons-gynecologists to perform all types of surgical interventions: laparoscopic, vaginal, hysteroscopic and other, even the most complex operations.

Diagnosing and IVF

In the family planning medical institution there is a wonderful consultative and diagnostic center that has concentrated highly qualified specialists and all the latest medical equipment. No less unique is the department of in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is here that all the latest achievements of world science are applied concerning the treatment of infertility caused by both female and male factors. In general, I would like to say that when choosing where to give birth, feel free to choose a CPSD, good conditions and good care will be provided for you here.

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