Top 100 PC games: current rating

The list of "Top 100 PC Games" rarely changes at the top. Only those projects that could bring something new and become a breakthrough in their years come here. Critics are becoming tougher, and users find it difficult to surprise with something. That is why people are accustomed to the fact that the rating almost does not change, and in a year less than five masterpieces fall into it. Because of this, gamers are eager to go through as many developments from the list as possible and learn it by heart.

How is a rating determined?

In compiling the "Top 100 PC Games" rating, professionals are guided by two factors. It can vary depending on the look of the person who makes it up. The first includes the evaluation of the gaming community. Tests are carried out, and every gamer who wants to put the deserved points. As a result, the average is taken and 100 pc games

The second aspect is the assessment of reputable game publishers, critics and bloggers. They look at things more objectively and are guided by the evaluation of only technical parameters.The results are summarized further, and the top 100 best games on the PC are displayed. This method has been practiced for more than ten years, and users agree with it. Gamers are used to making a personal rating, which depends only on their preferences, but they always pay attention to the general list.

Shooter, Action & Adventure

In the top 100 games on the PC there are almost all genres of the gaming industry. Permanent leaders are shooters, action games and adventure. In the first place for a long time remains the first part of the series Deus Ex. Confronting people with artificial limbs and mechanically modernized personalities against ordinary citizens hooked the hearts of the whole for the weak pc top 100She comes on the heels of this Half Life 2 comes, and the original part of this line is located in fourth place. Between them wedged joking online shooter Team Fortress 2, where humor is appreciated more realistic events.

Of the top ten among these genres, Planescape: Torment is in eighth place. In the second ten there is a similar situation. Five projects belong to these genres, and the trend goes to the very end of the list. Here you can see GTA IV, Unreal Tournament 2004, Max Payne 2. It is worth noting that there are games for weak PCs in the list.Top 100 is determined over the years of the entire existence of the industry. For example, the aforementioned designs will easily run on weak systems.

Strategies and RPGs

In addition to shooters and other action movies, other genres also won good positions. Among them are strategies and role-playing games that are visible in the first twenty positions. Among the RPG categories, three projects at once broke into the top ten. We are talking about the first and third parts of Fallout and the magnificent fourth part of the “Ancient Scrolls” series called 100 best pc gamesIn the first case, the players will have to fight the apocalypse after a nuclear war, and in the second - to study and conquer the fantastic world of Tamriel.

Among the strategies in the top 100 games on the PC is Rome: Total War (5th place) and Civilization IV (12th position). Digital entertainment lovers are advised to carefully review the rating. Trying for yourself these masterpieces is from the top line. Download IL-2 or Mirrors Edge to your computer. You will be surprised at the magnificence of these projects, and in fact they are in the 100th and 99th places. The best is still to come.

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