Biography of Alexander Robek

Alexander Robak is an actor with a special character and a special type. Among his screen images there are a variety of roles. He plays bandits and oligarchs, taxi drivers and simple hard workers. That is why our today's hero is often called a man with a huge variety of faces. But how correct is this definition? What are the roles most often our today's hero plays in real life? Our today's article will help you to understand this.

The early years, childhood and the family of Alexander Robak

Alexander Robak was born on December 28, 1973 in an ordinary Soviet family. His father Ram Aleksandrovich was a metallurgical engineer. And mother - Raisa Lukinichna - worked as a simple teacher.
As for artistic talent, he began to manifest himself in little Sasha in early childhood. In school, his main hobbies were playing the guitar, school drama club. In the end, all this predetermined the subsequent placement of professional guidelines.
Actor Alexander Robak plays colorful charactersActor Alexander Robak plays colorful characters
After graduating from secondary school, a talented native of the small town of Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk Region) entered the Yaroslavl Theater Institute. In this place, Alexander began to learn from the course of director Vladimir Vorontsov. During his studies, Roebuck established himself as a diligent student, but he still didn’t have enough stars from the sky. Despite this, the diligence and diligence of a young guy once wrote him a lucky ticket to Moscow. During one of the performances of the young guy, representatives of the Mayakovsky Metropolitan Academic Theater, who soon invited Alexander to their troupe, noticed. Our today's hero did not even refuse to refuse such a proposal, and therefore, immediately after receiving his diploma, he packed his bags and went to Moscow.

Career Alexander Robak in movies and theater

On the stage of the Mayakovsky Theater, Alexander Robak performed for many years. During his theatrical career, a talented young actor has played roles in many wonderful performances. In particular, among those were the productions of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, “The Man from La Mancha”, “How you will like it”, “Buratino” (the role of Carabas), “Ivan Tsarevich” (main role).
In parallel with this, the cinematic career of our today's hero also developed. In 1997, Alexander Robak debuted on a movie screen with the role of the leader of the “lads” in the film “Poor Sasha”. After that, the talented Russian actor was shot almost regularly. At first, every year on the screen came out 1-2 films with his participation. Subsequently, after leaving the theater, Alexander began to act in films a little more often.
That's what's happening to me. Russian movie trailer with Alexander Robak
The first fame as a famous film actor Alexander Robak acquired after the release of the film "Brother-2". In this film, he again played the role of "new Russian". Subsequently, this image has repeatedly “emerged” in the filmography of Alexander Robak.
As for the format of the roles, in this respect it is worth noting the fact that the actor has quite rarely got the central roles. He played minor characters, but he did it so masterly that his fame was constantly growing. "Border. Taiga novel ”,“ Scavenger ”,“ Don't even think ”,“ DMB-2 ”- all these, as well as many other screen works, by the mid-2000s made Alexander a prominent figure in the world of Russian cinema.He starred a lot and often, but because at some point he began to enjoy respect and authority among actors and directors.
Yolki 3 - Russian movie trailer with Alexander Robek
Taking advantage of the situation, at one point, Alexander Robak decided to try himself in a new role and acted as a producer while working on the youth TV series “Dorm”. After that, in the list of works of a talented Russian actor, new producer successes appeared. During his career, Alexander Robak took part in the creation of more than a dozen different films and television films. Among his best productions were the TV series Chiromancer, the River-Sea TV project, and the crime drama Room of the Lost Toys, in which the talented Russian also took part as a director.
However, despite the abundance of other works, Alexander Robak still received the greatest fame as an actor. He starred a lot and often. And because at some point it became almost native for many millions of viewers in different parts of the CIS. Among the most popular paintings with the participation of our today's hero are the series “The Plot”, “Yesenin”, “Diversant-2.The end of the war ", as well as paintings" The irony of fate. Continuation "," Love-carrot "," Alive "and some others. He starred with Gosha Kutsenko, Sergey Bezrukov, Sergey Bodrov.
Actor Alexander Robek is married, he has a sonActor Alexander Robek is married, he has a son
Over the years, the acting role of Alexander Robak is constantly changing. He played a variety of roles and collaborated with many stars of Russian cinema. That is why he himself could feel like an established celebrity. Among the latest works of our hero today are films of various genres. These include the comedies “Freaks”, “Firs” (2 and 3), the drama “The Geographer Drank the Globe”, the romantic tape “What is happening with me”, as well as pictures of many other genres.
At the beginning of 2014, there were two films featuring an actor - the thriller “Shot to Silence”, as well as the Russian-Belarusian film “Wolf Sun”. In the last of these titles, Alexander Robak will play together with such famous actors as Olga Krasko, Vladimir Ilyin and Ekaterina Klimova.

The personal life of Alexander Robak

Little is known about the life of an actor. Alexander is married, he has two sons.The eldest son - Arseny - is already a student of GITIS. Therefore, it is possible that soon we will see a screen duet of father and son!

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