The most beautiful boy

The further, the stronger my suspicions that Yana Rudkovskaya went off the roof. However, it is possible that the hormonal changes associated with menopause are manifested - I do not exclude.
The forgotten magazine L’Officiel published TOP-50 of the most beautiful children of the planet Earth according to the experts of the publication. The most beautiful (and successful) boy is the son of Yana Rudkovskaya, the Gnome Gomych.
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And why not, once, according to rumors, Rudkovskaya herself picked up “experts”? Children were assessed not only by external beauty, but also by Instagram - depending on the number of subscribers, they deduced the component of success.
Did mother buy one hundred thousand bots? Successful!
Generally, in the village Vasyuki once already held an international tournament in chess. The case ended with a massacre, but the scope was truly global. It was even planned to invite aliens, and New Vasyuki became the most elegant center of Europe and the whole world.
Experts L’Officie and Rudkovskaya went the same way. “TOP-50 of the most beautiful children of the planet” - just listen to how it sounds!
Strange, hammered by mom and even not likeable boy is appointed so successful and beautiful that rival girls nervously tear the false hairs on themselves and scratch their photo-shocked face!
No, I understand perfectly well that any baby is the most beautiful for mom. Although Hippo - for Hippo, although Jackals - for the jackals.
And this is normal, probably, but it is not normal when a mother runs to a magazine and collects “experts” there who allocate places in the TOP of success and beauty for her child.
Why am I doing this? Oh yes: yes, I am all about children. Everything is clear with mom, but what will grow out of a poor Gnome, when Yana is inadequate, and Dad looks like a downtrodden everyday alcoholic, we can only guess.

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