The groom spree!

Tanya Tereshina, 39, is a wise woman. Here you are, learning about the betrayal of her fiance, what would you do?
Well, at least they would have caused a scandal. Would cancel the wedding, which should take place in three days. Face would goat scratched, right?
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But Aunt Tanya - not so. When they sent her a video where her 23-year-old fiancé literally couples a girl at a country party, Tereshina said: this is provocative nonsense, designed to destroy her relationship.
So what to do? The woman is pregnant at the last stage, the other day - the wedding, and the groom - two times younger.
“In short, I didn’t see anything terrifying in fact. Lord, we also do something wrong with each other. We have a passionate, not quite standard relationship. Oh, well, I podnazhralsya, more precisely perezhur, touched the foot. This is so scary?"
Well, how do you say something, auntie Tan, softer? Not that it’s very scary, but the topic “burned up and fucked” is not about the family.
To give birth to a child from a dog is the best way to remain a single mother. Considering your age, it’s not even a mother, but a grandmother, raising one grandson.And certainly, the walking boy is not the bridegroom for a mature woman who at this time is pregnant is sleeping at home.
Who knows what sexual infection he will bring to the house?
And young, telling you what kind of "passionate" relationship you have, is also not necessary. A woman on the threshold of menopause, living with a boy is not a passion or even lust, but something indecent, like a crushed cockroach.

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