The best rides in St. Petersburg - Park "Divo-island"

When arriving in St. Petersburg, many are in a hurry to visit traditionally tourist places. But few of the guests of the city know about Krestovsky Island, on which there is the best amusement park in St. Petersburg - “Divo-Island”. The complex is able to give a good mood to children and adults, relieve tension and fatigue, entertain and please with new emotions.

Krestovsky Island - a place of rest

It so happened that Krestovsky Island has long been a place of rest.

Once located in the western part of St. Petersburg, in the Neva delta, the island belonged to the beloved sister of Emperor Peter I, Natalia Alekseyevna, who built a palace for summer fun at this place. Then the lands passed to the richest family of the Belozersky-Beloselsky, who also loved to rest here. However, the island has always been a place for walks and ordinary citizens, for whom concerts and fireworks were organized here on major holidays.

Park "Divo-island"

Since 2003, on Krestovsky Island in the Primorsky Victory Park area, one of the best in Europe amusement park “Divo-Ostrov” has been located, which has repeatedly received deserved awards and prizes. Some attractions are unique technical constructions, and there are more than 50 of them in the park. In winter, only 35 are active, but ice slides and an ice rink open.

Amusement Scheme Divo Island

The park is loved by citizens as a wonderful place to celebrate family events, weddings and corporate events, photo shoots and walks.

Walking area of ​​the park

At the weekend it is good to get out on the “Divo-island” with the whole family. A landscaped park in which hand squirrels jump over trees and singing birds contributes to relaxation. Green lawns are interspersed with bright flower beds and figure-cut bushes, along convenient paths, without interfering with each other, vacationers riding on rollers, bicycles, scooters and rollers. To relax here and there are comfortable benches.

Boats and catamarans glide along the water surface of numerous lakes on which anyone can ride.

The park is decorated with a variety of original sculptures, made in a funny cartoon manner.

The sounds of music attract viewers to the stages, because in the park you can hear both young performers and stars, watch theater performances and take part in master classes.

Walking area

Extreme entertainment

The most visited rides in St. Petersburg are located in the “Divo-park”. And most of them are adrenaline-extreme, but at the same time technically safe, created using interactive technologies. In total there are 15. Among them:

  • “Rocket” - flight at an altitude of 60 m;
  • “Free fall” from a height of 56 m at a speed of 65 km / h;
  • the hoppl centrifuge is making 360 rotations0;
  • two projects of the Velikoluksky Meat-Processing Plant allow you to experience a pneumatic restart with acceleration of 100 km / h in 2 seconds and subsequent descents, rotations, turns, Immelman loop and falls (the length of the route is almost a kilometer);
  • “Storm” will twist in three planes, making 9 revolutions per minute;
  • at a height of 50 m, the construction of the “Booster” spins up and swings.

Near the attraction "Catapult" in St. Petersburg, in a park on Krestovsky Island, there is a constant rush. Here, visitors "shoot" at 75 m in height, and then rotate them in a centrifuge.

Attraction the Fast and the Furious in St. Petersburg

But there are still “Russian slides”, “Flying saucer”, “Winged swings”, “Fifth element”, “Shaker” and others.

Family rides at Peter's Divo Island

The best opportunity to have fun with the whole family is to take a ride on the Ferris wheel or the big carousel. You can compete in speed and agility on autodromes or shooting galleries. Family rides in St. Petersburg are:

  • "Star Patrol";
  • "Around the world";
  • "Flamenco";
  • "Gopher-show" and others.

Territory of childhood

Of course, the attractions in St. Petersburg on “Divo-Ostrov” most of all are liked by the kids, and 2 spacious playgrounds are set aside for them. Here you can run, shout and indulge, play with outdoor clowns. On the sites is a safe rubber coating. Life-size puppets walk along the paths, with which children play and take pictures.

A variety of bright and exciting rides will turn an ordinary day into a real holiday!

A cafe

After walking in the fresh air and adrenaline surge, an incredible appetite is played out. You can satisfy him in the following areas of the park:

  • Tropicana, Tavern, and Arcade;
  • restaurant "Pier";
  • cafe "Chalet" and "Veranda".

In addition, the park has about 20 points where you can buy water, ice cream, etc.

Operation mode

Attractions "Divo-island" in St. Petersburg are open daily. In the summer, they work from noon to 9 pm on weekdays, and on weekends and holidays from 11 to 22 hours. In winter, the mode of operation is reduced by 2 hours.

It should be noted that in case of bad weather, the administration has the right to change the mode of operation of the rides.


Walk into the park and you can walk for free. Tickets for attractions:

  • family - 150–200 rubles;
  • children - 100–150 rubles;
  • extreme - 150-400 rubles.

Kids rides in St. Petersburg are allowed only with adults. For extreme rides growth restrictions are set.

In the park, you can return unused tickets by contacting the cashier on the same day.

Setting up a ride everywhere, it is more convenient and more profitable to purchase a ticket bracelet, its value is determined at the beginning of the season.

Attractions Divo Island

A wonderful gift - a certificate of attendance, 3 types are offered:

  • wagon;
  • schoolboy;
  • children.


In "Divo-park" are often held a variety of actions, thanks to which you can save on visiting the rides.Suggestions may be:

  • a gift for a birthday boy - an hour of free riding;
  • a gift to the newlyweds is also an hour free;
  • Wednesdays student discounts are 30%;
  • after collecting 4 bracelets, the fifth is free.

How to get there

It is easy to visit the rides in St. Petersburg on Krestovsky Island, even living in a remote area of ​​the city.

The metro station "Krestovsky Island" (purple line 5) is 700 meters from the entrance to the park.

You can also reach by land, leaving at the same stop near the subway or on the South Alley:

  • buses 10, 14, 25 and 25A;
  • minibus K131.

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The best rides in St. Petersburg - the park Divo Island 45

The best rides in St. Petersburg - the park Divo Island 86

The best rides in St. Petersburg - the park Divo Island 53

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