The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm?

Not everyone knows what kvass can bringbody benefit. After all, what is sold in stores, even remotely resembles real kvass, although the packaging tells you the opposite. It is always better to choose in favor of natural drinks, and not their harmful similarities. This article will help you to finally understand this issue. So all the same, kvass is good or harm?

Benefits of kvassAs already mentioned, at the grocery store youyou can see a lot of drinks, on the packaging of which is written "Kvass". In fact, the vast majority of them - it's only "soft drinks" with the appropriate flavor additives. To be able to recognize a real Russian drink and understand what is the benefit of kvass, you first need to peek into its history and at least some to learn the process of preparation.

The most important thing in the preparation of any product -it's ingredients, that is raw. It is his choice that influences the final result to a greater extent. It is from the raw materials that the benefit of kvass depends, what we eventually get: a good natural kvass made with the help of barley, rye, and also yeast and milk bacteria, or its harmful analog made of water, sugar, flavors and malt extract.

Now let's figure out how to definenaturalness and quality of kvass. A typical buyer, never interested in this issue, is unlikely to be able to figure this out, even after trying the drink. The taste similarity, as seen, the producers took good care of. But there is one little secret. At the present house kvass there is always a stable thick foam that will never appear in a usual soft drink, you do not need to have any special knowledge to notice it.

Kvas is good or badIn taste there is also a considerable difference. Unusual kvass will always be sweeter than natural, as it contains a large amount of sugar. And for the present, on the contrary, it is characteristic of a bitter taste with a share of "sour", thanks to the rye and milk bacteria included in the composition.

Most likely, the benefits of kvass are now clear to youor even obvious. And to distinguish a natural drink from a soft drink, just look for the word "fermented" on the label indicating a small percentage of alcohol content (about 0.5%). Kvass must necessarily be in a brown bottle, which protects the drink from exposure to sunlight. This is exactly how you will not lose.

The Benefits of Homemade KvassThe use of home-made kvass is really very great. It contains useful microelements, calcium, amino acids, proteins, as well as vitamins of group B. All this is prevention of high blood pressure and a guarantee of good skin, healthy heart and a stable nervous system.

Now you know everything you need. The benefit of kvass is equated to the use of kefir, just drink, and will be healthy. Only it is very important to be able to choose the right product in the store, and not harmful soda, which with real kvass is similar only in the name. Therefore, be careful and carefully monitor what you buy and consume.

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The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm The benefit of kvass ... or is it harm