Tesla in danger

The mask can be treated differently. Someone considers him an adventurer "Mavrodi-Bender", and someone is the "engine" of civilization in high technologies. Often, he is credited with marketing success and PR talent, but there are those who consider him a genius. In fact, all this verbal disputes and personal preferences. Who knows what or who likes and dislikes. Instead, they should speak numbers and real facts and objects that can be touched.
And the numbers for today are:
The period from June 30 to September 30 of the current year was a failure for Tesla. Losses manufacturer electric cars reached a record 670 million dollars. The company explained this by the difficulties with the production of the Model 3 car: it’s impossible to keep promises to release 20 thousand of these cars by December, because at the beginning of October only 260 units left the conveyor. Tesla explains that the power of the Gigafactory enterprise in Nevada, where batteries are made for it, does not allow the collection of a new model in the declared volumes. They promised to solve the problem in the coming months, and by March 2018 to bring the production of Model 3 to five thousand units per week.
Reached: Ilona Mask faces financial collapse

Republicans want to leave Mask without subsidies
The Republican Party in the United States, supported by President Donald Trump, is actively pushing for tax law reform, which will deprive the privileges of electric vehicle manufacturers. This could seriously hit sales of electric cars, including Tesla. Amendments to the tax legislation will actually deprive buyers of discounts of 20 percent, or 7.5 thousand dollars. But this is what is often called the main reason for the successful sales of electric cars Mask. However, the abolition of benefits will deprive the support of its main competitors in the US market - General Motors and Nissan. But even if changes in legislation will not be adopted, the current discount will soon be exhausted. The fact is that the automaker can provide a state-paid discount to only 200 thousand cars annually, and Tesla has already sold 127 thousand cars for eight months in 2017.
Tesla was more expensive than General Motors
Last year, Tesla came out on top in the world in terms of capitalization among automakers - that is, it costs more than GM on the market. At the same time, Tesla has 18 thousand workers, and GM - 215 thousand, Tesla sold 100 thousand cars in 2016, and GM - more than 3 million in the USA alone.The value of assets, that is, factories and other property, at Tesla is estimated at 4.3 billion dollars, while at GM - at 44 billion.

Reached: Ilona Mask faces financial collapse

Mask companies still live with state aid.
However, the companies of Ilona Mask would still go bankrupt without state support. Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX, which belonged to him, received about 4.9 billion dollars due to various programs of state support. And this means that public-private partnership, in which the state often acts as a donor, is the basis of the business empire of an entrepreneur. Despite the fact that companies are highly valued by the market and the value of Mask’s share is estimated at billions of dollars, they still regularly report losses. This happens not only in the United States. Tesla is often in demand in countries where the state provides various benefits and subsidies - for example, in Norway, Germany and the UK. In Hong Kong, Tesla sales collapsed immediately after the tax on registration of electric cars was returned. A similar situation was observed in 2016 in Denmark: the number of registered electric cars there decreased by 70 percent after the completion of the program of stimulating demand for electric cars.
Hyperloop never accelerated to 1,200 kilometers per hour
Tesla is not the only Mask company with financial and technical difficulties. Much noise was made by the project of the high-speed vacuum train Hyperloop, the ideological inspirer and at a certain stage the investor of which was an eccentric billionaire. The newest mode of transport has been discussed for years and has already attracted investors' money (including Russian). But not a single operating model capable of accelerating not only up to 1,200 kilometers per hour, but at least up to 400 kilometers (by the way, this can be done by ordinary high-speed trains) has never been built. However, there are plenty of people willing to invest in a fabulous type of transport, and now several companies with similar names are engaged in promoting the project. Testing the capsules and belonging to the entrepreneur Space Corporation SpaceX.

Reached: Ilona Mask faces financial collapse

Musk supports the myth of himself as the creator of PayPal
First, in 1998, the company Confinity was created, and it happened without the participation of Mask. Its founders were Max Levchin, and Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Khouri. PayPal appeared already inside Confinity a year later as a service for quick money transfer. PayPal acquired startups with a similar business at the expense of the investor, one of which was X.com, a loss-making online bank run by Musk.After buying Confinity online bank, Musk is engaged in marketing and, as a manager of a absorbed company, has his share of shares. In 2000, he took the chair of PayPal, but quickly left the post. When PayPal entered the IPO in 2002, Mask was no longer on the position of a hired manager. Then this promoted payment service bought eBay, and Musk sold his share in PayPal for big money.

Reached: Ilona Mask faces financial collapse

Gigafabrika turned out to be an ordinary factory
For the first time about Gigafabrika talked in 2013. Then it was reported that Musk, together with partners - the company Panasonic, which supplied Tesla (from a Chinese factory) elements 18650, is looking for a place to build a plant for the production of batteries. It was stated that one such factory is capable of providing more than half of the global consumption of batteries. In addition, the authors of the project promised that the enterprise would provide 6,500 high-paying jobs, adding more than 20 percent of GDP to the state of Nevada and 4 percent of US GDP. The cost of the factory Musk determined at five billion dollars, of which about two billion is invested by Panasonic, the rest is the state. The factory was promised to be built by 2016, and it should have become one of the three largest industrial buildings in the world that use clean energy.In this case, the land for the factory went to Mask for free, along with the cable of the local electricity company and the preferential price of electricity.
The news appeared in 2016 that Tesla Motors is negotiating the bulk purchase of elements of 18650 not only from Panasonic, but also from Samsung. At the same time, there was talk of a new, ultra-technological 21700 battery, developed by Tesla and Panasonic. However, it turned out that the element code - 18650 or 21700 - means only physical dimensions, and not the revolutionary content. In January 2017, it became known that the first batteries released at the factory were regular Panasonic batteries. But Mask did not embarrass this circumstance, because after a while he announced the construction of a second Gigafabrika, now in Europe, for which Grohmann Engineering was acquired. This company was engaged in the production of equipment, which made the battery for BMW. Later, Musk announced several more high-tech industries capable of providing energy for the remaining half of the world.

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In fact, there is little new. We have been discussing for a long time what kind of Private State Elon Musk and How Elon Musk electrified the whole island.

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