Stuffed squid in the oven: the best recipes

Despite the seeming complexity of the dish, stuffed squids in the oven are cooked surprisingly easily. At the same time, they are very tasty, and most importantly - healthy and nutritious. Often, such an unusual dinner is prepared by those who want to surprise and nourish their guests and household members. In addition, this original hot dish is very popular among fans of original recipes. After all, most people have long been fed up with classic dishes: baked poultry, pork knuckle, beef steak and more.stuffed squids in the oven

There is another reason why instead of the usual holiday dinner you should make stuffed squids in the oven. The fact is that seafood contains a large amount of protein, macro- and microelements. In this case, they are completely absent fats. That is why the second dish we are considering is often prepared by those who carefully monitor not only their health, but also their figure.

Squids (stuffed) in the oven: recipes for cooking original dishes

If you want a hearty and tasty meal to feed your household or lay a rich festive table, we suggest using this recipe.

Squid can be stuffed with different ingredients. Someone uses for this ordinary vegetables, someone - a variety of cereals, and someone uses fresh or pickled mushrooms. We decided to combine all the listed products and make a hearty meal.squids stuffed with mushrooms

So, to cook squid stuffed with rice and mushrooms, you need:

  • long grain rice - about 170 g;
  • large frozen squid - about 900 g;
  • fresh mushrooms - 350 g (recommended to buy medium-sized mushrooms);
  • 2 large white bulbs;
  • sunflower oil (use refined) - a little (for frying ingredients and lubricating the form);
  • crushed pepper and salt - at the discretion;
  • low calorie mayonnaise - about 150 g;
  • coriander, basil, dill and parsley (dried) - apply to taste;
  • juice of one lemon.

Cooking stuffing

Before cooking stuffed squids, you need to make a fragrant filling.For this we decided to use long-grain rice and fresh champignons. These ingredients combine well with each other and make the dish nourishing and tasty.

To cook stuffed lean squids, the grits are well picked, laid out in a sieve and washed thoroughly in warm water. At the same time, rice is very much shuffled with hands so that all the dirt is gone and it becomes as transparent as possible. It is recommended to boil grits for the filling in salt water. The liquid in the pan is brought to a boil, and then spread rice. Boil it preferably until half ready. Finally it will be soft in the oven. After cooking, the cereal is discarded in a fine sieve, washed well in cold water and left to drain all the liquid.

squids stuffed in the oven recipes

Boiled rice, you can proceed to the processing of mushrooms. Fresh champignons are carefully washed, cut off unnecessary elements, and then chopped into small cubes. In exactly the same way and handle onions. They are necessary so that the stuffed lean squids turn out to be the most fragrant and tasty. After processing the vegetables and fresh mushrooms, they are laid in a saucepan with butter and fried until golden brown.Subsequently, pepper and salt are added to the ingredients.

At the end of the fried mushrooms and onions spread to the previously boiled cereal and mix well. If desired, you can add dried basil, dill, parsley and coriander to the filling. With them the dish will turn out more fragrant.

We process the frozen squids

Before cooking squid stuffed with rice and mushrooms, they should be completely thawed. Seafood is thoroughly washed in warm water, all available films are boiled and boiled. Squid is dipped in boiling liquid for only a couple of minutes. Otherwise, they will turn out to be “rubber”, and they will be quite problematic to chew. Finally, the finished seafood is sprinkled with lemon juice and set aside for ¼ hours.

We form an unusual dish of squid carcasses

Squids stuffed with mushrooms and rice groats are very nourishing and nutritious. This dish is cooked amazingly simple.squids stuffed with rice and mushrooms

After the filling of champignons and cereals is ready, you should proceed to stuffing seafood. To do this, cooked minced meat is placed in boiled squids.Filled products are flavored with a small amount of mayonnaise (you can use sour cream) and spread in a deep mold, lubricated with butter.

Oven heat treatment

After all the squids stuffed with mushrooms and rice grains are placed in a baking dish, it is placed in a preheated cupboard. They are baked for too long, otherwise, as we have said, seafood will become tough. A dish of squid is considered usable after all stuffed products are lightly browned.

How to serve at the dinner table?

As you can see, stuffed squids in the oven are prepared relatively quickly and easily. After the seafood is browned, they are carefully removed from the oven and immediately put on the plate. Having poured squid on any sauce and sprinkling it with fresh herbs, they are cut into thin pieces and presented to the table. In addition to the dish serves a side dish of potatoes or pasta, as well as a slice of white bread. Bon Appetit!

Step by step cooking squid stuffed with cheese and herbs

If the taste of baked squid with rice and mushrooms does not suit you, they can be stuffed with other products. Especially since they are ideally combined practical with any to cook stuffed squids

What else can cook squid (stuffed) in the oven? Recipes for such dishes involve the use of completely different components. The most popular is hard cheese. With it, baked seafood is more high-calorie and tender.

So, to make squids stuffed with cheese, we need the following components:

  • large frozen squid - about 900 g;
  • pickled spicy pickles - 150 g;
  • fresh greens (parsley, green onions and dill should be used) - on a large bunch;
  • garlic cloves - 2 pcs .;
  • sunflower oil - a little;
  • large eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • hard cheese - about 400 g;
  • salt and crushed pepper - apply at the discretion;
  • fat sour cream - about 150 g;
  • juice of one lemon.

Making the stuffing

Before cooking stuffed squids, you should process all the products for the filling. Pickled mushrooms are completely free from brine, and then chopped into small cubes. They add grated garlic cloves and a little sunflower oil. Hard cheese and boiled chicken eggs are grated on a large grater and poured to the mushrooms. Fresh greens (parsley, green onions and dill) are also well washed.After grinding it spread in a common container. All ingredients are flavored with spices and sour cream, and then thoroughly mixed. At the exit, a very fragrant and rather viscous filling is obtained, which is immediately used for its intended purpose.

stuffed squids lean

Cooking Squid

As in the previous recipe, they are completely thawed before cooking seafood. Raw squid thoroughly wash and remove all unwanted film. Subsequently, the treated carcass is dipped in boiling water. Seafood is prepared for no more than three minutes. If you hold squid a little longer, then chewing them will be problematic. Boiled carcasses completely cooled, and then sprinkled with lemon juice and set aside for ¼ hours.

The process of forming and baking products

Stuffed squids in the oven are cooked pretty quickly. But before you send the products in a heated cabinet, they should be properly filled.

The treated carcasses are opened, and then several spoons of filling are laid in them. Filled squids are carefully greased with sour cream, wrapped in foil, placed on a baking sheet and sent to a preheated oven.Cooked stuffed squids should be at a temperature of 190 degrees for hour.

Serving an unusual seafood dish to the table

After roasting squid, they are removed from the foil and laid out on a flat plate. Having spiced seafood with any sauce and greens, you should add a side dish to them and serve it immediately to the invited guests. In this case, the carcass is recommended to pre-cut into small pieces.

Ready-made squids with aromatic cheese filling are very high in calories. Under the influence of high temperature, the solid milk product melts well, and its taste becomes very squid stuffed

Let's sum up

The process of cooking stuffed squid at home does not require a lot of free time, special culinary skills, as well as rare, expensive ingredients. Despite this, this dish turns out very tasty and beautiful. Stuffed squids look very unusual and will decorate any table. This recipe should definitely be noted by those who like to surprise and nourish the invited guests.

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