Speech development of a child from 1 to 3 years

No sooner had our kid missed his first "aga", as we look forward to his real word.

And almost every mom wakes up fear: is my child right? Why does not he say yet, if the neighbor is a month younger, and already chatting with might and main? When will you stop twisting the words and begin to pronounce all the sounds? ..

Questions of speech development are also of interest to our forumchanok. So mom under the name Amega on our forum writes: "We are 1.4. Says ONLY "Baba". Whose. Sent for consultation to the psychologist / speech therapist (diagnosed hyperactivity). Of course, let's go ... But just for the sake of interest, I want to know - what sounds do your children give out at that age?».

Such an alarm at least once visited every woman. But first you need to figure out what is considered the norm for each age, and only then worry.

Godowasik ...

It seems that the baby was born only yesterday, and already celebrated the first birthday. He knows how much: he took the first steps, he is interested in everything and tries to repeat after adults, he understands all the words and instructions of his relatives. Yes, but that's silent as a partisan. There is no reason for excitement.Speech begins to develop more actively closer to two years., then the kid shows and tries to call the objects, the images in the picture and everything that surrounds him. The main thing is to talk and study with the child so that their vocabulary is gradually enriched. The very timebuy pyramids and cubes. It is very good to put cards with vegetables, fruits, animals on a chest of drawers, a wall or in the kitchen, so that they are always in front of your child’s eyes, and periodically call them.

In a word, if your karapuz is a year, and he says only “ba”, “ma”, “mu” - this is a completely normal phenomenon. Watch the baby, the main thing that hewell heard(try to call him in a whisper when he is passionate about something), understood everything he was told; deliberately pointed to interesting items. This means that the child is completely healthy and his speech development is normal. By the way, in the year of the baby a routine examination of a neurologist. The doctor will tell you everything exactly and calm you down. And before the visit, remember well, how the pregnancy went, what preparations you took and how the delivery was - the doctor will ask about this in the first place.

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Two years old

At this age, the child already begins active development of speech. Little sly bryugi repeat a lot, demand, begin to ask and even build short sentences. Vocabulary up to 2.5 years can be20-50 words. To say the kid already has something, but the vocabulary is still too small - he can pick up words long enough and in some to repeat the last syllables or letters when he wants to say something quickly: "said-l-l," "stump-n-ny" . The main thing is not to focus on this, a young speaker will soon practice and there will be no trace of reservations.

Before going to kindergarten, a speech therapist is one of the doctors on the checklist. Ignore him, because the baby still speaks well, or vice versa - very bad, not worth it. The doctor will examine the oral cavity (it may happen that the bridle under the tongue is too short and it does not allow the child to speak), will play with him to determine the level of development and will ask the mother about the speech problems of the relatives, give all the necessary recommendations.

Natalya Vasilyevna Nevirkovets, senior teacher-speech therapist of kindergarten number 49 in Kiev:In 2 - 3 years, if the child does not speak at all or sounds, speaks only syllables,rearrange syllables or do not name objects normally (for example, the machine has a "bi" or "bi-bi"), this may indicate a delay in speech development or general underdevelopment of speech. You need to contact specialists. In general, a speech therapist has been working with children for a couple of months, mothers are taught to do a special finger massage to stimulate speech, to strengthen the speech apparatus. If there are no deviations or remarks from parents, the first time to go to a speech therapist is needed at the age of 3 years for a medical examination.

Be prepared - the speech therapist may inquire about the relationship in the family, the proximity of the child with his father and mother. After all, the speech development of a baby is highly dependent on his emotional state, inner calm. If necessary, she will send both the baby and the parents separately for a conversation with a psychologist. For the full formation of the child needs to grow in a healthy atmosphere.

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Three years old

In three years, the baby is alreadychatting incessantly.The time has come when mother, who was so expecting the first words, sometimes wants only silence from him. Curiosity rolls over, start a variety of questions.Of course, there are still mistakes and reservations in the speech, it is still not possible to pronounce some sounds (so “p” appears closer to 4, or even 5, for example), but it is already interesting to chat with such an interlocutor. Children spend the whole day inventing their own words. An excellent way to make changes in the history of mankind is to have a notebook andwrite funny words, dialogues and questions of your crumbs. In the future mom or dad, it will be interesting to read, laugh and even compare.

The age of 3 years is considered kindergarten - many send their babies into a more independent life. Many mothers give to the kindergarten and their silent people, hoping that they will quickly start talking in the children's team. This practice is often justified. And even if the little one says badly, but the neurologist, speech therapist and other specialists do not find any abnormalities, we can safely go to the most ordinary kindergarten. With some notes and features, it is better to choosespecialized garden, for example, logopedic. In it, a speech therapist is required to work with children. Indeed, at the age of 3 years, some problems can be solved without a trace if one pays attention in time.

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When to contact a specialist

The followingthe signsCan be a tip to mom that it's time to consult with a specialist:

  • if a year a child does not turn around when called;
  • to 2 years can not show in the picture well-known animals. For example, "where is the cat"?
  • in 2-3 years does not perform the simplest commands, for example: take the ball and give it to me;
  • after 3 years, he does not pronounce most of the sounds, he strongly twists all the words, does not understand simple questions and cannot connect 3-4 words.
  • after 2 years does not interact with other children.

Speech development of children in most casesdepends on the parents. To speak, the baby must hear how they speak to him. Parents often need to read, constantly talk, develop fine motor skills. Improve together the respiratory system - inflate the balls, blow, imitate familiar sounds.

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