Specialty "Trading": by whom to work after the university

Recently, there has been a noticeable shortage of specialists who have a diploma in the specialty “Trading”. Who should work in this specialty and why completely diverse organizations need specialists, try to understand this article.

Educationtrading business by whom to work

The fact that such a specialty "Trade", who work after high school, can tell on the Open Day of the nearest educational institution. Usually at such events there are not only representatives of the university, but also senior students, even former graduates come. They can tell you more about how to get a diploma in the specialty “Trading”, who to work with, and what organizations should you feel free to go to a young specialist. And teachers will tell you how to enter this specialty.

If a prospective student is interested in this profession, he can enroll in the Faculty of Trade.Who to work and what to study, the student will be able to tell already in the first year. When enrolling in a university or college, applicants take exams such as:

  • Russian language;
  • mathematics;
  • Social Studies.


To get a diploma in the specialty “Trade”, you need to study at least three years in college or college, at least 5 years - in the full-time department of the university. Distance learning lasts a year longer. But already at senior courses, students can try to get a job in the specialty “Trading”. By whom to work, everyone decides on their own. Usually students are offered low-paid or low-paid positions. But in a good firm, executives and executives rarely linger on low-paid jobs. Perhaps it is your career that will start as a sales agent or merchandiser.trading business who can work

First profession

In senior courses or after graduation, a young professional should clearly understand the basics of the profession in the specialty “Trading”. Who can work, it is easy to determine by the labor market in each individual region of the country. The standard demand for specialists in this profession is traditionally very high.After all, professional sellers who are able to assess the quality of a product and see its prospects are valued in any company. And the ability to sell goods is the main goal of a merchant who has received an education in the specialty “Trading”. Who to work after, after receiving a diploma, you can decide on the basis of the availability of vacancies in the labor market. Employment in large trading companies will be especially successful.trading business whom to work then


As a rule, heads of sales departments prefer to hire specialists with work experience to senior positions. But young people can also make their way in life. As the statistics show, it is employees of trade directions that quickly make their career takeoff and achieve high positions and salaries. This is due to the fact that salespeople bring direct profits to the company, and the quality of their work affects the income of all employees. And although the profession of a sales representative is not paid very high at first, it provides good practical knowledge and invaluable experience in dealing with people. Of course, it is important in practice to apply all the knowledge that was obtained in the study of the discipline “Trading”.

Who to work

Testimonials from yesterday's students and employers suggest that senior students or recent graduates most often start working as merchandisers or sales representatives. Further career growth allows you to occupy the following positions:

Skills and abilities

The basic skills and abilities shown to the holder of a diploma in the field of "Commerce" or "Trading", are as follows:

  • you need to be able to form an assortment of goods at the point of sale, selling both running positions and new unknown brands;
  • be able to carry out recalculations and inventories;
  • determine the quality of the product according to its appearance, calculate the probability of marriage or a fake;
  • have planning skills, control over the movement of goods;trading business whom to work after the university
  • analyze the price proposals of suppliers;
  • constantly study the demands and requirements of potential customers in their field of sale;
  • organize promotions, sales, lead advertising campaigns;
  • to evaluate stocks of goods at retail outlets, to conduct an analysis of sales, to monitor the remnants of the goods;
  • to rotate the goods;
  • to encourage suppliers and regular customers of the company, to develop and implement bonus and promotional offers;
  • Constantly search for new clients, enter into supply and service contracts with them, monitor the execution of all points of the agreement

Required knowledge

As can be seen from this short list of requirements, a young professional should be able to work with people and documents, have an idea of ​​the legal side of the transaction, and should also calculate the real profit from a particular trade agreement. Read the contract and anticipate the consequences of the implementation or non-fulfillment of an item. Before entering into an agreement, it will be useful to find out whether the future client has all the permits and whether they are properly drawn up.

In addition, knowledge of accounting is necessary, because the sales representative not only signs contracts with customers, but also ensures that no overdue debts for the received goods or services are formed in the accounts. The so-called “debtorka” is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the sales agent - in fact it is important not only to sell your product, but also to get money for it. To do this, you need to be well versed in people and understand how to work with them.trading business by whom reviews

Much more freedom of action in any trading company is gained by accomplished employees with a good track record who have long received a diploma in the specialty “Trading”. By whom to work and how to apply the accumulated professional experience, they already decide on their own. The next step in the career of a sales representative may be the position of supervisor. So called the heads of sales departments and direct managers of sales representatives.


As you can see, the specialty “Trading” is suitable for people with good organizational skills. Professionals in this field are relatively rare, and their work is rated very high. Therefore, for those who are interested in rapid career growth and decent pay for their work, it is really worth making an effort to learn the intricacies of this profession.

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