Sleeveless Coat: Pattern, Patterns, Combination Features, and Reviews

Sleeveless Coatcomfortable design find, which has been among trend items for several seasons in a row. Many European girls have appreciated the obvious advantage of a comfortable thing: you can wear when there is not a strong frost, but also not very warm. However, Russians are still not in a hurry to replenish their wardrobe with an unusual thing. There is one reason - it is not clear how and with what to wear a coat without sleeves. Another main feature is that such a coat is an excellent basis for creating a stylish and effective image.

coat without sleeves

What is the correct name for a sleeveless coat?

Of course, each of us has a favorite coat in the wardrobe and what is remarkable - with sleeves. However, designers have long been accustomed to amaze fashionistas. Therefore, for lovers to stand out from the general crowd suggested a cape.

Sometimes women of fashion call such a style a coat-vest, a cardigan-coat or a coat-jacket.

coat without sleeves

What it is?

Simply put, it is a coat that has no sleeves.Models are made from different materials. For example, a cape for warm autumn can be made of jacquard, and in appearance resemble a warm jacket. For very cold days, caps are sewn from wool, cashmere or tweed.

According to reviews of Russian fashionistas, such clothes are very comfortable while driving. After all, every motorist knows that the sleeves are very disturbed when driving. But thin warm cape is a great unique solution.

Like any outerwear, a coat without sleeves is different. For every woman of fashion - a huge selection of models: hooded, flared, in the form of a jacket. In addition, the material and different color solutions provide a good basis for choosing the appropriate option for each case.

What time of the year to wear a cape?

If the coat-cap is made of wool or tweed, then you can safely wear in the fall. But be sure to wear a warm jumper under it.

coat without sleeves

A lightweight, sleeveless jacquard or cashmere coat can be fully worn in spring. After all, each of us wants to quickly take off our warm fur coat and throw on something light, but warm. Therefore, the cap can be safely worn at this time. However, a light jumper or turtleneck will not interfere.

Cape is a universal thing, therefore, the addition of a scarf or long gloves will be very appropriate, and the newly created female image will finally conquer the views of the opposite sex.

Summer coat without sleeves - the trend of the season. Usually it is sewn from cotton or jacquard. In this coat, you can safely go to a secular party, wearing an evening dress underneath. The summer cape on tall girls always looks win-win and spectacular. In this image, they are real queens.

summer coat without sleeves

Numerous advantages of the cap give the right to designers and fashionistas to attribute this thing to the ranks of practical and universal.

A long coat without sleeves can not only hide the imperfect figure and problem areas, but also emphasize femininity at the same time. So, a girl with appetizing forms can easily make her shape slimmer.

Successful image: with what to combine a cape?

Of course, it all depends on the construction of the style. However, be sure that if you wear jeans or straight-cut trousers, you will not lose. In the choice of shoes - complete freedom: from shoes Slippers with high heels to elegant low shoes.There are practically no restrictions, but there is one exception - if the cape is decorated with a voluminous collar, then you should definitely not choose shoes. It will look ridiculous, and out of place. Reviews of fashionistas indicate that it is better to choose boots.

what to wear with a sleeveless coat

And if the cape has an attached silhouette and without massive elements, then lightweight shoes - shoe-shoes will come in handy.

Under the bottom of the cap, it is preferable to wear a regular turtleneck or jacket. If a coat without sleeves is sewn of thin fabric, then a silk blouse will look spectacular. So the coat gives the image a touch of warmth and comfort.

coat sleeveless vest

In the case of a classic-length cap (knee-length), you can safely wear a pencil skirt, a narrow dress or straight pants.

Lovers of sports style clothing should stop at choosing a coat close to the male. Such models have a straight cut and no abundance of finishes. In this case, sports shoes will perfectly complement the image. In a sporty style, knitted warm gloves and voluminous sweaters will look harmonious and stylish.

Despite the wide choice of clothes under the cap, there are still limitations. A true fashionable “crime” will be considered if you wear a long skirt under your cap.So, not only the figure is visually distorted, but the image will look ridiculous and cumbersome. You should also forget about flared and voluminous trousers.

Many designers present classic long wool or cashmere capes on the catwalks, complemented by elegant gloves. When choosing a glove model, give preference to leather or suede.

Another weapon is color

In any spectacular image the main role is played by color. A sleeveless coat is no exception. If the cap has a bright saturated color, then additional accessories should be selected in tone. Do not skimp on the bright shoes. But the jumper or turtleneck under the bottom, gloves, scarf and pants must be in a consistently strict dim color. Otherwise, only a vulgar image can be achieved.

But if the coat without sleeves is not bright, then you must boldly complement the image with rich colors. The image in a neutral color will look quite original and unusual, but the bright detail will become the “cherry on the cake”. For example, a bright clutch or yellow collar. Do not be afraid to complement the image of a fashionable hat with wide brims to match the chosen blouse.

The main thing is balance

Every fashionista knows that in its image is important "golden mean". Cape is no exception. If the coat is voluminous and flared, then, respectively, dresses on the floor or wide trousers will definitely not work. But a small clutch bag and skinny trousers will be just. This is evidenced by many reviews of the ladies, in whose garbedoba there is such a thing.

long coat without sleeves

If the coat is elongated, fitted and strict, then massive accessories will look spectacular. For example, a bulk bag or scarf.

Capes look sleeveless under a little cocktail dress. The main rule to be remembered is that something volumetric is one.

Buy in the store or sew the most?

If a woman of fashion with gold handles, then why spend twice as much when you can sew a coat without sleeves yourself. Pattern is usually published in fashion magazines.coat sleeveless pattern

In addition, on the Internet, every woman of fashion can easily find not only a pattern, but also step-by-step details of the whole process. It remains only to choose the fabric you like and proceed to the "witchcraft" over the creation of a unique, and most importantly unique thing. Remember the magic of color!coat sleeveless pattern

How to choose a cap for your type of figure?

Girls with appetizing forms should carefully choose a cape, especially if it is knitted. In a large mating can be a "trick": it is only necessary to add centimeters, and the figure will visually look massive. Most preferably a cardigan coat made of fine wool. Carefully you need to choose cape for short girls.

Girls with the figure of "apple" should choose a coat of A-silhouette or oval.

For the type of figure "pear" suit coat with a belt. This visually highlights the waist and at the same time decreases the volume at the top.

Girls with an hourglass figure are lucky. They can afford almost everything: from elongated and short models to trapezoid-shaped coat.

What are the models at the peak of popularity?

1. The sleeveless coat-vest was always part of the men's wardrobe. However, thanks to the fashion brand Christian Dior, for several seasons this unique thing confidently infiltrated the female wardrobe. With the help of this style of coat you can create spectacular casual and business images.

coat sleeveless pattern

2. Lightweight women's sleeveless coat is a great solution for a warm spring or autumn. Sewn from lightweight fabric, and, of course, suitable for almost any clothing.

women's coat without sleeves

3. Coats with slots for hands - the trend of this season.Often, designers experiment with collar options, which only adds zest to this form of coat.

coat without sleeves

4. Coat with a hood is more common in sports models. The hood is not only a decorative element, but also practical.

coat without sleeves

5. Cardigan-coat is always chosen by those women of fashion who love to surprise with stylish images. Here is where to roam: styles, silhouettes, length, materials - the choice is huge, and no restrictions.

 long coat without sleeves

6. Cape-coat relatively recently appeared among the trend this season, replacing jackets and coats.coat without sleeves

7. The differences of the two caps are a free cut and a trapezoidal shape. Midi is the actual length of this season.

coat without sleeves

8. The coat-jacket is almost a mirror reflection of the classic jacket. The strict lines of the double-breasted model can reach the level of the knees.

coat sleeveless pattern

A sleeveless coat is a designer’s find or “fashion ticket” for creating stylish and spectacular looks. Be unique, special and bright!

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