Sights of the city of Vladimir: description and photos

If you are planning your route through the historical monuments of Russia, do not forget to visit the sights of the city of Vladimir. This is one of the oldest settlements of the country, its peer can only be considered Moore. Amazing city in which each building has its own history. Narrow streets, wooden houses. Hospitals, theaters, shopping centers and banks are located in old buildings. Contrast are the new urban areas with modern architecture, comfortable hotels, shops and restaurants. The sights of the city of Vladimir are the history of the Russian Middle Ages, which appears live, and not on the pages of books.

sights of the city of Vladimir

History of Vladimir

Sights of the city of Vladimir do not cease to collect a huge number of tourists, which is why it is considered the pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is located 190 km from Moscow and is the center of the Vladimir region.The history of its origin is still a mystery, according to one of its versions, laid by Prince Vladimir "Red Sun" in 990, in conjunction with this event to the baptism of Suzdal land. However, according to the generally accepted version of historians, the foundation date is considered to be the year 1108, when Vladimir Monomakh built a powerful fortress on the hill, near which the city began to grow.

His son, Yuri Dolgoruky, built a princely courtyard and the Church of St. George here. In 1160 the famous white-stone Assumption Church was founded. Around the same time, the capital was moved to Vladimir and the city began to flourish, but the flowering did not last long, in 1238 it suffered greatly from raids, was ravaged and burned and began to lose its greatness. Until 1328 it continued to be the residence of Russian metropolitans, but when they moved to Moscow, Vladimir became an ordinary city. Later his status changed, he became the center of the province, province, and then the region. Sights of the city of Vladimir were created at all stages of its existence, the most interesting are the samples of Russian white-stone architecture.

sights of Vladimir on a city map

Sights of Vladimir on a city map

Since Vladimir is a tourist center, the guests are offered detailed guides on which they can easily navigate and find the most interesting objects. First of all you will find Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, on it are the Assumption and Dmitrievsky cathedrals, the Nativity monastery, the Nikolaev-Kremlin church, as well as the famous Golden Gate. In addition, you will find Dvoryanskaya Street, here stands the Trinity Old Believers Church and the Water Tower. Knyagininskaya Street will acquaint you with the Museum of the Stoletovs, the Nikitsky Church and the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As you can see, the sights of Vladimir are quite compact on the city map, which is convenient for a family walk with children. During breaks you can have lunch in one of the many restaurants.

A little more detail on the description of those places that are worth a visit arriving in this ancient city.

Golden Gate

This is the way to the heart of a city like Vladimir. Sights (photos with descriptions can be previewed in gift card sets) are the pearls of the Golden Ring, undoubtedly all are worthy of attention, but this monument of ancient Russian architecture is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Today it is only the Arc de Triomphe, but once it was a powerful military, fortification, which withstood the onslaught of the Tatar hordes.

Stacked by the legendary Golden Gate of white brick. The inner space of the masonry is filled with lime mortar, the vaults are lined with tuffs. Heavy, oak gates are covered with gilded copper sheets that burn like gold in the sun. Similar structures existed in Constantinople, Kiev and Jerusalem, but only Vladimir buildings survived until today.

Vladimir sights photo with description

Cathedral Square

Getting into the October district of the city, be sure to visit this historical center. The square is named after the world famous cathedrals towering on the hill: Assumption and Dmitrievsky. The appearance is complemented by the ancient buildings of the city Duma, the House of Officers, the building of the male gymnasium and the city bank. When you find yourself here, you are surprised by such a diversity of ancient architecture, as if the time machine started working and threw you a few centuries ago. This is an opportunity to experience a completely different world, here even the air is different, it is thinner, softer, lighter.We had a similar feeling in childhood when we arrived at the old house to our grandmother, where lace napkins were on the tables and a Russian stove was burning. Just such an adventure gives you Vladimir. Sights (photos with descriptions can be found in any guidebook) will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of mysterious antiquities.

Water tower

Vladimir is not alone in its historical value. As an analogue can serve the ancient Ukrainian Vladimir-Volyn. Sights here also deserve attention, because it was founded in 988 and is the oldest city in Ukraine. Later it became part of Russia, the second part of the name (Volynsky) is used to distinguish it from Vladimir on Klyazma.

The old water tower is a beautiful building that attracts with its singularity and thoroughness. Today, she is hiding a cozy museum that will take you along the roads of the past and tell you about the once metropolitan city, life of pre-revolutionary Vladimir will show The wonders of the old tower don't end there. If you are attracted to nature, surrounding Vladimir, the main attraction is, undoubtedly, the observation deck.You go inside the building, climb the spiral staircase and get ready to absorb the spectacular panorama of the ancient city. Epic forests, green, meadows, river, spiers of ancient buildings, all this is fascinating and fascinating. Especially beautiful here in the morning and in the evening.

Vladimir-Volyn attractions

City monuments

Take the time to explore Vladimir. Sights (reviews of experienced tourists confirm this) are simply at every step, you do not have to remove your camera for a long time. For example, on Georgievskaya Street there is a two-story stone building that was built at the end of the 18th century. In 1805, the first city pharmacy opened here, which operated until 2011.

Along Moskovskaya Street, near the Cathedral Square, stands a bank building. It was built in 1896 by architect M. Knoopf in a pseudo-classical style. It is of interest as a monument of architecture. Another interesting building is the Trinity Old Believers Church. Built in 1912, it combines elements of a wide variety of architectural styles. It was cross-laid with an excellent red brick. Today it has ceased to be a religious institution.Here is a museum of crystal, which will be interesting for every tourist.

Another beautiful building is the building of the city museum. It was built in 1900. This is a two-story red brick building with a hipped roof. The entrance is decorated with a characteristic porch for Old Russian architecture.

Assumption Cathedral

The Golden Ring of Russia is a series of ancient and most beautiful cities. And the most impressive pair is Vladimir - Suzdal. Their sights are first of all white-stone churches and churches. If you are not ready for a leisurely study of the history that appears before your eyes, then you can choose a shorter route and combine immersion into the past with a more intense entertainment program.

Assumption Cathedral was built at the end of the X century. This is the most outstanding monument of white-stone architecture of pre-Mongol Russia. Today it combines the functions of the cathedral orthodox church of the Vladimir diocese and the state museum. Before Moscow became the capital, it was the main church of Vladimir-Suzdal Russia. Here Grand Dukes got married to reign, magnificent ceremonies were held.And today, this monument of Russian architecture strikes minds. Until now, unique frescoes by the skillful painter Andrei Rublev have been preserved inside.

Vladimir main attraction

Dmitrievsky Cathedral

The sights of Vladimir and the Vladimir region are truly immense. Another temple to be told about is the carved white-stone structure of the Dmitrievsky Cathedral. Initially it was a court church, which was built on the princely court in 1194. This is a unique monument whose walls are decorated with hundreds of reliefs of saints, animals, as well as mythical figures. It is shocking that most of the reliefs reached us in their original form, only a few were replaced by exact copies in the XIX century.

The interior decoration is complemented by fragments of frescoes of the XII century. In particular, today you can admire fragments of the composition “Last Judgment”. Today, the cathedral is open as a museum exhibition and receives a large number of tourists every day.


Vladimir attractions reviews

The sights of Vladimir and the region are difficult to describe within the same article. We will have to restrict ourselves to individual points, because if we describe every corner that deserves attention, we will have to write a whole book.In a picturesque place, immersed in greenery, is located Christmas monastery. Today, his time has passed, but once it was the spiritual center of medieval Russia. Up to the XV century, the metropolis was located here. Since 1722, the very first educational institution was opened here. This was the so-called dial school.

In its modern form, the temple complex appeared in the XVII century. These are several buildings: the government cell, the Gate Church of St. John the Baptist, and the cell building. The main temple, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, was not preserved in its original form, and in 2004 a new one was built in its place. The bell tower, built in 1654, too, was not preserved and was rebuilt with the temple. And one more interesting building is the Bishops' Corps of the 18th century, built in the lush baroque style.

Holy Dormition Convent

History shows what a huge number of brilliant people gave us Russia. Vladimir, whose sights once again confirm the talent of Russian sculptors, artists, architects, is the center of preservation and multiplication of culture. This heritage should be preserved for centuries.

Kniahinin Monastery was founded in 1200 by Grand Duke Vsevolod. His wife was very sick, the idea of ​​creating a temple belonged to her. Later, she took the veil and changed her name to Martha. From this ancient and truly miraculous work of art, only the foundation and part of the walls survived. In the XVII century it was completely restored, its interior was painted by Moscow painters. The monastery is a family tomb. There are regular services in the morning and evening, the temple door is also open during the day.

Vladimir-Suzdal attractions

Vladimir region

The wonderful, ancient city of Vladimir does not stand alone, it is surrounded by no less interesting area. And the nearest city to it is Suzdal. Another city-museum in which about 200 monuments of Russian history and culture are concentrated. If there is an opportunity, be sure to visit this amazing place where the sunk centuries pass in front of you in a continuous succession, leaving an indelible sensation.

If you choose a standard tour with a guide, then you will definitely be offered to visit the Suzdal Kremlin. It may take more than one hour to study, because it houses the Nativity Cathedral, the Bishops' Chambers, the Cathedral Bell Tower, the Assumption Church, the Nikolskaya Church.

In addition, you will be offered to visit the Trade Square Ensemble, the Church of Boris and Gleb, as well as the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life.With all the wealth and diversity of monuments of ancient architecture - this is not a complete list of places worth visiting. First of all, be guided by the amount of free time, because in one day it is impossible to know either Vladimir or Suzdal.

Village Bogolyubovo

A beautiful legend is associated with it, which says that Prince Andrew, who kidnapped the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, a phenomenon occurred at the site of this village. The Mother of God herself commanded not to take away the icon to Rostov, but to leave it in Vladimir. It was placed in the built white-stone Assumption Cathedral, and a village was laid on the site of a divine phenomenon. And today it is worth visiting it, just 14 km from Vladimir is located the white-stone princely castle of Andrei Bogolyubsky of the XII century.

There is also an old church built in 1165. The church stands on a small hill among the flood meadows, a small, white-stone, with carving on the walls. She looks quite small and lonely against the background of the surrounding nature, but up close she is majestic and perfect.It is a monument of architecture of federal significance and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Let's sum up

If you are a lover of antiquity, an expert on architecture, a sincere believer, or just a patriot of your country, then you just need to visit the city of Vladimir. Photos (sights must be captured for memory) will long please you and your friends. This is a corner of universal peace, goodness and tranquility, a truly Russian land that has not forgotten its roots and honors ancient traditions. It will also be interesting for foreign tourists who want to get to know Russia closer.

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Sights of the city of Vladimir: description and photos 61

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Sights of the city of Vladimir: description and photos 38

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