Sights of Kolomna. Monasteries and churches of Kolomna

Kolomna is a Russian city, the center of the Kolomna district. Its history goes back centuries, the first mention of it in the annals dates back to 1177, and when it was founded is not known for sure. This is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Here on every street history comes to life. The many preserved monuments of ancient architecture make it a real city-museum. We will conduct for you a brief tour and tell you about the main attractions of Kolomna.

sights of Kolomna

City `s history

In 1177, this city was the border fortress of the Ryazan principality on the border with Vladimir Russia. Kolomna was the key to the water system of the Oka and Volga rivers. Of course, it was a strategic center at the crossroads of water and land trade routes, which was the reason for the long struggle for it in the Ryazan, Vladimir and Moscow principalities. The turbulent history gave rise to the sights of Kolomna, which to this day are popular for the flow of tourists.

After the golden-head became the capital and center of the Russian state, Kolomna was the first to become part of the Moscow principality. This city was famous for the fact that the Russian army was gathering here before the great battles. In 1301, troops were formed here before marching on the Kulikovo field. In 1472, Ivan III gathered a host here to repel the Golden Horde army. In 1547 Ivan the Terrible moved from here to Kazan.

Since this was an important strategic point, it was necessary to build a defensive stronghold. So in 1531 the Kremlin grew here, which was not inferior to Moscow either in scope or beauty. Until now, seeing the sights of Kolomna, tourists do not cease to admire his greatness. In the 18th century, state borders were moved, and the city lost its strategic importance.

Kolomna city

A small tour of the city

The main sights of Kolomna, we will look at a little later, and now we will walk through the ancient streets. What tourists might be interested in here? This is a local flavor, wooden buildings and stone merchant mansions. The respectful owners still have signs on the walls that say when the house was built and to whom it belonged before.Finding yourself on these streets, you seem to fall into the past, here his spirit has been preserved forever.

Next to the ancient walls of the Kremlin there is a completely amazing building, as if descending from another planet. In shape, it is very similar to an alien ship. This is the Speed ​​Skating Center, built in 2013. From here you can drive to the Alley of Military Glory, where the monuments to the soldiers, the museum and the Eternal Flame are located.

Fortresses, witnesses of former glory

Kolomna is very old and beautiful. The local Kremlin was built in the XVI century. At first its walls were wooden, a little later they were replaced with stone ones. Precisely because of this, it has been preserved to this day. True, not all, but only a couple of sections of the walls with towers and several detached towers. The rest is periodically dismantled during the construction of buildings. This happened after the city of Kolomna lost its strategic, border-protective value. The territory of the Kremlin occupies several streets, along which the old buildings are located. They are restored and retained their original appearance.

Additional attention deserve Pyatnitsky gate.This is the only one of the seven remaining towers of the Kremlin, which has a gate. In addition, a favorite place for tourists, as the museum is located nearby. There is always a tempting smell of baked goods, which is made according to an old recipe.

museums of Kolomna

Monasteries of Kolomna

There are a lot of them in the city. One of them - Bobrenev monastery, located on the territory of the Kremlin. Before the march to Kulikovo Field, the Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy made a vow to build a holy cloister in honor of the Virgin Mary upon his return The monastery owes its name to the voivode of the militia, which inflicted a decisive defeat on Mamai.
Here, on the territory of the Kremlin, you can see two more monasteries. This is Brusensky, which was founded in 1552 as a man, and after permission was restored as a woman. The second is called Novo-Golutvin. The most outstanding and ancient construction is the Trinity Church of 1680 "birth". Especially beautiful is its bell tower. There is also the Old-Golutvin monastery in the city, it is built in an interesting style and enclosed by a wall with high towers.temples Kolomna

Temples and Churches

This city is the real heart of holy Russia. There are many different churches.The temples of Kolomna are gratitude to God for the great accomplishments of princes, generals and kings. The Church of the Trinity on Repna is very beautiful. It has been known since the 16th century, and coaches settled around it. The first wooden building was replaced by stone in 1696.

The Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God appeared in 1776. And in 1861 it was rebuilt and acquired its current appearance. In the evenings, it is highlighted, like all the churches of Kolomna, which makes it possible to appreciate its beauty. Even more beautiful and grandiose construction is the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. It was built at the end of the 17th century, and in honor of the victory over Napoleon, later the masters modernized it in the style of classicism, giving more charm and splendor.

If you are a connoisseur and lover of rare styles of Russian architecture, then visit the church of St. Nicholas. This amazing structure, which replaced the wooden structure in 1716, was made in the style of Russian pattern, which is characterized by an abundance of kokoshniks in the upper vault. The Church of St. John the Baptist is the most ancient temple, dating back to the 14th century. About one age with him is the Church of the Resurrection of the Word.

The Church of the Epiphany of the Lord was built on the orders of the royal family, as the queen made a vow to build a church if she bears an heir. The stone church appeared in 1680, and the bell tower in 1800. Finally, the Assumption Cathedral. It is located in the very center of the Kremlin, was built in 1672 on the site of an old, white-stone church, the iconostasis has been preserved inside since 1379.

Immediately on the way out of the city stands the Kazan Church. It was built in 2002 in a style imitating Old Russian buildings. But, of course, this is modernity. It does not impress that special, ancient atmosphere, which excites to the depths of the soul. You can visit the beautiful church of Boris and Gleb. This red brick building was created in 1716, in place of the old, wooden one. Then a bell tower was added, which did not survive the Soviet times.

Kolomna monasteries

Cultural and historical heritage

It is carefully kept museums of Kolomna. The most interesting from the point of view of gourmets are the pastille and hive museums. Here you will not only be told the whole history of making sweets and rolls, but also will give you the opportunity to participate in their production, take samples and buy fresh products. The entourage of these museums is very interesting.Excursion reminds a certain sacrament in which you will be initiated. Guides, dressed in special robes, will help you to conduct a tasting of different varieties of sweets and pastries.

In addition, the Museum of Local Lore, founded in 1932 and located in the Kremlin tower, is working. It was later transferred to the manor of the XIX century. Here the chronicle of the ancient city, gallant battles and feats come to life before your eyes. In addition, you can see with your own eyes the old household items and household items, penetrate into the world of ancestors, their customs and traditions. If you live in the Moscow region, then this is a good opportunity to get to know your native land closer.

The museums of Kolomna unusually vividly convey the history of this glorious city. There is a literary and art department where expositions of poets and writers are placed, as well as canvases by local artists.

old kolomna


Old Kolomna is a river bank covered with wood. This is the northern section of the city and is the most interesting for tourists. Here is the Kremlin, monuments of architecture, churches and mansions. The new part of the city is actively developing today, modern park zones and squares are being built here.Tourists are advised to visit the Peace Park. This is the largest recreation center located here. Beautiful fountains and promenades provide an opportunity to enjoy the peace. The stadium and two cafes allow you to spend time with benefit and have a good dinner. Zaitsev Square is also a peculiar landmark of the city. It is not too big, but very green and cozy. In the center there is a fountain and a slide for children. That is why the square is a favorite resting place for young parents with children.Kolomna Russia

Unusual buildings

On the eastern side of the Kremlin are the shopping arcades, which were built in the beginning of the XIX century, there are various trading tents. No less interesting and beautiful structure is the estate of the merchant Lazhechnikov. In 1981, a museum was opened here.


Only when you are here you can feel how bright Kolomna is. Russia is rich in ancient cities full of ancient churches and ancient buildings, but still this city is special. Here, even monuments are unusual, they are also pages of history. What is the monument "Locomotive", showing the giant 1926 release in all its glory.And what about the modest "Water carrier" showing the profession that disappeared after the construction of the aqueduct? There is also a famous monument to cucumber and postman Pechkin.

Do not forget, and Dmitry Donskoy. A monument to him is installed next to the Kremlin wall. A glorious commander on a horse gazes into the distance from a high pedestal, as if now ready to move into battle, barely seeing the enemy. Saints Cyril and Methodius are also sealed here in stone. They are considered the founders of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Let's sum up

This is a very beautiful Russian city, which still honors ancient traditions. Here guests are always welcome, he attracts and fascinates with its originality. Do not be surprised if you want to stay here forever.

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Sights of Kolomna. Monasteries and churches of Kolomna 32

Sights of Kolomna. Monasteries and churches of Kolomna 40

Sights of Kolomna. Monasteries and churches of Kolomna 21

Sights of Kolomna. Monasteries and churches of Kolomna 19

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